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Baalthar is an ex-student of Athalia Academy created and played by Nero. He featured prominently in Athalia Academy: Season One and did not appear in any seasons thereafter (except for briefly at the very beginning of Season Two). In season three, however, Baalthar reappears after being tortured in Hell, completely changed and empowered by the legendary sword known as Umbra Regis.


  • Gender: male
  • Species/Race: Demon
  • Age: Appears 19, real age unknown (it's suggested that he's young even for a demon)
  • Height: 5'10" / 1.78 m
  • Weight: 141 lb. / 63.96 kg
  • Hair Color: black
  • Eye Color: blue
  • Skin Color: caucasian
  • Figure: skinny


Demonic Endurance - Bael is a demon and while he does not have the enhanced physical strength and agility of one, he retains the same endurance, meaning that he's a bit harder to kill than the average human.

The True Shadow - Bael can manipulate (materializing or not) shadow, this is a known fact. However, his power has increased to the extent that he's capable of materializing any kind of shadow at any given time. 

Shadow Absorption - Bael can absorb the shadows of others, or natural sources of shadow, restoring his energy and allowing him to cast more spells. This is done effortlessly and used often by him.

Blade Summon - Bael can summon the Umbra Regis at any given time by extending his hand.


Shadow Chains Bael can materialize shadow chains from his hand and direct them towards his foe(s), like projectiles. The chains travel at a fast speed and if they reach an enemy, they will instantly wrap around them, normally around the ankles and wrists. The attack can be used either to damage foes by hitting them with the chains and dealing medium blunt damage, or to stop a foe. If the latter, they're as strong as steel, but extremely resistant to magic, rendering it practically unusable against them. Bael can use this attack every four minutes, however the chains last for as long as he wants, unless they're broken.

Shadow Step/Shadow Blink Bael can step through the shadows, meaning that he can conseal himself completely from sight by merging himself with a nearby source of shadows- or even someone's natural shadow. While in this state, it's nearly impossible to detect him unless with the use of some spell; but that'd require previous knowledge that he's hidden. As an advanced use of this spell, Bael can instantly teleport from a source of shadow to another, using little energy. This can be effectively used in combat to avoid attacks or surprise foes. Bael can use this attack with a cooldown of three minutes three times, and after three uses, he must wait eight minutes before casting again.

Dreadful Shadow Bael can bring to life up to three shadow beings; they have a human body, but they're pitch black in color. These beings have the same strength as a lesser demon, they're above human in terms of strength and agility, but are incapable of utilizing any spell or making tactical decisions. Every cast of this spell puts Bael in a weakened state, where he needs to rest for three seconds (meaning that he can't cast spells, at all). Additionally, every cast has a cooldown of three minutes.

Overwhelming Darkness Bael will slam both of his hands into the ground and begin to channel his power into the ground, covering it in a pitch black color regarless of what sort of terrain it is. If Bael is not interrupted in fifteen seconds, the spell will be done. Now, Bael can use Shadow Blink without cooldowns, energy use or overuse punishments. While Overwhelming Darkness is active, Bael is pretty much capable of handling many targets at once, due to the sheer speed he's capable of moving, or rather, teleporting. This spell lasts two minutes and can be interrupted with a powerful holy or light spell, it can be cast every twenty minutes, but each use takes great part of Bael's shadow resources. Stabbing the ground with Lux Regis will also cancel it.

Idolon's Trust Bael begins to channel and focus shadow energy on his wrists, slowly covering his arm with them. In result, his arms will become a pitch-black color and Bael will gain the ability to materialize, at will, large spikes from his arms when he attacks offensively. Defensively, Bael can place both arms together and create shield-walls capable of blocking nearly every projectile or physical attack, with the exception of those which deal massive damage or are of holy/light nature. A direct slash from Lux Regis will instantly break through and cancel the shield.

Shadow Grab Bael will point his palms towards the target, manipulating their very shadow. By doing this, the target(s) (up to five at once) shadow(s) will erupt from the ground in the form of an upper body and grab the target's feet with their hands, slowing them or holding them until the target breaks free. This spell can be cast every two minutes - unless Bael absorbs the target's shadow, in which case, it can't be cast. 

