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Caleb Waterfront, who is commonly (always) known by his nickname "Crash", is a student of Athalia Academy played by FaithsRose. A shapeshifter, he is known for being clumsy and for being around Katherine "Kathy" Argall.


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    Gender: Male
  • Species/Race: Shapeshifter
  • Age: 18
  • Height: 6'2"/1.88 m
  • Weight: 154 lb./69.85 kg
  • Hair Color: Fiery red
  • Eye Color: Crimson
  • Skin Color: Tanned (Lightens a little in winter)
  • Figure: Lean/Athletic form lightly muscled


He can shift into any animal that he has seen with his own eyes or in an illustration, gaining the abilities of the animal he turns into (except for insects). For example: ff he became an eagle he would have the ability to fly and have their enhanced sight. He emits a small cloud of harmless purple smoke when he shifts between forms. While in animal form, he retains his human intellect, memories, and the ability to speak. No matter what animal form he takes, his hair and eyes remain red, making most of his animal forms easy to distinguish from real animals of that species. He can mimic other humanoid forms as well as others powers though their potency depends on how well he knows them and their power.


He is far from invincible; he bruises easily and can be beaten down. If he spends prolonged time as an animal there is a high risk of him becoming stuck in that form, requiring a spell or potion to shift him back. Changing into different animals takes up a lot of energy, so he has to pace himself or he’ll burn out quickly. If he transforms into another humanoid form or mythical creature, any powers he mimics are greatly diminished in strength and efficiency.


Crash as he is quite aptly named, is a bit of klutz. (He should, in fact, never go out in public without hazard lights on both shoulders and a bumper sticker with "Warning" written on it in bold letters.) He’s a good guy at heart and has always played well with others. He just can’t seem to slow himself down, he’s usually full of energy and isn't happy unless he’s busy! It’s a very rare thing indeed for him to be serious or to even slow down enough to consider it, which others can find infuriating at times. He is quite easily distracted, which can make him a nightmare in the classroom.

There is some depth to him; he can be sporadically thoughtful or affectionate when he wants to be. Crash often tries too hard to be liked by other people, he's the type of guy that'll go that extra mile to please people. He almost always places others needs or feelings before his own, regardless of what state this may leave him in. Crash believes strongly in freedom this in itself causes him internal conflict when pushed against his protective nature it can also cause him to be rather rebellious at times.

Unfortunately this red-haired shapeshifter is also subservient towards women, he tends to view them in a softer light. If one were to fight him he would hold back unless commanded otherwise, in some cases or against certain people he would be unable to fight back at all.

Crash is far more intelligent than he comes across, but his social perception is awful and he often is a complete plank in social situations. Most of the time he has no comprehension of what he's done wrong, if he doesn't know the person he's unknowingly offended he'll apologize straight off the bat. However the more comfortable he is with someone the more likely he is to question them on it and perhaps argue his corner.


Crash’s parents were not particularly wealthy people, they were both beast shape shifters and preferred to travel rather than stay in one place. So Crash has been moved from one place to another from a very young age, he has no long term friends because of this and has been moved through so many schools he can’t even remember the names for them all. He’s only ever been around humans and has lived under one rule ‘Do not shift in front or near humans’. His parents would take him to certain secluded places every once in a while to teach him to shift. To say the least he was thrilled when they announced he would be going to stay somewhere, which he wouldn't have to worry about hiding who he was any more.

After being accepted into Athalia Academy, Crash was all set to go there on one condition...his fellow shifter Danny 'Dash' Crawford could accompany him. Dash wasn't as keen as his friend and told him it was a stupid idea, what was wrong with going to a normal school or not going at all. Despite Dash's attempts to change the red-haired shapeshifters mind he still decided to go, however the day before Crash was due to leave for Athalia Academy, Dash convinced him to spend his last night out with him for old times’ sake. That night there was a fire in Crash's home, his parents did not survive the blaze...Crash wasn't aware it had happened until the next day, he woke up under a bench with a killer hangover which was normal when the two went out. Dash was nowhere to be seen so Crash decided to head home he had to get ready to leave anyway, of course once he reached his street he came across the taped mess of his house and was immediately leapt on by the police for questioning, they tried to take him away and in his distress Crash struggled to stop himself from shifting, in doing so he became unresponsive and tried to break away from the officers who tried harder to restrain him. Dash came to his rescue, punching a police officer as they tried to apprehend Crash. He followed Dash's lead and fought off the police, before the pair of them bolted from the scene disappearing from view, they were able to shift into animals to throw the police off of their scent.

Dash convinced Crash to forget about the academy and his parent’s accident, encouraging Crash to repress the memory instead of dealing with his loss, the older shifter took Crash away to New York via his contacts. Dash had an apartment in the big city, and allowed Crash to stay with him, despite knowing his friend was involved in shady business Crash found he had little choice in the matter, he did not attend the Academy and instead threw himself into working for a living. Dash became very involved with back ground groups and drugs throughout the city, generally dragging Crash with him though no encouragement convinced Crash to participate in his friend’s addictions. Crash has always stood by Dash even if his friend was in the wrong, he wasn't afraid to tell him what he thought but he'd never abandon him. Patching up Dash's messes became very normal very quickly, Crash was always stitching up Dash after his run ins leading him to study medicine as a side hobby, he was accepted into an apprenticeship with a small time vet surgery despite being advised to not work with animals by any and all shifters he knew. Still he was often dragged along to some of Dash’s ‘jobs’ under false pretences.

