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"Carlily" is the portmanteau nickname of the romantic couple of Lily Brightendale and Carmen Calandra. While the portmanteau was born prior, the concept of the yuri relationship was born on a particularly inspiration- and drama-filled night on the Athalia Academy Active Posting Pad (specifically, July 14, 2014).

On the night of February 17, 2016 (at the beginning of Season Four), almost exactly a year and a half after the idea was conceived, Carlily officially became a canon relationship, having been informal and non-canon only up until this point. In the midst of an unusually active and productive night on the Athalia Season Four Etherpad, HylianRose and Driving Park (Carlily's creators) decided to wrap up the (dead) Christmas Special with Carmen and Lily completing their gift exchange with a small gift Lily was saving for Carmen that was introduced early on in the Special. The gift was a ring, and Carlily officially began their relationship then. This interaction was chronicled in Lily's first in-character post in Season Four.


Ara/Theobromine unknowingly predicted Carlily in character over two weeks before the concept was first invented. Lily and Carmen met for the first time during the second event of the Beach Olympics during Season Two, when Lily went up to Carmen and softly said "hi" as Carmen was throwing paint bombs at the contestants. At the end of the event, the two were talking with Ara, who Carmen had dressed in a wedding gown for the event. Carmen introduced Ara to Lily and asked "she's quite lovely, don't you think?" and he joked "Indeed, very lovely. Enough that I can at least see why you'd abandon me at the alter for her instead." in reply.


The Carlily relationship idea spawned a fanfiction roleplay that depicts the future life of married Lily and Carmen. It was roleplayed on a dedicated Carlily Etherpad and then archived on the Athalia Academy Forums. As of 2/17/16, when the Carlily relationship became canon in between Seasons Three and Four, the complete fanfiction also became canon, adding millions of years to the Athalia universe timeline.

The fanfiction's plot was never completed, and the complete transcription was lost when the Yuku Forums went down. However, the last part of what was written was preserved in the Carlily Etherpad where it (and the rest of the fanfiction) was originally written. It is recorded below.

Fanfiction Transcription

"Thank you for coming girls." Giovanni greeted the two as they entered his office. One night had passed and Alice had come to get them this time.

"What is it this time?" Angel asked, walking over to sit in her regular chair. She was already getting used to this and just wanted it to be over.

Giovanni smiled and held up two pieces of paper.

"What?" Angel asked, sitting up a bit more straight.

Rose, who was sitting in her regular chair as well, studied the two papers held before them for a bit before reacting. "...what are those?"

"I'm glad you ask, my dear Rose!" Giovanni sang, spinning around in his chair. He got up and walked over to Rose, leaning over her. He handed the two papers to her and grinned. "Plane tickets. You girls like Japan?" He asked, looking over at Angel. Chuckled, he returned to his desk and picked up a file, this time handing it to Angel.

"Japan?" Angel asked, taking the file and looking over it. "Who is this guy? Some sort of hipster?" She asked, a brow raised.

"Fujio Nakamura. He owns a Machine's Shop in Tokyo. Aptly named Nakamura's Parts." Giovanni explained, leaning against his desk. "Vikki will be going with you. You're free to stay there as long as it takes." He continued, looking down at his nails. "Now, go."

The two girls stood up and walked out, and as before Vikki was waiting for them at the bottom of the stairs. "Well, well. Ready for a little vacation, girls?" she said, with a little smile.

Rose spoke up, a little less afraid of Vikki than before. "I mean, he did say we could take as long as we needed."

Vikki chuckled. "That is always an excuse to take a little...extended leave. Especially since we'll be halfway around the world. Ever flown before? I promise I'm not the pilot, if it makes you feel any better."

Angel laughed, for the first time in quite a while. "Yeah, that is a relief. And yes. We've flown before. Mom took us to Europe to see her old house." She explained, walking to the car.

Vikki got in the driver's seat and started the engine upon reaching the car. When both girls had climbed in, she responded.

"Was it in a private jet?" she asked, with a twinkle in her eye.

"N-No..." Angel responded, a bit flabbergasted.

"Then you're in for a treat," she said, and floored it.

A very short time later, the black car drifted into the airport terminal Fast and Furious style, the gates already open for it well before it arrived. "One of the things I like about 'Van. He treats his people pretty well," she said, as the car raced onto the tarmac.

Soon, it pulled up next to a very sleek black business jet, skidding to a stop with easy access to the steps, that had already been lowered for their entry. "Off we go," Vikki said as she got out of the car and tossed the keys to a valet. Climbing up into the plane, she looked down at the two girls as they approached the steps. "Travel light, hmm?" she commented and disappeared into the cabin.

Angel followed behind, wanting to keep up with Vikki. "Yeah, any way we could get some supplies? Like... I don't know... Better clothes? He might treat us well but I require better fashion!" She shouted, hoping the light footed woman would hear her.

Vikki had heard her, and once Angel and Rose had entered the cabin she responded before they got a chance to drool at the cabin's luxurious appointments.

"You're so needy," she commented a little light-heartedly, knowing full well that she was saying that to a girl in cheap dregs while she was wearing her typically extravagant attire.

