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The Athalia Academy roleplay is officially understood to have begun on April 22nd, 2014. Since then, each April 22nd has been celebrated (to varying degrees) by its active players as "Athalia Day".

Anniversary Fics

Starting on the fifth anniversary in 2019, some of the four remaining players wrote short anniversary fics to celebrate.

NarayanK wrote a Noxonshaw Mini-Special, which has its own article. The other two fics are presented here.

Animelover_princess's Anniversary Mini-Fic

Featuring Andromeda Barker, Oona Fredrick, Alistair, Oliver, and Maria Cross

Andro woke up first. she sat up with a groan and a hand went to her head as her snakes began to rouse as well, making pained hissing sounds. she shushed them quietly as she blinked her eyes open, grateful for the sunglasses she had on as they blocked out some of the viciously bright white light filling the room. 

'Where am i?' she muttered, then she froze as she looked around, there were a couple bodies lying on the ground around her, as well as a small orb of light that just seemed to have dropped to the floor near her feet. as she watched the light orb shuddered and slowly began to rise off the ground, despite it not having eyes she could tell it was glancing around the room, finally it seemed to settle on her and they made eye contact, despite the factors preventing either from doing so. then the light burst and quickly took the form of Alistair, crouched on the ground partly over her legs, in fact she was pretty sure part of leg was going through hers, but she also knew that the ony part of him that was actualy him was the small ball of light that made up his center. 

he stood and looked around once again before reaching out a hand towards her. she took it and depite it feeling like there was nothing there, she was pulled up and to her feet. 

Where are we?" he asked, lookign around at the stark white room. it was a square, the walls, floor and cieling all painted the exact same shade of white.

"I don't know" she admitted, before kneeling beside one of the other 2 unconscious bodies in the room, a girl with long pure white hair that practically blended into the ground around her. She'd seen her once her twice but didn't know her very well, she was pretty sure her name was Oona but she didn't know what she was, species-wise. 

still she took hold of the girl's shoulder and shook her "Oona? Oona wake up" Andro looked up to see Alistair running his hands along the walls. she shook the girl once again and this time got a week moan. "Oona? wake up" she saw the girl's eyes start to flutter and stood to step across to the other body, a boy she also didn't know well. She knew his name, Oliver, she saw him at the library sometimes. She knew he was paralyzed from the waist down and always moved around in a wheelchair. She didn't know what he was either.

"Oliver" she called, as she shook his shoulder, though she sat further back from him then she had from Oona, having seen one of his explosive episodes and not wanting to deal with that right now. she heard Oona groan behind her and say their names in confusion and disbelief. Alistair didn't answer her but Andro looked over her shoulder to see Oona moving fluidly to her feet. the gorgon shook Oliver's shoulder again and repeated his name a little louder. 

Oona repeated the question they both had already asked and got an annoyed grunt from the Will-o-Wisp in answer. Andro shook Oliver a little harder and finally he gasped and his eyes flew open, instantly Andro was moving back and she felt Oona's hand land protectively on her shoulder as Oliver looked up and around, wincing in the bright light. 

Alistair walked over and looked down at the boy "Can you go through these walls?"

"What?" Oliver asked "What's going on?"

Both girls relaxed as it seemed Oliver was confused, not angry. "We're not sure" Andro said softly "We all just woke up here, like you. Alistair did you find anything?" 

"No, but i'm not incorporeal, I can't go through walls," he gestured at Oliver "He can"

"Damn, can't you give me a second?" Oliver groaned, still sitting, as he obviously couldn't stand. "I can't project with this pounding headache"

"Well hurry up" Alistair said, his voice growing hostile.

"Alistair, are you ok?" Andro asked, reaching out a hand toward him. 

he blinked away and turned a glare on her "Im fine." 

Andro looked at Oona who gave her a sad smile, Andro moved back to the girl's side, more comfortable in her prescence then the boys'. Oona seemed to share the sentiment as her arm wound around Andro's shoulders.

