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Alistair's human/fairy form (property of this image's creator)

Alistair was a student at Athalia Academy created/played by Animelover_princess. He is a will-o-wisp who was taken from his human home and escaped to Destiny Island years later (he first appears in Athalia Academy: Season Two).


  • Gender: male
  • Species: Will-o-wisp
  • Age: 95
  • Height: 5'1" / 1.55 m
  • Weight: 122 lb. / 55.34 kg
  • Hair Color: black
  • Eye Color: green
  • Skin Color: pale, an alabaster color


Alistair's wisp form (property of this image's creator)

Illusion: Alistair can create and control illusions of all sorts, which cannot actually affect the real world. However, if someone believes that the illusion is real, it will appear as if it affects the real world (e.g. if someone believes an illusion of a troll is real and it walks beside a tree then the person could perceive the troll pushing the tree, when in reality it didn't move).

Shapeshifting: Alistair has very minor shape-shifting abilities, which allow him to change into his two forms or smaller woodland creatures (e.g. squirrels and bunnies).

Charisma: Alistair can suggest something in such a way that the magic makes the person believe it was their idea in the first place (see Inception). They are compelled to follow the idea, but only to a certain extent; it can't make people do things they truly don't want to do, can't cause death, and more often than not cannot cause injury.


  • Iron
  • Cold
  • Water
  • Can easily be controlled in his human form


Alistair is mischievous but not evil and likes girls with unusual features.


Alistair lived his first 30 years in a marsh. he (still being an adolescent too his people) still ived in his parents home with 5 of his 7 siblings. However, not long after his 30th birthday he was tricked into his human form by an alluring human woman. A man had his daughter to tempt Alistair, and captured him upon transformation to his human form. He kept Alistair in a glass cage (as he had transformed back into his wisp form in an attempt to escape, mostly kept on his mantle piece, for over 20 years. The boy tried to act inanimate as often as possible thinking perhaps the man would let him go, he even tried playing dead once but it just seemed to make the guy more interested, he didn't try again. Eventually the man took a trip with his family to Destiny Island, bringing Alistair with him, as he always did when he traveled as he was sure Alistair would try and convince the remaining staff to free him. Some local fairies discovered Alistair and were appalled by how their distant cousin had been treated and helped him escape, but he had no way to return home, so the fairies allowed him to take refuge with them. Soon though he went through the wisp equivalent of puberty when he can't control his urges and he started luring tourists into the forests, where they got lost and often did not return. The fairies were forced to exile him and he went deep into the forest to hide from them, as he had no where else to go. he will still sometimes find lost travelers, If he’s in a good mood he will actually lead them out, but will more often lead them farther in.

Now that he's met Cyber, things are starting to change.

After the battle at Athalia, Alistair tried going with Cyber but was rejected at every turn and eventually slipped away to try and find his home, hoping it still exists.


"That's just a silly human concept."

Theo's Food Preference Test

  • Love: Asper Pods - "They grew wild near my parents house, me and my brothers and sisters used to pick them, it reminds me of home."
  • Hate: Nettle - "It's a very bitter plant, my mom would make it into teas when we got sick, it helped us get better but it tasted horrible."
  • Mixed: Sea Urchin - "It has a weird half bitter-half sweet taste that I've never quite decided if I like or not."

Theo's One Word Test

  1. What are you? Magic.
  2. How do you see yourself? Amazing.
  3. What is your personality? Charming.
  4. Where would you like to be most right now? Home.
  5. Why? ^.
  6. What is your purpose? None.
  7. Who are your friends? Animals.
  8. Why? Alone.
  9. What do you consider most important to you? Life.
  10. Do you have any regrets right now? Many.
  11. What would you like to do in the future? Leave.
  12. Why? Homeless.
  13. What makes you angry? Fairies.
  14. Why? Exile.
  15. What makes you happy? Memory.
  16. Why? Family.
  17. What was the most important memory for you? Swamp.
  18. How has that memory shaped you as a person? Alive.
  19. What are you lacking right now? Family.
  20. Do you intend to do anything about it? Can't.



"Cube Land" - A Minecraft Music Video - An Original Song by Laura Shigihara (PvZ Composer)

Alistair's Theme



this video describes the solitude of Alistair's life up until he meets Cyber, first being kept captive for a very long time, then being exiled to the deepest part of the forest.





Alistair considers 7 of his parent's children his siblings, when in reality he has somewhere around 40 siblings as every 5 or 10 years full grown mated pairs of wisps will have a handful of kids, Alistair only considers the one's born right before him (of which there are 3), the one his age, and the one's born after him (there's 3) to be his siblings.