"Don't worry. If you think we're going to romp around Tokyo dressed like Americans, you're in for a shock. Fortunately, I know a thing or two about Japanese fashion," she said with a little smirk.

Rose sat down, keeping one ear on Vikki but mainly turning her attention to the aircraft they were in. She sat down on one of the lounge chairs and sank into it, it was that large and soft. "This plane is amazing..." she commented, still looking wide-eyed around the cabin.

Vikki grinned a little. "Yes, well, this is what happens when you have infinite funds," she replied. "Another thing 'Van is useful for."

"What sort of business does 'Van' do, exactly?" Angel asked, looking around the cabin just as wide-eyed as Rose was. It was amazing! It even had a little fridge!

Vikki turned to look at Angel. "Well, the way he 'acquired' you two should give a little insight on how he works, hmm?" she replied, and left it at that, looking between the two and inwardly chuckling as they marveled over the cabin.

Just then the plane began to roll.

"Better get your seatbelts on," Vikki said casually. "Don't worry, it won't be long."

Soon, the aircraft was taxiing down the runway, being given express priority over all other aircraft. A huge 747 could be seen out of the right windows waiting for their tiny bizjet to take off. Soon it did, as smooth and comfortable as a jet take-off could be. When the aircraft reached cruising altitude, the seatbelt sign went off and Vikki immediately got up to walk around.

"Nice, isn't it?" she commented, with that same tiny grin she'd had for most of the trip so far.

"So, what questions do you have for me?" she asked as she opened the fridge and got out a bottle of champagne. "We've got a pretty long flight ahead of us, so we might as well get settled."

"Yeah. What's the drinking age in Japan?" Angel asked, grinning like a school girl.

Vikki smirked.

"Out here? The drinking age is whatever I say it is. Champagne?" she asked, putting a glass in Angel's chair cupholder and twisting off the cap of the bottle.

"Don't mind if I do." She replied happily.

Vikki complied, pouring Angel a glass of champagne before looking at Rose and offering the same thing. "Champagne?"

Rose's cheeks got a little pink as she held her hands out in front of her. " thanks..." she said. "Maybe later...?"

Vikki just tilted her head and smiled. "It's here whenever you want it," she said, and started pouring herself a glass.

As only two of them had glasses, she felt it awkward to "cheers" with Angel, but she did still ask "What do you think? It's very expensive."

Angel blinked at the question and took a sip of the liquid. It was... nice. If not a little strange. "It's good." She replied, her cheeks growing red. She'd jumped on it but now she felt a bit awkward.

"So, Vikki. What exactly does this guy have that we need so badly? I mean, I read the report but all it said was a machine part. That's not entirely too specific for a guy that sells machine parts for a living." Angel asked, sitting cross legged on the sofa that the cabin held.

Vikki sat back in her chair, casually sipping her champagne. "'Van likes to be vague. It's one of his...charms. If you can call it that. I don't..." she said, pausing to sip her drink.

"It's not an ordinary machine part, and is extraordinarily valuable. He wants it for some project of his. All I know is, Nakamura's not going to give it up easily. He may not know what it's for or who we are, but he's a machinist. And that part is worth a lot of money."

Rose piped up from her champagne-less chair. " much money?" she asked.

Vikki smirked. "More than your family will see in their entire lifetimes, that's for sure," she replied.

Rose seemed satisfied with that answer, even if it wasn't an exact value.

Angel sipped her drink again, content to just sit the rest of the ride like this. Well, most of it anyway. After her drink was gone, Angel stood up to explore the cabin a bit. Eventually, she found where the DVD thing was and some headphones and put in a movie. Bambi? Angel blinked, looking down at the only movie on the plane.

"Bambi?" Angel asked, holding the movie up for Vikki to see.

Vikki looked up to see the movie in Angel's hands. She chuckled.

"Don't look at me, I don't stock this plane's movie bin. I just ride in it." Enjoying herself, she added, "What's the don't want to watch it?"

"I do.. it's just... Van? And Bambi? Weirdo." Angel replied, shaking her head as she put the movie in. "If you guy don't want to watch it I can put headphones in." She told them, holding out the headphones to show them.

Rose shrugged in indifference. It would at least be something to do for the many-hour flight.

Vikki got up. "Go ahead and watch it," she said, walking towards the rear of the cabin. "I'm going to get some rest." With that, she disappeared into her private bedroom at the back of the plane, closing and locking the door.

"Why does she have a private room in Van's private jet?" Angel asked before putting the movie in. She shook her head and walked back over to the couch to lay down and watch the movie in peace.

Rose shrugged. "Maybe 'Van' has more than one private jet, and this is hers," she postulated. Either way, she didn't really care much, as her chair was plenty comfortable enough for her to fall asleep in when she got tired.

"Come on, Rose. Let's explore the plane while Vikki thinks we're watching that dumb movie." Angel said as she got back up and began rummaging through the things on the plane.

Rose sat up in her chair. "You sure? What if there are cameras or something? I doubt Vikki would be happy if she found out..." she said.

Angel looked at her sister with a hand on her hip. "Does Vikki look like the person to honestly care? I just thought it would have been awkward to snoop with her around. Yanno?" Angel explained, going back to looking through the cabinet she was at.

