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"Prolific gods tend to be prolific hypocrites."

-Artavi'e Mosceredanu, 130 CE

Artavi'e Mosceredanu
Artav in her first incarnation. Credits to original artist.
Artav in her first incarnation. Credits to original artist.
Vital statistics
Position Chaotic Neutral
Age 23
Status Alive/Reincarnated
Physical attributes
Height 5'8"
Weight 115 lb

Artavi'e Mosceredanu, previously Anedine Anceril, is a Kottstanian elven hermit living alone in the former Anceril residence. She is played by Unfortunately, previously named Sukui.

Early life

Artavi'e's mother, Queen Malamotre Ausus IV, ruled over the then monarchy of Kottstania, and her father, Amantus Chaldii-Mosceredanu, Duke of Zerbanust, also served as a general of the Royal Knights. Born Cebechi Artavi'e Demec un nos Mosceredanu in the controlled duchy of Zerbanaust, Kottstania, Artav was the couple's second child, with her brother and heir apparent Macaius Odenus born 4 years ahead. In accordance with traditional customs within the ruling dynasties of Kottstania, Artavi'e was formally educated by foreign scribes within the palace's library, but only briefly before her family had noticed that she was already reading codexes for advanced readers and solving advanced algebraic equations at the age of 4. Education was then left at her own discretion, and at the age of 14, Artav wrote her first spell tome.

Her cynicism has received the attention and concern of her family, resulting in some debates as to whether have her replace Macaius as a heir for her intelligence and install her in the throne or not. Eventually, as Queen Malamotre ailed and had to retire, Macaius was chosen to ascend to the throne, and Artavi'e instead became an advisor for her brother.

Royal Advisor

On September 5, 126 CE, Artavi'e Mosceredanu was installed to her position as a royal advisor at the age of 20. According to personal word, Macaius frequently consulted her the most out of the other advisors. By the time Malamotre has died 5 years later, Artavi'e had completed over more than 160 spells with assistance from some students, half of which could have a significant impact on the battlefield. The books greatly helped spark the Kottstanian Kingdom's desire for expansion and glory, and on 134 CE Kottstania simultaneously waged war on 2 neighboring kingdoms, emerged victorious, and waged war again on 3 smaller kingdoms, ending again in a decisive victory and culminating in the rise of the Kottstanian Empire. Artav had no opinion on the Empire's actions, instead curiously observing the result of her books.


On June 4, 154 CE, while in study at the Imperial Royal Library in Cerbacan, Bacaidus, a fellow advisor, presented her with an offer to hand over her books in exchange for a coup against her brother and install her to the throne. Artav refused, remarking that she does not hold any grudges with her brother, but Bacaidu called in the conspirators hiding in the shelves and immediately jumped in to brutally bludgeon Artavi'e to death. She was clubbed 67 times. The librarian, witnessing her murder, immediately hurried to report to Macaius about the incident, but decided to burn down the library itself when the assassins started chasing her, killing them. 20 of her personal spell tomes were alongside the other thousands that burnt to a crisp, but a few other books were stored elsewhere and survived, including the book that would eventually resurrect her nearly two millennia later.

The Empire on which her books were the foundation of lasted for 4 more emperors since her death, until the incompetency of the last 2 finally dissolved the Empire into mere tribes.

Resurrection and life as Anedine

Artavi'e, while her body was able to restore itself, unfortunately did not include her spirit due to an error in her

Anedine Anceril, aged 16. Credits to original artist.

tome. Another soul took her place, which would later be known to Athalia as Anedine Anceril. Found as an infant lying in the grass on an overgrown forest by a poor village hunter, the initially unnamed girl lived a life of simplicity and frugality in the village due to living conditions, before being left in the care of the orphanage as issues worsened. Two years later, the girl was given to the Anceril couple, who then would give her the name Anedine.

With adequate support and care now received, Anedine grew up to be a rather attractive girl, and perhaps having an even more healthy and curvaceous figure than Artavi'e for being properly fed and exercising regularly, unlike Artavi'e whose shut-in lifestyle gave her a frailer and thinner figure. Anedine had been wooed and fawned over over countless times, and more notably by Ryuu Yamauchi, of whom Anedine was completely oblivious to his behavior.

True revival and Lavanyan-era life

Anedine was brain-killed upon the attack on Athalia Academy by the Crosses while attempting an escape, having been forcefully hit in the head by a sliding chunk of rubble. As her soul left, Artavi'e finally took the opportunity to reclaim her rightful body once again, a day after the attack when no man was around. For the next few hours, Artav roamed the streets, buying meals with what was left of Anedine's allowance, before taking refuge at the Anceril home.

Unaware of Marcus Cross's plans, the Anceril couple were killed in a crossfire between the conquerors and the resistances while travelling in vacation a few days later. Artav, who has refused to go along with them on that fateful trip and held neither remorse nor grief for their deaths, now had the estate to herself. Since then, Artavi'e had began restoring her arsenal of spellbooks, and meditating to use her masterpieces.


Artavi'e's personality is relatively simple: smart, wise and cynical.

Her intelligence has sometimes brought her to ruthlessness; where in movies the villain holds the hero at gunpoint but explains their whole, villainous plot first, Artav will not hesitate to kill them instantly since aside from taking a frequently-missed opportunity, exposing one's plan is basically telling the foe what to do. Artav will attack anyone who threatens her being, even children (which makes her much more merciless than some Athalian villains in some levels). She also holds disdain for everyone that she does not trust, calling mere strangers "fools". Despite these, Artavi'e is not evil, but she isn't good neither. She has yet to trust and side with either the Cross Family, or the Athalians. She rarely bothers with people from outside except in consultations, but recently she has shown signs of getting involved in some affairs, such as hiring apprentices, although her motive for doing so is as of yet unknown.

Anedine, on the other hand, can be described as a "sweet, caring and smart idiot" who, while also intelligent (but not as much as Artavi'e herself) is somewhat a klutz and has a tendency to become awkward, although is much more social. This is a sharp contrast to Artav's secluded, distrustful, prodigious and wise disposition.


Although lacking direct innate abilities, Artav is known to write and possess books that each has a spell embedded within, allowing her to have an indefinite number of spells with desired effects, from basic healing to devastating explosions. Such an art is difficult to pursue, thanks to the numerous amounts of mathematical equations and geometric figures required in creating a tome. One mistake can probably have undesired, if not disastrous, effects. More complex maths will proportionally increase the magical energy required to use a spellbook.

Artavi'e's past as a child prodigy makes her one of the few people capable of this art. Currently, she has completed the following books:


Basic Geokinesis: Small to medium scale earth manipulation.

Basic Pyrokinesis: Small to medium scale fire manipulation.

Arcane Shield: Forward-facing barrier that offers protection from physical and magical attacks.

Gradual Heal: Boosts tissue repair.

Intermediate Pyrokinesis: Small-AoE'd pyrokinetic spells.

Familiar (work in progress IC-wise): Summons a minion, form yet to be determined.

Reincarnation (planned): Responsible for bringing her into the world today. Bound to the owner. Upon death of the owner, the Book encases itself in a magical stone, and cracks open in a long, random amount of time, allowing the owner to live again with the exact same appearance as her previous incarnation. Because her previous book was imperfect, her spirit was temporarily lost until the placeholder soul (Anedine) departed. The placeholder soul also held different magical abilities from the original spirit, explaining why "Anedine" suddenly has a new set of spells.

Theo's Food Preference Test

Love: Kobidrii, I guess, when I need to actually eat. It's a piece of boneless beef meat, drenched in cheese-based cream and topped with truffles and chilies for flavor. I guess you're unfamiliar with it, but that's because it's forgotten Kottstanian cuisine. Actually, it's the only meal I know how to cook. I do enjoy a good dose of tea, too.

Hate: What the fuck is Ramen, and why does it taste real horrid? It's comparable to tasting the dirty foot of a beggar who treads on jungle soil.

Mixed: Pizza and burgers, commonplace meals. Some taste decent, others worse.

Theo's One Word Test

  • What are you?: Mind.
  • How do you see yourself?: Brilliant.
  • What is your personality?: Wise.
  • Where would you like to be most right now?: Palace.
  • Why?: Study.
  • What is your purpose?: Know.
  • Who are your friends?: No.
  • Why?: Useless.
  • What do you consider most important to you?: Knowledge.
  • Do you have any regrets right now?: Earthkind.
  • What would you like to do in the future?: Reign.
  • Why?: Restore.
  • What makes you angry?: Ignorance.
  • Why?: Stupidity.
  • What makes you happy?: Books.
  • Why?: Masterpieces.
  • What was the most important memory for you?: Death.
  • How has that memory shaped you as a person?: Bolder.
  • What are you lacking right now?: Knowledge.
  • Do you intend to do anything about it?: Yes.


  • Originally a "fanservice" character merely meant to tease NarayanK's characters (specifically Ryuu Yamauchi), Anedine-- now Artavi'e, has been significantly developed into the people-hating, knowledge-hoarding girl everyone will eventually come to love.
  • Artavi'e is the longest running active character of Sukui/Unfortunately, being the second character the owner has made overall and still lasting today.
  • Kottstanian design and architecture resemble East Asian design, language as Latin-like with a Spanish accent, and music and other auditory entertainment as Mesopotamian/Ancient West.
  • Artavi'e Mosceredanu shares the same acronym as Ante Meridiem, Amplitude Modulation, and Arctic Monkeys, but does not share the same acronym as Advanced Research Project Agency Network, Supreme Court of the United States, and Kelly Miyabi.

Music Themes


Winds of Ithaca - War Music

Credit to Antti Martikainen.


Temple of the Old Gods - Peace Theme

Credit to Moonchant.