"Yan-dale" by NK is the name of a satirical Athalia Academy fanfiction written by NarayanK, written on June 29th, 2016 on an Etherpad called "NK Workshop MLG Edition". It features the diary of Lily Brightendale.

"Yan-dale" by NK

Lily Brightendale believed that one had to work towards all goals, but not to the fullest extent of work sometimes. She wrote in a diary to record her every day life; a good way to distance herself from the idea of being unable to express her thoughts to something or someone- even herself, sometimes. After all she went through, it was a surprisingly nice change from all the times when she kept her emotions to herself.

And like any other diary entry, this one was like any other: an honest look into her life.


June 4, 20XX

I cut off Ryuu's head.

It's strange because I didn't actually mean to do that, but I think it had to do with the fact that he always... lingered in the most dangerous areas. Sometimes he would just float around, being nerdy or angry at things around him. I didn't get it, but he seemed nice in the long run.

One day, I noticed that he walked around the one I loved, Carmen. They seemed like good friends, with him talking about a girl he recently took interest in. But I knew that most people who hung around Carmen who at least had the smallest of lingering feelings would be in danger, so I told him not to stick around her. He said "Ok," but he still stood next to her. I didn't know what to do, so I just cut his head.

When I told Carmen about that, she asked if I learned a thing or two from him, and I told her that I was not one to ever joke like that. She seemed to go still before telling me to wait for a bit, asking where I last met him. He still hung around in the cafeteria, actually. Nobody really ever cooked there around after dinner, so it was kind of odd that he did not leave.

But then I realized something. If you cut off one's head, that usually meant the brain was severed from the body, and the loss of blood would wind up killing it in the process. So I think I killed him without meaning to.

Carmen decided that I was just shocked by his death, even though I just felt a bit sorry. When Oliver consoled her, I made sure to keep him away from her by sealing him to another realm. It was just to keep him away from her for a bit of time; he's a ghost, so he can probably deal with it. What I did not know was that the seal was meant to cut the lifeline of souls in it, so essentially, he could die there. I hope he made it out of there.

I didn't see Criston after he walked into the Goldberg machine I accidentally dropped in his room. In fact, I heard that something happened to him, and that it was bad enough for Maria to stay out of commission for a long while. In some ways, I felt relieved, because she looked tense ever since Ryuu lost his head. I actually think he's still alive, though. He's in my closet.

I actually enjoyed talking with Carmen, but ever since Criston just disappeared, she seemed really stressed. I knew that she felt stressed because of all of them, but that definitely did not mean I meant the worst for them. They were her friends, even if they proposed just a bit of a threat to my relationship with her. I consoled her, but for some reason, it felt like she consoled me more than anything. The reasons to love her was just plentiful.

But one day, I saw her crying with my son patting her back. I gave him a thumbs-up when we met and brewed him some tea. Somebody murdered him shortly afterward, though, so I have no idea what happened- I didn't put anything in the tea! When Brako accused me of murdering him, I convinced him by strolling with him to Marcus' place. Marcus seemed a bit scared at first, but he accepted having Brako staying with him for a bit to calm down. He was, after all, not feeling in one piece.

Things happened, and soon, there were a few people at the academy. We moved the academy here and there, but we kept shrinking because of a few accidents. I tried to protect the poor fluffy person who was one of the dedicated few in avoiding accidents, but later on, I heard Carmen found her inside an oven.

As sad as everyone's disappearances were, I did feel overjoyed to see that I was the only one with Carmen. She didn't seem to feel that right after all of what happened, so I gave her a good kiss. She cried with joy.

We lived happily ever after in my bedroom afterwards! It's a bit embarrassing to say, but I think I'm going to have a daughter soon.


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