Rose weighed the thoughts in her head and came to a conclusion with a satisfied look on her face. "True...I get the feeling she doesn't really care what we do as long as we get the mission done," she said, and got up to help Angel look around the plane.

"Let me know if you find anything weird." Angel told her sister.

A solid 45 minutes passed, and the two sisters found nothing of interest in the entire cabin.

"Damnit... I was sure there would be something." Angel spoke as she fell against the couch.

As the sun lazily set over the horizon, the two girls fell asleep in their chair and couch, the plane flying on in silence.

The next morning, the aircraft was nearing Tokyo, and the two girls, blissfully asleep, were about to be treated to an exquisite breakfast.

The private jet, of course, had its own chef, who had his own quarters at the front of the plane. When he brought breakfast to the girls in the cabin in the morning, he brought a cart full of every kind of breakfast food you could imagine...and some you couldn't.

The chef dinged one of the silver meal covers with a spoon to wake the girls up.

"Rise and shine, you two! It's time to eat. Go ahead, take whatever you like. I insist."

Angel flailed around as she woke up, not expecting the loud noise so early. She fell from the couch but nor before banging her leg on Rose's chair.

"OWOWOWOWOOWOOOOOWW!" She shouted, hugging her leg to herself.

Why is it always me?!

Rose's eyes opened groggily at the chef's dings, and were wide open when Angel had her little episode, at which pointed she laughed out loud for a good long time.

The chef merely stood there politely with a suppressed snicker on his face, waiting to serve them.

Vikki appeared from her bedroom, looking exactly the same as she had the day before. No wrinkles, same hair, etc.

"What's with the noise?" she asked without raising her voice, and noticing Angel on the floor hugging her leg.

" did you even do that?" she asked, sort of impressed that Angel managed to hurt herself from a couch.

She walked over to the cart, still intrigued by Angel's work, and began taking various things from the cart, giving a polite smile and nod to the chef.

"You two best eat up," she said as she sat down with her food. "We land in Tokyo in half an hour."

Angel sighed after her leg stopped hurting and sat up, her hair a mess of tangles and curls. She wiped off the dried drool from the side of her mouth and stood up to grab something to eat, limping as she did so. She was too tired to even attempt to get made at any of the people around her. She took a few food items from the cart and limped back over to her seat on the couch and ate in silence.

She never was a morning person.

Rose also grabbed food from the cart, giving a "thank you" and a smile to the chef, who nodded and smiled back at her before rolling the cart away. The food was excellent, but at this point Rose was no longer surprised.

Soon, the food was eaten and the plane was entering final approach to the Tokyo airport. Seatbelts went on and the plane landed smoothly and safely.

Remarkably, when the trio got out of the plane, a black car exactly like the one they had driven to the plane with was waiting for them with the doors open.

Vikki got in the driver's seat and the two sisters dutifully got in the back seats.

Vikki drove as fast as she always did, apparently knowing the streets of Tokyo just as well as anywhere else.

After weaving through heavy traffic and several drifts, the car came to a rest in a parking garage, perfectly slipped into a parking space.

"We're here," Vikki stated simply, getting out of the car.

"Here" was a gigantic shopping mall, which the two sisters soon realized as soon as the elevator out of the parking garage opened to reveal a massive thoroughfare of stores, people and most importantly things.

"Oh... My... God..." was all Angel could muster out as she laid eyes on the mall at hand. It was like she'd died and gone to fashionista heaven.

Vikki smiled as Angel sort of mentally exploded. Rose was still completely amazed, but not to the extent of Angel.

"Alright, here's the deal. Don't leave the mall, but...go nuts. I'm sure you'll be able to occupy yourself for...plenty of time," she said with a little chuckle. "And don't worry," she continued, mainly to Rose because she knew Angel didn't care in the presence of limitless fashion, "I'll be quite occupied."

Suddenly Vikki was gone, using her uncanny ability to quickly leave without anybody noticing.

Rose and Angel were now alone in a gigantic shopping mall. "Well...?" Rose tested Angel, a little grin on her face.

"You don't have to tell me twice." Angel said, grinning as she looked back at her sister. "I can't read any of the signs here but I can sure shop!" She continued, giggling to herself. Trying not to rush herself, Angel took slow steps, looking around at the different stores. She eyed one inp articular that had many fashion items for women.

"Oh! There first!" Angel shouted, pulling her sister along with her as she ran over to the store.

She stopped by a stand and began sifting through the many clothes it contained. She pulled out a red leather jacket and pulled it over her clothes, giggling as she showed it to Rose.

"What do you think?" She asked, twirling.

Rose was no fashionista, but she couldn't deny when she thought something was cute.

"I love it!" she said, smiling at her sister. "I think it fits you very well."

There was a bewildering array of clothes on display everywhere Rose looked, and she was really overwhelmed and didn't know where to start, so she figured she'd let her fashion expert sister (though, she didn't think Angel knew too much about Japanese fashion...) lead her around and focus her attention away from everything at once.

Angel grinned at her sister's compliment and, taking off the jacket, tossed it in one of the many buggies and began on a search for something for Rose. She looked around, eying different racks before settling on one. She sifted through the clothes, trying to find something that spoke to her. She picked up a dress and shook her head, putting back. "No..." She mumbled, still searching.

