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The Athalia Academy Active Posting Pad (AAAPP) was the official active posting Etherpad of the Athalia Academy roleplay. Created by Driving Park after a significant portion of Season Two was done in an earlier, non-named Etherpad, both the active posting pad and the post archive pad were simultaneously induced as the new official Athalia pads.

When the Athalia Academy roleplay was taken off of the original Roleplayer Guild, it was taken here. Post chunks were gradually posted back in the RPG thread and the Athalia Academy Archive Pad (AAAP).

The Athalia Etherpad network was mostly dismantled on June 17th, 2014, approximately one month after it was created. In-character posting was transferred back to the Guild thread, with the AAAPP being renamed the Athalia Academy Hangout Pad (AAHP) and repurposed for only for out-of-character discussion and chat. The now-AAHP was the only Pad out of the network to survive the initial dismantling, which occurred for a multitude of intra- and extra-roleplay reasons.

This Etherpad is notable for being one of the most active Etherpads in the history of the Athalia Academy roleplay, being used during a time when players were constantly online and posting.