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Property of the original artist.

Property of the original artist.

Anedine Anceril is a student at Athalia Academy played by Sukui.


  • Gender: Female
  • Species/Race: Elf
  • Age: 17
  • Height: 5'1" / 1.55 m
  • Weight: 122 lb. / 55.34 kg
  • Hair Color: white
  • Eye Color: 
  • Skin Color: 
  • Figure: 


Anedine generally incorporates nature-type magic in her abilities, and is thus reliant on any lifeform around whether plant or animal, as long as that life is not sentient.

  • Extended Life Expectancy: Whereas a human lives to be at an average age of 85 years old, elves have a naturally longer lifespan of over 130 years old. Alongside with that, she ages slightly slower, which explains her looking fourteen while actually being seventeen.
  • Vine Entanglement: Anedine can sprout up vines from the ground to trap someone. Because the vines aren't thorned, they deal little damage except for strangling, and the vines being sprouted are often weak that it just takes the force of opening a door to get out. Thus, this is more of slowing someone rather than actually stopping them to a full halt.
  • Healing: Anedine uses natural magical energies around her to tend to wounds and increase their healing speed. A normal 2 inch cut takes 20 seconds to heal.
  • Pet: Anedine can near-instantly convince an animal to stay with her and assist in something, whether it be chores or combat. She can only pet two, however, as when a third animal is attempted, one of the original animals will leave her control.


Because most of her spells are highly dependent on mana, Anedine risks being open to attack when her magical essences run out, thus requiring a potion to be carried at most times. In addition, healing, whether be to herself or to other allies' wounds, leaves her unable to cast other spells since her magic is being purely focused on a single spell, thus also making her unable to multi-cast. Her timid nature results in some cowardice, which, along with her abilities, results in her being more of a team player rather than a solo.


Anedine is quite a naïve, meek person often flustered on any remark about her. She can be easily bored, which frequently leads her to do productive things, mainly household chores. As a result, she has developed a strong sense of duty, insisting on helping out on a matter often despite being assured that someone else will do it. Due to this, she have been regarded as an "adorable annoyance" in her earlier years.


It was all for unknown reasons why Anedine came into the world; her first memory was only the sight of the forest canopy, with birds and insects flying their way from tree to tree. Being found by a hunter looking for food, she carried the strange girl into his village in his arms, where he raised her as a nameless girl in her first three years. With the hunter being unable to raise her anymore in his profit, she was then put in the orphanage, where she earned the name of Anedine Kerie. She was quite a hardworking girl within the orphanage, being favored upon by the grown-ups. She had also received the most love letters on her desk back at that time. Eventually, she was adopted by the Anceril couple.

It was at this point when she had discovered her talent to connect with nature. Her parents appreciated her ability, and her elementary classmates, just like her fellows back at the orphanage, admired her. She was even at one point became the student government president during her later years of high school. She enrolled into Athalia Academy in her beginning college years, after her parents heard about it after it has become the subject of news within her neighborhood.


  • Core: English, Science
  • Elective: Cooking

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