Crash was involved with an underground group of shapeshifters for a while along with Dash, he thought they were good people until he realized they were using their powers to shift 'black market' substances around as well as using their powers to black mail and beat humans around, they harboured a particular hate for humans. This was the last straw for Crash who had been working hard to stay in the legitimate world; he severed all connections with the group even though they had helped him settle his powers, he also gave Dash the choice between him and them. He was surprised when Dash stuck by him and convinced him he wouldn't converse with them anymore. Crash couldn't help shift Dash's hatred of humans though he tried; he personally had no quarrel with them. Crash’s secret weakness was caused by Dash, approximately 2 ½ months ago:

-Hidden content-

Crash threatened to break all ties with Dash that night, returning to his old home which by now had been rebuilt and was occupied by another a family, one Crash did not recognize. This is where he met Mercy; she almost instantly took him in whisking him away to the rest of her group. Crash stayed with them for a month, whilst Mercy worked on getting him accepted back into Athalia Academy. Crash learnt a lot from the unique group of individuals, one of Mercy’s friends helped Crash discover how to mimic other humanoid figures, he was able to master mimicking Pantalaimon to the point he even fooled the man's brother. When Mercy announced Crash had been accepted into Athalia Academy again, Crash instantly packed up his things and got ready to leave. As much as he loved Mercy and the rest of the group, he wasn’t cut out for the frequent misfortune and drama they suffered.

Before leaving for the Academy he returned to Dash to tell him...Crash found Dash in an alley not far from his apartment in the middle of night. He hasn't mentioned what happened that night and left the big city almost immediately. Taking with him his scarce possessions he set out to Athalia Academy.


Core: Science

Extra: Sports/P.E, Theater, Art, Band

Athalia History

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Theo's Food Preference Test

  • Love: Home cooked food – "Nothing beats it, it tastes better than anything else regardless of what it is."
  • Hate: Lemon Meringue Pie – "Was fed it as a baby because the bitter taste made me pull still does."
  • Mixed: Sushi – "I like it but I don’t understand small yet so delicious. I usually don’t even know what I’m eating when I have it."

Theo's One Word Test

  1. What are you? Anything.
  2. How do you see yourself? Clumsy.
  3. What is your personality? Friendly.
  4. Where would you like to be most right now? Here.
  5. Why? Home.
  6. What is your purpose? Amusement.
  7. Who are your friends? Patient.
  8. Why? Unpredictable.
  9. What do you consider most important to you? Companionship.
  10. Do you have any regrets right now? Many.
  11. What would you like to do in the future? Undecided.
  12. Why? Discover.
  13. What makes you angry? Bullying.
  14. Why? Hurtful.
  15. What makes you happy? ...Kathy.
  16. Why? Belle âme.
  17. What was the most important memory for you? Parents.
  18. How has that memory shaped you as a person? Balanced.
  19. What are you lacking right now? Courage.
  20. Do you intend to do anything about it? Soon.

Crash's Nicknames

Crash Bandicoot - (Canon) An inevitable title, given to him by DP OOC and mentioned IC

Mr Codered - (Non-canon) Given to him by Carmen during a Noxonshaw episode.

Crashmania - (Created IC) Random nickname given to him by Darwin just before the start of the Kings Game.

Crashizard - (Non-canon) Given to him indirectly through DP during a Noxonshaw episode where he shifted into a dragon to carry Mark and his fellow musketeers to battle against Megatron.


  • Crash actually has a valid motorcycle license (Scary concept perhaps?) which he got whilst in Caifornia, he also owns a bike though it's tucked away at Mercy's dance studio in California.
  • The name Caleb was originally chosen as a spur of the moment name because FaithsRose believed it to be too unrealistic to have the shapeshifter's real name as 'Crash'
  • 'Caleb' has many different meanings the two most common being 'Whole-hearted' and 'Faithful' which wasn't known by FaithsRose when she originally picked out the name. Ironically, it suits him down to the ground.
  • Crash will always introduce himself as his nickname, preferring people to be oblivious to his real name. The reasoning behind this is he views himself as a different person when using the alias Crash, he links Caleb to his past and views 'him' as a completely different person, one of which he goes out of his way to keep hidden.
  • Crash won't discard his real name because despite everything it was the name his parents gave him. Though he is trying to change his first name and shift Caleb to being his 'invisible' middle name.
  • Crash was officially born in Japan though his parents moved away too quickly for him to call it his 'home' country, he spent most of his younger years in France.
  • Crash's first language is French, though he prefers to speak English with a somewhat odd american accent.
  • Crash is afraid of Thunder and Lightning to the point of petrifaction should he be caught in the middle of a storm. He has an adept sense of when a storm is coming and will excuse himself from all activity before he'll shift into his corgi puppy form and find the smallest hole he can to hide in.
  • Crash's real name was the source of a running joke during the entire run of the Ganonshaw, in which audience members would shout out how they "really want to know who this 'Caleb' is" said in various ways. They were always immediately subsequently killed by the rest of the audience, Carmen Calandra, or Ganondorf.
  • Crash is one of Athalia's 'Musketeers' Namely The Clumsy One, known as the third in ranking.



Crash's Theme

Crash's Theme