Shadowbane Unrevealed

The Shadow Reign Unrevealed

Umbra Regis

Credit to the original artist.

Effects: The Umbra Regis' power increases the user's ability with the shadows; they can manipulate them better, they can absorb it and they have better abilites with it, overally (Bael's spells above are already under the effect of the Umbra Regis). Not only that, this sword can influence the wielder's heart, darkening it over time; turning them into a cruel being, even if they're already cruel, even if they're already.. a demon. Of course, the sword has abilities specifically unique to them, but discovering all of those abilities take some time; it's power also increases with each evil act the wielder commits which is why it is fairly powerful on Bael's hand.


Fade: The main ability Umbra Regis possesses is the ability to Fade at the wielder's will, which means that it will become intangible. This means that if Bael attacks someone who utilizes a shield or other sword to block/parry his attack, he can easily utilize Fade to go through the defenses and hurt his foe. There is no limit on how much this ability can be used, as it's natural to the sword. However, it can still be avoided by magical shields or by dodging instead of blocking.

Full Fade: This ability is a more advanced version of Fade, the difference is that the wielder and the sword will become intangible, completely; and not even magical projectiles can attack them. Theres no drawback to this ability, however Bael needs to use it wisely as he can only use this three times in a day.

Shadow Cutter:
This ability increases the length of Umbra Regis: When the user makes a slashing motion, shadow gathers automatically at the sword's edge and doubles it's range. This ability can be toggled on and off and each use doesn't cost much energy, however, using it for a long period of time might make Bael tired faster than usual.

Shadow Pledge: This ability is rarely used due to the side-effects it has, but under certain circumstances, it might be used. Bael will make a cut in his palm with the Umbra Regis and then place the sword's tip against the cut in his palm. Then, he will begin to pierce his own hand, except... instead of piercing through his palm, theUmbra Regis is absorbed by it, as if it was entering his body. When the sword is completely absorbed by Bael, his eyes will turn a pitch black color and he will gain an incredible boost in speed and strength, being capable to move at such speed that the human eye might not catch him, at all. He doubles his energy resources and his abilities cooldowns are halved. This ability lasts for three to six hours, Bael can interrupt it at any time, however, when it ends, Bael is out of battle. His body will become so restrained that he'll be barely able to walk, he'll be unable to utilize any sort of spell and the sword consumes his life-force, weakening him permanently with every use of this ability.


Before, Baalthar was a demon who was surprisingly capable of expressing emotion, even holding certain empathy and care towards someone. This has been changed drastically; now, he's truly what he's supposed to be. Cruel, arrogant and selfish to the extreme, he has lost every sense of ethic and moral, which makes him quite dangerous to everything around, given his lack of limits. He's not utterly insane, no; but neither is he fine in his current state-of-mind- the demon is something between the cold sanity and the inexplicable insanity. He's constantly seeking new ways of increasing his power, desiring to become something greather than he currently is.

Baalthar believes that his place is not serving, but commanding, and will do everything within his reach to become King. His loyalty is easily questionable, as he'd be willing to betray Lucifer anytime in order to take his place, but he does keep this in secret, not wanting to have his objetives interrupted by being spotted as a possible traitor. When it comes to Lucifer, Baalthar views him as a weak leader: Strong in power, but unable to effectively utilize his force; the lesser demon questions the King of Hell's methods and might even voice this to some other demons, but always in a respectful manner to avoid having his loyalty questioned.

Baalthar respects Idolon deeply, seeing him as the strongest force of Hell, but is sure that his loyalty would be better placed in Baalthar himself instead of Lucifer. Baalthar is uncertain about Apophis, feeling a mixture of fear, respect and disgust towards the deity of chaos. When it comes to Thane, Baalthar feels like he has much to learn from him. Baalthar despises angels, feeling disgusted by them. He's specifically angered when around Lily Brightendale and might be willing to attack her on sight.


Everything posterior to him leaving the academy and prior to his return is currently unknown.



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  • His birth-name is actually Baalthar, but he used a simpler version (Bael) upon entering Athalia