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Bael is a student of Athalia Academy created and played by Nero. He featured prominently in Athalia Academy: Season One and did not appear in any seasons thereafter (except for briefly at the very beginning of Season Two).


  • Gender: male
  • Species/Race: demon
  • Age: 17
  • Height: 5'10" / 1.78 m
  • Weight: 141 lb. / 63.96 kg
  • Hair Color: black
  • Eye Color: blue
  • Skin Color: 
  • Figure: 


As a demon, Bael is "blessed" with powerful demonic magic which gives him the ability to conjure varying spells. Not only that, but being a demon, he possesses naturally enhanced strength and agility, he's stronger and faster than any average human, but not by much. His magic is based on darkness, and thus, when in complete dark he becomes much stronger and his eyes also seem to prefer the darkness over the daylight. No, he's not weak out in the sun, he's not a vampire.


It's to be expected that he's pretty powerful, being a demon. However, being so young and only having a few number of spells disposable, he's not an extremely dangerous creature. For one, his spells does need certain... energy to be conjured, which is restored by resting or eating, as well as being in a dark place. Overuse is impossible, as when he runs out of energy, he's simply incapable of using any sort of his demonic spells. Secondly, while he's above-human in terms of strength and agility, his body is incapable of utilizing that to it's full extent. When in his true form, Bael loses his conciousness and becomes enraged: Everything and everyone represents danger and he will attack everything in his path. Friend or foe. It's unsure if this is a weakness or not, but well.

Holy or angelic harmful magic is pretty bad to him. In fact, he's actually weak to any sort of magic, whatever the source, while somewhat resistant to physical damage.


Demonic Purge - Bael conjures a small mass of demonic energy into his hands and releases it as powerful blast. When hit by this, the person's skin is burned, but not burned literally: Their soul is burned. The skin turns into a pitch-black color and the muscle in the particular area becomes unusable as if that part of the body has been taken away. This can be restored by any angelic magic, or any sort of healing which is beyond physical. This can only affect one small part of the body at once(For example: Hands, wrists, shoulders, pecs, knees, shins, feet) And he's only capable of using it three times before resting. The mass is not slow, but it's not extremely hard to dodge either.

Spectral Torture - Using his demonic magic, Bael creates chains which attempt to physically restrain any foe, the chains burn with demon fire, hurting both physically and spiritually, like his demonic purge spell. The longer someone is held by them, the more it will hurt: The pain becomes so much, that the person starts to allucinate due to the demon's influence, sometimes seeing things such as a friend dying, a family member killing another, that sort of... obscure thing. This takes a toll on Bael's energy, so he can't hold someone for too long.

Shadowstep - The ability to step into the shadows. By this, it means that Bael can merge himself with shadows in order to completely conceal himself from sight. This can only be done in the shadows, natural or not. Though any source of light in said shadows will reveal him. Note: If he moves, he becomes visible again.

Shadowform - Bael changes from physical to spiritual form, becoming a mass of floating shadow. He's unable to cast spells in this form, but he's also invunerable to physical contact or attacks. This is his travelling method, as he can pass through objects, wall, persons and everything while in this form. He can keep it for a maximum of two hours.

Unwielding Force - Bael, whilst still in his human form, allows both of his hands and arms to transform into his demon form. He then concentrates all of his strength into his arms, clapping them together as he tries to smash both of his hands at something or someone. The strength of his attack is so strong that it could easily create a relatively big sized crater into the ground. Needless to say, a direct hit from this attack can easily destroy the target. Bael needs to learn how to partially transform into a demon before using this.

True Form - Bael can do this at will, instantly transforming into his true form, which is the one of an imposing demon with spikes scattered over it's body. In this form, his already enhanced strength and agility becomes exceptional, his attacks can do massive damage and the demon is capable of moving at incredible speeds, to the point that even the greatest running athlete wouldn't be able to keep up with him. His stamina is also increased, however it's not of much use since Bael currently can only keep this form for two minutes at most.


Bael is someone cultured and sophisticated, with refined tastes in art and music. He's elegant, in his own way, often making use of a rather flexible vocabulary. He takes pride in this, and will often state with arrogance that he can speak like an idiot, if someone is having difficult in understanding his complex vocabulary. Talking about arrogance, the boy is indeed arrogant, he thinks highly of himself, which naturally makes him confident. He thinks that he's important, while everyone else is not, and often states that openly as well. While arrogant, he's not outright disrespectful. He's just... simply annoying. Or at least, the majority of time he appears to be annoying. This is also reflected by how sarcastic the boy manages to be; he will mock anyone when given reason, and will act plainly rude with those who ask idiotic questions. He's ironic as well, and enjoys greatly using irony or sarcasm to irritate people.

Besides this, Bael can appear as an extremely flirtatious young boy, who's always got the right compliment or the perfect words in his silver tongue. He manages to be charming and intriguing at the same time, the mixture causing a feeling of inevitable mistery. He's soft-spoken and prefers to mind his own business... even if his business often means choosing what target he should hit on this time.

He's aware of his power and enjoys it, but he's disgusted by it at the same time. Not because of it's source, but because it's not enough. He believes that he absolutely needs to be powerful, like a real demon should be. In fact, he's not someone very morally acceptable, as he's willing to do anything for power. There is no limit when it comes to him, he deeply believes that the end justifies the means.


Bael's birth didn't happen on earth. Born in the depths of hell, between hellfire, blood, death and corruption, the young creature had been taught since young that a demon was a powerful thing which should not merge itself with other races, as well as how to deal with his given powers. Supposedly, Bael should've remained in hell until he was powerful enough, but he always watched the average world with interest, to him, humans had a very special way to deal with their problems. That was when it was decided that Bael, due to his very young age, should go to the world he was so interested in. He was told that in there, his powers would've been weakened and he'd never be able to use them to their full-extent, but also that he'd learn that in the place he was going. He was some sort of experimental spy, in fact: To observe and partake in the special academy known as Athalia's Academy, to learn and master his demonic powers as well as observe how others would progress with their own. At least he had an objetive, which was much better than remaining in hell for the rest of his life.

And so, Bael was sent to do this. All by his own. He barely had the opportunity to walk on the normal world before being enrolled in the academy, which bothered him, but he didn't care. He was there, after all... He had absolutely no idea of what to do, but he might as well try to be... normal. Somewhat normal.


  • Art
  • Computers
  • P.E.

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  • It was originally stated in Bael's Character Sheet that his actual name was Baalithar, and his nickname/commonly used name was Bael. It was eventually discarded and only Bael was listed, presumably because Baalithar was never once used in or out of character.