After a few minutes, Angel pulled out a pink coat/dress looking thing and held it up for Rose to see. "What do you think?" Angel asked, smiling.

Rose was not one to usually like Angel's fashion suggestions for her...hence why they usually left their mall trips with bags full of clothes for Angel and nothing for Rose. Not that she minded, but it seemed Tokyo would be different. The very first thing Angel pulled out for her, Rose liked. Actually, she liked it a lot. Her surprise at her own thoughts on it was evident in her reaction.

"Well, actually, um...I uh...I really like that," she said, her cheeks actually growing a little pink. She wasn't sure just how Angel would take a successful clothing pick for her...but she figured she'd find out shortly.

"Oh? Think it'll look good on me?" Angel asked, seeing her sister's reaction. She wanted to tease her a bit, giggling because she was glad she'd found something Rose liked, which wasn't often. The girl barely ever spoke up about what she liked, Angel never knew what to get her.

"On you? Ummm...yeah...?" Rose was actually sort of let down by Angel's comment, despite the giggling. She was out of her element already and wasn't sure if Angel was just teasing her or not. "Do you...want it?" she asked, hoping Angel would say no, and being beside herself in confusion for thinking that way.

Angel giggled at her sister's reaction. "I was kidding. I pulled it out for you. Here," she explained, handing the dress to Rose. "Go try it on and I'll pick out some matching shoes, okay?"

Rose beamed when Angel handed her the dress. "Oh, thank you!" she sang, actually excited about clothes for quite possibly the first time in her life. She took...quite a long time to find the dressing rooms, walking around in circles and generally looking like a fish out of water as she snaked through the aisles. It didn't help that everything was in Japanese, but...still. Eventually, she did find the dressing rooms, and quickly went in and tried it on. She looked in the mirror and knew she wanted to leave with it, giggling with excitement. Finally, I can be in Angel's world! she thought, changing back into her normal clothes and walking briskly out back to where Angel was, now in the shoe section.

"I love it, Angel...can I buy it?" she chirped happily.

"Here!" Angel shouted gleefully when she heard Rose behind her. "Try these on!" She told her sister, holding out a pair of tan long boots. "They look perfect for that dress!" Angel sang, on cloud nine.

Rose took the boots without question, finding one of the low benches with mirrors used for trying on shoes. She quickly took off her own plain shoes and put on the tan boots. She stood up and walked back and forth in them, rather admiring how they looked the whole time. She walked back to Angel with the boots still on, and said "...I want these too." with a giddy smile.

"You don't have to ask if you want it. Vikki gave me the credit card before she left, remember?" Angel giggled. "Let's break 'Van's bank, yeah?" She continued, winking at Rose. She turned to look at other clothes before realizing something. With a smirk on her face, she turned to look at her sister.

"You know... Why don't you pick something out for me?" Angel asked, folding her arms on her chest. "Let's see if you've picked anything up on all those times you were with me when I was shopping."

Rose's brain clicked when Angel explained the whole unlimited shopping funds situation to her. Now she wouldn't feel bad about buying...anything, really.

Her eyes got wide as Angel suggested that she pick something out for her. "Me?! For you?" she exclaimed. "i don't know, Angel...that would be like...something. I dunno. One of "Van"'s lowest henchmen deciding what he does?" she immediately mentally slapped herself for that lame analogy. "Where would I even start?"

Angel sighed.

This is going to be harder than I'd imagined.

"Rose... You've been on shopping trips with me for how long now? Just pick something that looks like something I'd pick up. Look at it and say... 'Would Angel wear that?'" She explained, putting a warm hand on her sister's shoulder. "I believe in you." She continued, sticking a tongue out at Rose.

Rose quietly chuckled at Angel's little motivational speech. can do this, Rose, she thought to herself, walking out of the shoe section back into the rest of the store. She spent a good long time looking through aisles, trying to find something that would maybe meet Angel's standards. She was determined to find something. After a while, she was walking down an aisle she'd already been down several times before when she saw something that caught her eye. She took it off the rack and inspected it back and forth, totally unsure if it was right or not. But, she had a better feeling about it than anything else so far, but she kept it.

If I pick out two things, it doubles my chance of success, she thought to herself, and kept looking without telling Angel she'd found something. After a bit more time searching, she found another item she eventuall became satisfied with. Finding Angel, she cautiously walked up to her and held out two items (this and this) to Angel. Her face resembled one of somebody expecting a smack to the face. "I found...these?" she said timidly.

Angel's eyes shot open when her sister returned. "You.. You expect me to pick one of those?!" She exclaimed. She shook her head and took both articles of clothing from Rose and put them in the buggy. "I love them. The dress is beautiful." She told her sister, bumping her hip with her own.

"You did good."

Rose's eyes went wide as Angel put the items in the buggy. "I DID?!" she exclaimed. "I DID!!!" She grabbed her sister and hugged her without warning. "I was so worried you wouldn't like them..." she admitted after releasing Angel. "I guess I did learn a thing or two, huh?", she added, still amazed at the whole thing.

