Not owned by Nevix

Azamor before being sealed in Edric's pendant.


Azamor is a lesser demon who is currently sealed within a pendant owned by Edric Karst. The two are linked by a life-link spell, forcing them into an uneasy alliance. Karst occasionally hands over partial control of his body to Azamor when he requires more power. He is an NPC usually controlled by Nevix.

Dosen't belong to Nevix

The pendant in which Azamor currently resides.


Azamor was born in the upper layers of hell, making him one of the millions of unnamed, unimportant, lesser demons. He eventually left hell and gave himself a name. "Azamor". Why? Because it sounded cool. All his life, Azamor wanted people to fear him and respect him as a demon. Eventually, he found his fame by ransacking villages in the Elanielian country-side. All was going well for Azamor until he tried to ransack the village that Edric Karst's family resided in.

Edric's angelic mother came up with a plan to seal Azamor within a pendant. It worked. The pendant was then life-linked with Edric in order to keep Azamor there. That also works. Since then, Azamor has become Edric's unwilling travel companion and sort-of-kind-of friend. Despite their "friendship", Azamor never passes up an opportunity to try and possess Edric.

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