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"Carlily" is the informal, non-canon, out-of-character-only portmanteau nickname of the prospective romantic couple of Lily Brightendale and Carmen Calandra. While the portmanteau was born prior, the concept of the yuri relationship was born on a particularly inspiration- and drama-filled night on the Athalia Academy Active Posting Pad (specifically, July 14, 2014). The relationship is currently nothing more than an idea, being that the creation of the name and idea coincided with Lily beginning to realize she still had feelings for Matthew Terrison, as well as the introduction of her long lost mate, Xanthus, into the Athalia universe.

Theme Songs

Although the relationship had barely become an idea, the players of the characters involved, HylianRose and Driving Park, each came up with a theme for the prospective couple.


These things I'll never say - Yuri amv

Carlily's Theme (HylianRose - serious)


Reel Big Fish - She Has a Girl Friend Now

Carlily's Theme (Driving Park - comedic)