Angel chuckled at Rose. When she was released, she put a hand on her sister's head and ruffled her hair. "I had no doubt." She spoke, her voice soft and caring. "Now! Let's go find more clothes!" Angel suddenly shouted, spinning around to run off in th other direction. "Why don't we buy what we got here and try a new store? There's a cute little store across the way over there!" Angel shouted at her sister as she pushed the buggie to the cashier, not bothering to ask her sister if they were done. For some reason, Angel both wanted to dress her sister up in cute clothes but she also had a thing for baggy cute clothes. While she liked being pretty and cute, she liked being comfortable and adorable too. It was all fashion, right?

Rose happily followed her sister through the aisles to the cashier, even helping her put the clothes on the counter and putting them in bags. For the first time ever, she had her own bag walking out of a store. "Angel, look...I have a bag too! This is wonderful!" she said joyously, twirling around as they exited the store. "So...over there next?" she asked for confirmation, pointing to the store Angel had mentioned earlier. She figured that this fashion extravaganza wouldn't last once they left Tokyo, so she might as well enjoy herself.

But then again, maybe it will? she thought to herself.

Angel nodded at Rose and walked over to the store, bags in hand. They entered and looked around. Angel immediately went to one of the racks and began looking through the clothes, trying to find something, anything. She held up a few things, shaking her head every now and then until she found something.

"Roooooose!" Angel shouted with a grin on her face. "I found something for you!"

When her sister decided to come over, Angel would turn around with a hat and dress combo. "What do you think?" She asked, grinning from ear to ear.

Rose entered the next store immediately as bewildered as the first, despite her recent success. She started walking aimlessly around until she heard her sister call to her, and she immediately ran over.

In Angel's hands was a combo that Rose would normally never dream of wearing. It's white frillyness stood against everything she normally stood for when it came to clothes - namely, nothing. However, despite all this and her initial apprehensive expression, she found herself liking it more and more as she kept looking at it. The spell of Tokyo? Who knew, but she had to admit it. "I...I can't say no..." she said, grabbing the dress and hat from Angel and hugging it against her body. "Mine," she said with a little grin.

"...I created a monster." Angel spoke, shaking her head. She was chuckling as she watched her sister with the dress. "Well, let's find a buggie and stick 'er in there." Angel told her sister, looking around for one. It took her a few minutes, surprisingly, but eventually she returned with a buggie for Rose to put her dress in.

Rose put the dress in the buggy, immediately looking at her sister and saying, "this isn't going to become normal...I promise," with a playful smile. "It's just...something about where we are and this whole thing makes me want to just go nuts. So...take advantage of it while you can?" she said, uncertainly.

"You know I will. We're going to get so many clothes for you, you have no idea." Angel told her sister, winking again. "But first..." She began, walking over to a rack. "This shirt is calling my name." She said as she pulled a pastel pink shirt with matching mint colored skirt. She held it up to her body and grinned at her sister. "Look good?" She asked, biting her bottom lip.

Rose chuckled at her sister getting the shirt and showing it off to her. "Of course it does," she replied with a grin. "You picked it, after all. How can it not?"

"Hmm... I guess you're right." Angel responded, smiling. She placed the items in the buggy and then turned to her sister. "Alright. Your turn. Look around and see what clicks for you. Pick something out that you like for you." Angel told Rose.

This was the ultimate test. At least, according to Rose. Was she really interested in fashion, especially for herself - no matter how temporary? Angel had put her on the spot, so it was time to find out. She began perusing the aisles, still as aimlessly as before (the organization of a clothing store was still a mystery to her), looking at everything she saw and giving a disapproving look. She assumed that a lot of it would qualify as "fashionable" to Angel, but it just didn't suit her. What Angel had found her did...well, the first one, anyway. Her mind became a little more as ease as it rejected so much of the store as just not suitable. This also meant that she took a long time, but she assumed Angel would be able to occupy herself finding more clothes.

Finally, she spotted a black dress and shrug that piqued her interest. Taking it off the rack, she admitted "that's cute," and kept it with her. She kept looking, but before long she ran into Angel. "I find something...what do you think?" she asked, still a bit timidly, as she held the dress/shrug out for Angel to see.

"Pretty! I think it'll look great on you." Angel replied, smiling. She turned to show her sister what she'd found. "What do you think about this?" She asked, holding the outift over her body again. She stuck her tongue out at her sister again, giggling. "It's very... punk, don't you think?" She asked, smiling as she looked back down at the outfit. It was certainly different from the norm but then this entire experience was.

Rose smiled widely as Angel approved of her choice, and put it in the buggy. She was, however, not as enthusiastic about Angel's recent pick, and figured the only way to break it to her was just to lay it out.

"Ehhh...I don't like it," she stated, with a face that quickly turned apologetic as soon as she finished. "It just seems too...unsophisticated for know?" She had done well at asserting herself at the beginning but kind of trailed off at the end.

"Sophistication?" Angel asked, a brow raised. She looked at the outfit and shrugged, putting it back. "I guess you're right. Hmm..." She mumbled, looking around again. She chuckled as she spotted something. She ran over, grabbing all the pieces for the outfit and showed it to her sister. "How's this?" She asked, tilting her head slightly.

