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The Archives.

The Athalia Academy Archive Pad (AAAP) is was the official post archive Etherpad for the Athalia Academy roleplay. Once a post chunk from the Athalia Academy Active Posting Pad (AAAPP) was sufficiently old enough to remove from the active pad, it was posted first on the current Athalia Roleplayer Guild thread, and then on the AAAP.

The AAAP was created along with the AAAPP by Driving Park to be the new official Athalia Etherpads, replacing three older, non-named Etherpads (a posting pad, a little-used archive pad, and a separate pad used for a single collab between Animelover_princess and Destinyfailhorror17).

A second archive pad, the "Athalia Extras Archive Pad" (AEAP), briefly existed when the "extra" content being accumulated in the active posting pad caused severe lag and needed to put somewhere. Both the AEAP and AAAP were dismantled on July 17, 2014 as part of the Etherpad-wide network purge, which left only the active posting pad to function as a hangout pad only.