Alistair collapsed back down into just a ball of light and started searching out the corners of the room. Andro shifted and said to Oona "Close your eyes" the girl did as she said and the boys were behind her so Andro slid off her sun glasses and examined the wall, reaching out a hand to run it across the smooth stone. 

She heard a thud and quickly pulled her sunglasses back on before tunring to look. Oliver was laying back down, eyes closed. "Oliver?" she called.

"He's Astral-projecting" Oona said "he's somewhere around here but I can't see spirits so I don't know where, he's probably searching for a way out"

"He can astral-project?" Andro asked.

"Well technically" Oona replied "he's seperating his soul from his body, he's a spirit warrior" 

"Oh" Andro said. 

Alistair reformed into a person once again and turned his gaze to a wall. After a minute his gaze started following something the girls couldn't see and finally landed on Oliver's body the second before his eyes fluttered back open and he pushed himself back up again. "Well?" the Will-O-Wisp asked, impatiently.

"There's a door behind that wall" he said, pointing "Looks like it's been bricked up, can one of you do something about that?"

"I can" Andro said softly, she stepped away from Oona and said "You should all give me some space"

"And how am i supposed to do that?" Oliver snapped. Oona knelt at his side and with an angry huff he let her pick him up. 

Andro smiled and then took a deep breath, bringing her legs tight together. Her legs fused and elongated as her nails lengthened and sharpened as did her teeth and her snakes hissed excitedly. in btu a moment she was a true gorgon, her snake tail taking up a decent amount of the small room. she opened her eyes, which had narrowed to snake slits and her tongue, which had forked, flicked over her teeth and between her lips. Oona let out a whistle and smiled at her. Alistair didn't seem to care and Oliver looked more curious then entertained. 

The gorgon shifted around, having to bend a little get down at the wall. she put a hand on the cool stone and hissed out "Heeeeere?"

"yeah, it's in the middle of the walls there"

Andro nodded and in a flash her hand had shot forward and her claws had sunk through the stone. She yanked right back out and took several bricks with her, she repeated the process until there was a large enough hole that she could grab hold and start pulling, throwing bricks to the side, soon the door was revealed and she used her tail to dash away the last of the bricks at the bottom before letting the transformation go. she swayed for a moment and felt an arm catch her back and steady her. she looked back, expeceting to thank Oona and made eye contact with Alistair again. his face was passive and when she pulled herself straight the near non-existant weight of his arm dissappeared. she wasn't sure how that worked, his body was an illusion but sometimes he could make it function as if it was not. she doubted he'd tel the truth if she asked. 

Oona had stepped around both of them while this was happening and Oliver reached out to try the door. he cursed "Anyone know how to pick locks"

Alistair snorted "please, i'm insulted you had to ask" and he collapsed into a ball and zipped forward into the keyhole. after a moment they heard a quiet thunk and the ball of light zipped back out and reformed into Alistair "After you" he said, with a mischevious smile. 

Oliver reached out and pulled the door open. Oona stepped forward into a hallway but then moved to the side so Alistair and Andromeda could move in front of her, in case anything happened. 

They only got a couple steps into the hallway when they heard comeone clapping and turned to see Maria standing a few feet and smiling "That's the fastest time so far, I knew you guys were a good combination"

"Principal" Oona asked "What's going on?"

"It was a test" Maria said "Everyone took it, though no one knew it beforehand"

"What kinda of test?" Andro asked.

"we need to test how prepared our students were to deal with strange or unnatural situations, and how you all worked in teams, whether one person took control, or if everyone contributed equally or if everyone fought." 

"How'd we score?" Alistair asked, dryly.

"Well, as i said, you got out faster then anyone else, but You didn't utilize all the resources at your dispossal and not everyone contirbuted equally" Maria said "So passing but you could have done better"

"This school is insane" Alistair said before collapsing into a ball and disappearing up down the hall.

"You're free to go" Maria said "No classes today, go celebrate your victory" she stepped to the side and gestured towards the wall and they saw Oliver's wheelchair sitting there, right behidn where she'd been standing. Then she turned and walked away. The 3 students left looked at each other then back at the room they'd just exited, then all mentally agreed with Alistair's closing statement before leaving. 