Rose smiled again as Angel accepted her opinion, happy that it was valued that much. Angel came back alarmingly quickly with another outfit, and Rose's smile didn't fade when she saw it. She nodded. "Much better," she commented, feeling much more confident about her own fashion opinions than before. "I like that for you," she added, pulling the buggy closer and offering it to Angel.

Angel smiled and happily placed the outfit in the buggie. She sighed and leaned against the buggie, looking around. "So, see anything you like?" She asked, looking up at her sister. "You're doing so well. I'm sure you could pull out another outfit." Angel spoke, chuckling.

Before Rose could answer, however, Angel noticed someone acting weird behind her. She raised a brow at the guy who was sneaking around a few isles over, sneaking peeks at the two of them. "Uhm, don't look now Rose but I think we've got a visitor..." Angel whispered, a light smirk on her face.

Ren was poking his head around, trying to get a better look at the American girls two isles over, not even noticing that one of them had spotted him. He'd never seen them in the flesh before. American girls! And they were cute! Ohhh, he was definitely going to tell his friends about this.

As he was peeking around, he leaned over a bit too much and fell over, knocking down a whole slew of stuffed teddy bears with him. And so he laid there, surrounded by pretty pink and blue teddy bears. Great.

Rose lifted a brow at Angel's comment about a "visitor". "Someone always has to ruin our fun, hmm?" she said, matching Angel's lightheartedness. "What kind of visitor?" she inquired, struggling to not turn around and look.

Just then, a loud noise came from behind her and she quickly turned around, assuming that was a good reason to. Over where the noise was was a guy on the ground surrounded by teddy bears. She immediately covered her mouth with her hands, trying to stifle her laughter. "Uhm, should we do something?" she asked Angel discreetly, fully prepared to just watch the guy figure out his situation. He definitely wasn't injured...just humiliated, a point proven by the fact that he saw them looking at him.

"A cute girl like you going up to him now? Hah! That'd be worse for him than if you left him alone." Angel explained, laughing. "Wait here, I'll go see if he's okay." She continued and then made her way over to the guy.

"So... Do you make it a hobby to spy on people?" Angel asked as she approached, leaning her arm against the rack as she got there.

"...N-No." the boy responded, covering his red face.

Angel knelt down and smiled down at him. "Touch my sister and I'll rip you in two." She told him sweetly and then returned to her sister. "He's fine." She told her, smiling.

The boy's eyes shot open as he scrambled to get up. He would have left but... something stopped him. He swallowed and knelt down behind the rack, listening to the two girls. The tall one scared him but the shorter one...

She was adorable.

I always do this to myself don't I? Didn't you learn from that one time with Yuki? Besides, she's probably not staying here for too much longer.

All the more reason to go talk to her. Her.. sister can't do much to you from overseas, right?

He swallowed again and took in a deep breath. After gathering his courage, he made his way over to the girls. With an awkwardly forced.. 'player' smile, he leaned against the rack they were near and greeted them, mostly the shorter blonde, "Hey."

Angel glanced at him and her smile faded and her glance turned into a glare. If looks could kill.

Rose covered her mouth with her hand as she tried to hide her chuckling at watching Angel humiliate the already humiliated boy. But apparently, this guy was persistent, as he got up and walked over to them.

Being the innocent one of the pairing, she simply saw his very feeble attempt at breaking the ice as a greeting.

"Hi!" she responded cheerily, mainly because she was still amused by the whole situation. Noticing Angel's less than hospitable expression, she decided to pay it no mind and assumed there was a good reason for it.

"So, where are you guys from?" he asked, grinning. As he leaned against the rack, he was so preoccupied by the girls that he couldn't feel it beginning to slide under him. In a few minutes, he'd probably be on the floor again.

Angel rolled her eyes, turning away.

"We're from America," Rose responded simply. "Just visiting. Are you from around here?" she asked, still oblivious to his motives. The bottom of the rack was hidden from her view due to another lower rack in between the two so she also was unaware of his imminent embarrassment.

"Ah, well yeah. You could sa-" Just as he was about to finish his sentence, he fell to the ground, the rack sliding out from under him.

Angel snickered as he scrambled to get back up and fix his pride again.

"Ah... Anyway. I'm Saki. Saki Tsu. It's... nice to meet you both." Saki told them, folding his arms in front of him in an attempt to feel better about falling like an idiot.

This guy was accident prone. Rose chuckled audibly as he fell down again, immediately getting up and trying to pretend that nothing had happened. Rose had a happy little amused smile on her face from the whole ordeal.

"It's nice to meet you too, Saki," she said warmly, looking over at Angel to see what she thought, considering her glare earlier. "Do you uh...want to look for anything else in this store?" she asked her sister, wondering exactly how this encounter would conclude, since they were just sort of standing around looking at each other (and occasionally falling down).

"Nope. Let's just move on." Angel replied to her sister, already dragging her away from the boy and to the register. "Buh-bye, Saki!" Angel told him over her shoulder, giving him the finger.

Saki's eyes grew large as he watched her, swallowing.

Are all American women like this?

"H-Hey!" Saki called out to Rose. "Can... Can I come with you guys? I mean... I don't have anything to do. I-I can show you around!" He told her, smiling.

