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Athalia Academy: Season Two - Finding Bael is the name of the second "season" of the Athalia Academy roleplaying game, and the second main arc of the Athalia universe canon. It occurs on Destiny Island, a tropical resort island the students are sent to while the Academy is repaired from the events in Season One. Written on both its Roleplayer Guild thread and Etherpads, it took approximately five months to complete.

Player/Character Appearances

Brief Summary of Events

  • Students are sent to Destiny Island after Season One concludes and the Academy is in need of repairs.
  • Students familiarize themselves with their houses and the island's attractions, including the bar and the pool.
  • Students participate in a Beach Olympics upon Mercy's cattle call, which includes a game of water balloon dodgeball followed by a crossdressing obstacle course.
  • Students train in the three dojos on the island under the direction of Tora, Yutaka, Mercy, Annie, Melanie, and Madame Serena.
  • Students are called to the resort by Maria in the evening and play several rounds of the King's Game.
  • Students go off in groups and explore the island at night.
  • Students begin the second day as Crash inadvertantly releases Fate, the trickster goddess.

Detailed Summary of Events

The season began on August 22, 2018 - two weeks and five days after the events of Season One concluded - when Athalia's students arrived by boat at Destiny Island, a private resort island where they would be staying for a week while the Academy was repaired. Once off the boat the students (wearing beach clothing) took in their surroundings (true to form, Crash immediately tripped and fell while Ryuu immediately got a bloody nose from looking at females too much). Mercy, Darwin, and Garden made their way to the resort and then the bar (that Nikola was tending), while some others got familiar with their beach huts. Crash and Kathy paired up almost immediately, also heading to the resort. Meanwhile, Carmen made a very important trip to the island's surf shop to buy some beach clothes. It is very important to include only because while there she purchased a giant sun hat, which would become her signature look and stay with her for the rest of her life.

Back on the beach, Ryuu and Andromeda had an awkward exchange/meeting while Crash ran into a tree. Crash and Kathy made it to the bar where Carmen, Ara, Dendus, Matt, and Zaelyn were now also hanging out (in addition to the group that had been there first), and soon after Mercy, Garden, Darwin, and Dendus made their way towards the pool where Anedine joined them from her house, while Lion ran off and ate an old lady's barbecue chicken while Little Feather, Dani, and Seven chased after him. Crash and Kathy became extremely embarrassed by a misunderstanding of Nikola using the word "engaged" when taking their orders, and prodding from Ara made it worse. Zivon, Liam, and Yuki got lost in a forest.

Everyone continued to mingle all over the island until eventually Mercy (with reluctant assistance from Crash) called everyone to the beach with a megaphone for a "Beach Olympics". Most students (that weren't in the forest) obliged and made their way to the beach, and soon the first game was announced: water balloon dodgeball, boys vs. girls. The game was successful, but some of the boys (antagonized by Ara) ended up throwing balloons at each other and by the end all the rules were broken by that team, so Mercy awarded the victory to the girls.

The next game, announced after a little time had passed to give everyone a breather, was an obstacle course. Because the males had lost the last game, they would run the course and have to be dressed in women's clothing while doing so. Ara, Crash, Darwin, Ryuu, Alistair, Cyber, Seven, Chris, and even Brako (thanks to Carmen) were dressed up for the event. The race started, and some of the girls (Carmen, Mercy, and Kathy) took to the sidelines to throw paint bombs and fire foam cannons at the contestants. During the race Lily walked up to Carmen and the two spoke for the first time. Seven won the race, with Ryuu and Chris coming in 2nd and 3rd, respectively. Thus ended the Beach Olympics, and after a brief period of post-race mingling, the (as officially designated in the in-character thread) second chunk of Season Two began.

On the island were three training dojos, each focused on a different specialty. The ranged dojo was overseen by Nikola and Mercy, the magic dojo by Madame Serena and Melanie Slaughter, and the physical dojo by Tora and Yutaka. Kathy, Crash, and Carmen went immediately to the physical dojo and began training, while Leroy and Andromeda headed to the magic dojo and Ryuu headed to the free practice room before also going to the magic dojo. Eventually more students arrived in each of the dojos, as Kathy and Carmen mock sparred under Yutaka's supervision and Crash got harshly trained by Tora. Meanwhile, Alistair and Cyber fought on their end and somehow it ended in a kiss. As the training and conversing continued, Matt and Lily ran into each other (with Darwin) and finally caught up before heading to the archery range. Seven annoyed Annie Linedale, while Crash, Kathy, and Carmen began fighting a fabric army controlled by Yutaka. At first they had a difficult time, but once they discovered the fabric dummies' weakness (pulling the strings holding them together) they made short work of the rest, the only hiccup being the last one going up Carmen's dress (being manually manipulated by Yutaka) and Crash being overzealous with his rescue, leading to an embarrassing situation all around.