Driving Park's Anniversary Mini-Fic (AAAAAAAAAA Edition)

Featuring two unspecified Athalia characters, one of which is probably Mizuki, having an argument

"I am going to LITERALLY EXPLODE..........!!!!!!!!!!"

"probably not"

"No but like did you hear me I said I'm going to...



"yeah but probably not"

"L I T E R A L L Y E X P L-"

"If you say that one more time I'M going to LITERALLY expl-"



She literally exploded.

And by "she", I mean the one who was getting annoyed at the one who was saying she was going to literally explode. Fortunately, literally exploding didn't seem to do any damage to her at all.

The building the two were standing in, not so much.




The town stared at them. They stared at the building. The building did nothing because it had been blown up and was an inanimate object.



"u know that was Athalia rite"


"u know that the whole reason I was going to literally explode was because today is Athalia's anniversary rite"



"Well YOU were driving me INSANE and you know what happens when I go insane."

"I know that you go insane and set fire to a small subdivision when somebody looks at you wrong."

"That's a little bit of an exaggeration."

"I don't think that Smith guy at the cafe would think so."

"But he's dead so he doesn't think anything."

"That' point."

"And MY point is that you MADE me blow the building up."

"Not really."



"You said you were going to LITERALLY EXPLODE about 500 times."

"It was like 3 times."

"Three times too many."

"Oh PLEASE, even YOU can handle three of those."

"If I hadn't LITERALLY EXPLODED you would have kept saying it every five seconds for the rest of time."

" can't prove that."


"That's what I thought."


"And now the Academy is completely destroyed on its anniversary! What a horrible, pointless tragedy. Look at me shaking my head at you right now. S. M. H."

"Meh, it's been destroyed like four times at this point. You should expect it by now."

"Alright, fair point. Gotta give you that one."

"Ha. That means I get to pick the restaurant."

"What? That doesn't count as a restaurant-deciding argument...! You can't do that!"

"I just did."

"That doesn't make it LEGAL."

"I will make it legal."

"Don't try it."

"Already tried it."

"That's not a prequel quote."

"It's treason then."

"Not. Yet."

"How about when we get to the restaurant?"

"You mean the restaurant I'M going to pick?"

"Oh no, you don't get to just flip the tables on me. I won the argument, remember?"

"No, you made a single good point I had to concede on an argument entirely unrelated to the customary restaurant-choosing argument."

"That argument ABSOLUTELY qualifies as a restaurant-choosing argument."

"It was about you blowing up Athalia because I said something three times in a row."

"Totally justified."

"Totally NOT justified! And even more not grounds for choosing the restaurant!"

"Absolutely grounds for choosing the restaurant."

"I think I should get to choose the restaurant by default because I didn't blow up Athalia ON ITS ANNIVERSARY."

"But that was your fault."

"Um excuse me, when did I LITERALLY blow the building up?"

"That's not-"

"Answer the question."


"That means you concede defeat."

"No, it just means I'm not going to answer the question."

"Because you know you're wrong."

"I'M not wrong, YOU'RE wrong. I should definitely get to pick the restaurant."

"Still not happening."

"But you've picked the last nine times!"

"That's because I'm good at winning arguments."

"No, it's because you got lucky."

"Nine times in a row?"

"I'd hardly expect you of all people to conform to normal laws of luck and probability."

"Oh come on, it's not like you hated any of those restaurants. In fact I distinctly remember you LOVED all of them?"

"You can't prove that."

"You're just jealous of my superior culinary taste, and superior taste in general."

"Ha! As if. Can YOU make a building explode?"

"...what does that have to do with taste?"

"My point stands."

"No it doesn't! It doesn't even sit down. It lies sprawled out on a couch, being a worthless nothing taking up space."

"No, it stands!"

"It couldn't even stand if it wanted to, its legs are both broken."

"It got crutches."

"I stole those."

"What? You can't do that!"

"Too late."

"It's too late for me to prevent you from stealing metaphorical crutches?"


"Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...I can't even be bothered anymore. You win I guess."

"Victory! McDonald's again!"

-The End-