Rose had to admire the boy's resolve. Even after being humiliated multiple times and now being given the finger, he still managed to smile at Rose. It was like he thought she would negate her sister's disapproval or something.

As she was humorously dragged by her sister, she called out back to her, an "I don't know" expression plastered across her face. "Uhhh...I mean...maybe? Um...another time, perhaps?" she smiled sheepishly, motioning with her head towards her less hospitable sister. In truth, she didn't really want this Saki guy intruding on her once-in-a-lifetime shopping adventure, but she didn't want to make him upset. Realizing how pointless "another time" was, she mentally facepalmed at herself. Still, at least it might get him off their tail. She hoped Vikki hadn't seen that whole charade.

Vikki had seen that whole charade. She rolled her eyes and gave a slight chuckle from her position across the way, and went back to shopping. Or...whatever else it was she was doing in the mall.

Angel smirked as she noticed Rose's response. Served him right. She put the clothes up on the counter and checked out, completely forgetting the idiot. "So, Rose. What store do you want to go to next? See anything you like?" Angel asked, turning to her sister.


After going through a few more stores, the two sisters were about ready to leave. As if on cue, Vikki showed up to collect them. She had been off in the mall on her own doing...something...but Rose definitely had no idea what, because she had no shopping bags with her.

"You didn' anything?" she asked, figuring that the extravagantly dressed woman would have bought more than the two of them combined.

"Nah, I already have everything I want from here," she said simply. Looking at the girls' bags, she had a look that was a mix of pleasant surprise (at the amount in Rose's bag), disappointment (at the amount in Angel's bag), and not really caring about either. "Hm," she said simply, and about-faced on her heel and began to walk towards the exit.

Once changed and in Vikki's car, the trio discussed their actual objective once Vikki peeled out and began driving very quickly again.

"So this Nakamura. Should be an easy errand, hmm?" she said absentmindedly.

"Should and will be are two very different things." Angel spoke, her eyes set on the scenes blurring past her window.

"Well, that's on you," Vikki replied. "...aaaaaaand how accurate 'Van's information is, I guess. But mainly on you," she said half seriously.

"That's inspiring." She returned, shaking her head. She turned her head to her sister and smiled at the bags in her hand. "Well, at least we got something out of this trip, right?"

Rose looked back and forth between her bags and her sister. "I don't know what came over me!" she said with a smile. "Don't get used to this though," she said playfully.

Angel giggled and leaned over to push her sister with her shoulder. "I don't think I ever could, really."

At that moment, predictably a lot sooner than it probably should have taken, the car stopped in front of a building in a flourish of tire smoke.

"You know, sometimes. I like to ENJOY car rides." Angel told Vikki and rolled her eyes, getting of the car with her bags left behind.

Vikki smiled a little. "You will, in time," she replied. Turning to face the building in front of her, she surveyed it. It was a typical run down machine shop, with the name "Nakamura's Parts" etched on a sign over the door. "You're up, you two," she said, stepping out of the way.

Rose looked at her sister, who seemed to not be interested in going anywhere near the door, and hesitantly walked towards it herself. Opening it cautiously, she walked in and called out "...hello?" after not seeing anyone.

"Ah! Just a moment!" a voice called out from one of the back rooms. Fujio was bent over in a car, attempting to find the problem in question when he'd heard a small girl's called from the shop. It took him a few moments, but he was able to pull himself back out of the car and into the front room.

"Sorry about that. Can I help you.. ladies... with something?" Fujio asked as he looked at the three women now in his shop.

Angel walked in rather reluctantly after her sister and began looking around. It was dirty and messy, parts strewn about everywhere. She wouldn't be able to find anything in this mess...

Rose wasn't used to Angel not taking charge...and of course when she looked at Vikki she got no help. "We're...looking for a certain part," she started, looking down at the picture of the part in the file. She looked over to Vikki, with a look in her face as if to ask "is it ok for me to show this picture to him?" Vikki gave a small nod and Rose took the picture out and held it in front of Fujio. "...this one," she said a tad timidly.

"Hm?" He responded, taking the picture from her. Looking it over, he started mumbling and began walking around the room, looking through the junk. "If I'm right... this looks like an accelerator... Aaaannnd I happen to have one riiiiight... HERE!" He shouted, pulling a rather large machine part out of a pile, and falling over in the effort.

The part fell to the group in a lump, half broken and rusting in a few places. "Ahhh... Th-That can be fixed..." He stuttered, laughing awkwardly. "So... Considering the rarity of the object... I'll be asking about 300 million yen. It's not a cheap part." He told them, still seated on the ground.

"That's crazy!" Angel shouted, suddenly into the conversation. "That... is crazy, right?" She asked, looking over at Vikki.

"I assure you, that's a great price! I mean, for such a rare part. It's one of very few in the world. Picked it up off an old man year ago. I'm surprised no one else has bought it yet." Fujio injected.

Rose looked at Angel, then Fujio, and finally Vikki. "Do we...have...300 million yen?" she asked quietly.

Vikki just shrugged.

"Well come on, are we paying for this or not?" she insisted.

"Up to you," Vikki said, clearly enjoying divesting all responsibility away from herself.

Rose looked helplessly at Angel, shrugging.

Letting out an exasperated sigh, Angel looked away from Rose and Vikki and looked to Fujio. She walked over to him and leaned down, a smile on her face. "You know... 300 million yen sure does sound like a lot of dough, and I'm not even sure that thing works..." She explained, looking from Fujio to the hunk of metal and then back to Fujio.

"W-Well, it can easily be fixed!" Fujio replied, stuttering.

"Then fix it. And lower the price. It's not THAT rare. It's a hunk of metal for God's sake. There's nothing unique about it." Angel replied, shaking her head.

"...Are you stupid?" Fujio, replied, suddenly much more with it. He raised a brow at Angel and then looked to her friends. "There are only three of these in the entire world. I'm not going to give it up so easily. Especially to a bunch of girls like you." He continued, standing up.

Vikki sighed. "Do I really look like a 'girl' to you?" she asked, in a thoroughly unimpressed tone of voice. Of course, she wasn't about to demonstrate force just yet, because she was enjoying...or, rather, TRAINING the two girls to better conduct themselves in a mission situation. Yeah. That was it.

Rose really didn't know how to respond to Fujio's outburst, so she simply added on to what Vikki said. "Yeah...and we're not that much younger than you, by the looks of it," she said, somewhat timidly.

"Age doesn't matter. I'm still not handing it over." Fujio, responded, picking up the part and moving it to the back of the store. "And that's that."

"For someone talking about age, you sure do act like a child." Angel spoke up, walking over to the man. With a sly smile on her face, she poked her head into his back room. Inside, there was a car with several parts strewn about the room. "Yeah, an adult wouldn't leave such a mess." She continued, chuckling.

"Hey!, get out of here! It's off limits!" Fujio shouted, turning around abruptly.

"Hmm... Does that mean you care about that car? That it means something to you?" Angel asked, lifing a brow.

"Well... Yeah? What of it?" He asked, taking a shaky step back. A large grin grew on Angel's face as she kept her hands at her back, white flames licking the tips of her fingers.

"Well, what would you do if I... started... hurting it?" She asked, taking steps closer to him.

"I'd call the police!" He shouted back, his face red.

"Oh, but I won't stop even if they get here. If you don't want to have to spend money, you might want to just... hand that over..." She spoke, her voice edgy and commanding. She took out one arm, her hand enveloped in flames. "You see, I'm not one for being told no. I've got a bit of a stubborn side to me." She told him, grinning.

"Wh-What?!" He stuttered, falling back on his ass.

Angel took aim at a small looking part and shot fireball at it, sending it crashing about the room. "The part?" She asked, looking back at him.

"That's one way to do it, I guess," Vikki remarked as Angel caused a commotion. "You know he's completely defenseless, right?" she said, absentmindedly twirling one of her combat fans. "And apparently blind," she added, referring to the "girls" comment from earlier.

Rose, ever the diplomat, decided to attempt to simmer the situation down a bit. "Look, if you just give us the part, she won't set anything else on fire. Deal?" she asked, hoping she sounded more authoritative than she probably did.

"He's a defenseless asshole, I don't see your point." Angel commented, raising a brow at Vikki as she held another ball of fire in her hands.

"FINE!" Fuijo shouted once again, a scowl on his face. "Take the damn part and get out of my shop. Just... don't hurt Caroline..."

"C-Caroline?" Angel asked, raising a brow. She would have tried to stop the laughter bubbling up at the pit of her stomach if she had cared. Angel began laughing, nearly falling to the floor. "H-He... He named it!" She shouted amid her laughter, slapping her knee. "He freaking named it!" She continued, now giggling to herself.

"...Yes. Now, grab the damn thing and get out. All of you!" He shouted before turning to survey the damage Angel had caused.

"Oh, that's too funny!" Angel spoke, finally breaking from her laughter.

"You've never heard of naming a car before?" Vikki asked in disbelief. "Interesting." She looked at the clearly distraught Fujio with a look that said "I get it." Then she swiftly turned around and walked towards the door. "Coming, girls?" she called out behind her, obviously not intending to help carry the part out.

Rose looked at Vikki, then at Angel, then at Fujio, then at the part. "Are...we supposed to carry that?" she asked Angel, hoping the answer was no but knowing full well that it wasn't.

"Looks that way." Angel sighed, shaking her head, now ignoring the pitiful man and his car. "Come on, I'll carry the heavy end." Angel told her with a smile, walking over to the weightier side.

The two girls awkwardly carried the heavy part out of Fujio's shop and into Vikki's car. In yet again an impressively short amount of time, they reached the airport and were soon on the plane back home. Vikki didn't hide that she was sad they had to leave Japan and all of its fashionable glory.

"Carmen! I-I think that's it!" Lily shouted, teeth clattering as she lifted a chilled to the bone hand to point toward the square block of black in the near distance. "That must be the old man's house Maria told us about, right?"

"It has to be," Carmen called out, her voice still audibly broken. As they neared the apparent building, the going got even tougher, but they eventually arrived. The two weary souls got to the doorstep, Carmen opening the door for the injured angel. "We're here...I think..." she spoke, not immediately seeing anyone.

"Hello?" Lily called, her voice soft and fragile. She could feel the icy pain of both the wind outside and the shard in her heart. Silence... