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Allan Lynch is a student at Athalia Academy created and played by Animal. He featured prominently in Athalia Academy: Season One and did not appear again (along with his creator) until Season Four.


  • Gender: male
  • Species/Race: drakkin
  • Age: 20
  • Height: 6'0" / 1.82 m
  • Weight: 182 lb. / 82.55 kg
  • Hair Color:
  • Eye Color: 
  • Skin Color: 
  • Figure: 


Allan carries the blood of a certain black dragon which allows him to gain all the abilities that it once had or has yet to discover. One thing for certain though is that Allan already possess enhanced physical conditioning as a result. To point out, he is able to summon thick black colored scales that further increases his durability (he already has tough skin), yet it can still be broken through by a great amount of force or by other means.

Having a dragon's blood inside him, it allows him to have the ability to sprout wings, a tail, claws and possibly shape shift himself into a full scale dragon. He is able to breath inextinguishable black colored flames out of his mouth which is more destructible than regular fire, considering how it can actually incinerate normal flames among with everything else.


Prone to 'Dragon's Greed', a common problem among dragons which can be resolved by...err...doing things...that a normal dragon would not do...sharing...or even countering it with positive energy, but even that will be the same result. Alan is not the kind of person who would do those sort of things easily because of his stubbornness. Dragon's Greed will make Allan easily prone to aggression and develop a competitive attitude for dominance. It will also make him have a habit of collecting objects or even people as his prized possessions. Which will also force him defend those said possessions, the normal Allan does not give a crap about unnecessary things! It leaves him at a disadvantage if the the situation is right.

Aside from that, his inextinguishable flames can still be manipulated with (such as pushing it away with wind, pull it in, ect...). In human form, his scales are thinner on the front side of his upper body and basically where his joints are (back of legs, under the arm pits, elbow, ankles, ect...).


Allan is stubborn, greedy, egoistic, narcissistic, manipulative, discriminate...he has adopted all the traits of the dragon before him. He believes that he is perfect, that he is the chosen one for his bloodline and that everyone else is inferior to him. He may be a bit discriminate towards other races, but this does not mean he is ignorant on what they are capable of. Allan will still be able to keep his composure and avoid going in blindly on people he has no intel on, unless he is extremely confident that he could beat them just by judging on their appearance. People will rarely see him make small talk to others, but when he does, it usually means he is up to no good. He tends to keep to himself most of the time and not waste air on those who are not deemed worthy. His intimidating eyes discourages people from approaching him, however when they do...they can feel the darkness within his spirit to make them feel a frightening shiver go down their spine. Not necessarily the one who helps others unless there is something to gain that only benefits him.

The effects of Dragon's Greed will have a strong impact on his personality, honestly there is no telling what it can make him do. He could be forced to show a little compassion to counter its effects or it could make him more ruthless than before.

A fun way to tell if Allan is annoyed is to check one of the following signs. 1. Smoke 2. Heat 3. Fire

If all three are happening at once then you have succeeded in annoying a dragon, now panic.


Born in a small clan which passed down the blood of a dragon...Allan became the first child born with the king's blood. It was said to be a prophecy, that the king would lead their clan into greatness once again. The clan believed that it is their divine right to rule and Allan grew up believing every word of it. Allan has spent the majority of his life training and studying in order to achieve his prove that dragons are the best race in the prove that he is the best in the world. It was not long until his clan managed to regain land from neighboring clans under his leadership. These successful triumphs has made Allan realized that he was destined to do this and that he is the only one who can lead the clan to the promise land. It was time to strike somewhere bigger...Athalia Academy...he has heard rumors that this school was supposed to home students of different races from across the globe. It was the perfect opportunity for him to prove to everyone of why he is superior.


"Classes are not worthy of his time."

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