Pleased with their victory and receiving constructive feedback from Yutaka, the trio moved to the ranged dojo (just before Garden arrived as well), making most of the students now in the training dojo as a large group (Ara (B), Little Feather, Dani, Garden, Matt, Darwin, Lily) had already been there talking or preparing to train. After quite a bit of talking, a good number of the students got set up for archery practice and began shooting. Carmen and Lily had their first real conversation shooting next to each other, while Crash and Kathy ran off and Zivon and Andromeda had a heart-to-heart conversation.

Soon after Crash and Kathy left the dojo, in the greatest moment in Athalia history, Crash asked Kathy out on a date (successfully) while they walked the beach and held hands. Meanwhile, Lily grabbed both Matt and Carmen and took them (voluntarily) to the firearm range, primarily to get Matt away from Margaret (who was clinging to him because his aura was the only thing she could see) in what she thought might have been jealousy. This made both Carmen and Matt very confused, especially Carmen, but Lily distracted them by helping them get set up with firearms. As Andro and Zivon continued to have a real conversation, Crash and Kathy went to Crash's hut to heal his wounds, Lily helped Carmen prepare to shoot, Ryuu shot a lot of plasma in the gun range as Margaret bumped into him. Carmen began shooting repeatedly to the enjoyment of Lily, as did Matt, until Lily began tending to Margaret.

During this time, Xanthus (Lily's lover from pre-Athalia days) had arrived on the island and made his way to the gun range control room where he exchanged pleasantries with Ryuu. After a reasonable amount of time he decided to stop hanging back and went to talk to Lily. Lily was shocked, frightened, and confused at the sight of Xanthus (rather than pleased, as he had expected) and walked to Carmen with tears in her eyes, desperate to get away. She wanted to be far away from where she was but not alone, so she asked Carmen to take her back to her house. Confused but concerned, Carmen complied with her request without hesitation, and when Lily arrived at her cabin it became evident that Lily was actually Carmen's assigned roommate. They conversed and Lily told Carmen all of her heartbreaking past. This entire time Andro and Zivon had continued their long conversation.

After a while all of the students retired to their homes and met their roommates, before Maria broke the calm late in the evening by amplifying her voice to send a message through the whole island telling all the students to report to the bar/lounge for a mandatory meeting. Matt was the first to arrive, but eventually everyone arrived and made small talk. Maria began talking to the students, discussing the attack on the Academy from Season One, congratulating the students for their performance, and inviting them to play the King's Game. More small talk ensued, Little Feather becoming a bit enamored with Leroy, and eventually Carmen and Lily arrived, having elected to arrive fashionably late and to choose their wardrobe and styling carefully (during which Lily had the first inklings of possibly having feelings for Carmen). The King's Game (explained in this post) got under way. In the first round, Kathy had to confess who she found dateable, and she successfully confessed Crash in a flurry of red cheeks and embarrassment. In the second round, Carmen had to blow a raspberry on Ryuu's hand, causing him euphoria and nosebleeds. In the third round Matt had to hug Leroy, and then in the next round Ryuu had to kiss Darwin. After that Maria decided to end the game and released the students to do whatever they wished.

Lily, Carmen, and Matt went on a flight in their bird forms (just wings in Lily's case), while Mercy paired off with Zivon, Liam paired off with Dani and began feeling things towards him, Darwin paired off with Drow, Cyber continued talking with Alistair, and Crash, Kathy, and Alex went for a walk. Eventually everyone went to sleep for the night - except for Xanthus. He woke Lily up and talked to her briefly outside, telling her that he never intended to stay long and that he wanted to see her move on. He disappeared and the tearful Lily threw her ring from him into the sea and returned to her bed.

The next morning, the students slowly woke up and flowed into groups, many repeats from the previous night. Ryuu began to train with Annie at the freestyle dojo, while Apophis got attacked by everything in the ocean and Thane and Macbeth sat around in Hell doing nothing. Meanwhile, after an altercation with a wasp that sent him on a brief but violent journey, Crash ended up standing in front of some ruins. Imprisoned within them was Fate, the trickster goddess, who lured Crash to her with a deceptive voice and got him to inadvertently free her, setting the stage for Season Three.


  • The title has nothing to do with the actual events of the season, as Bael barely appeared and never anywhere near any of the other students.
  • The original thread began on May 24, 2014 (the same day Season One ended), and concluded on October 10 of the same year after 644 in-character posts.
  • Most of the season, starting with the Beach Olympics, was done continuously on Etherpads, with massive post chunks being pasted back into the Roleplayer Guild thread after a while. Previously, Etherpads were only occasionally used to do a collaborative post between two players, until Theobromine suggested a mass collaboration post for the Beach Olympics. It is the first season to use pan-player Etherpads, and the first two official Athalia pads (the Active Posting Pad and the Archive Pad) were created and introduced during the season, predating the creation of this wiki by approximately four days.
  • Season Two was the last season to be posted on the Guild before the Legends of Lavanya reboot. The roleplay moved to the Athalia Academy Yuku forum for Season Three.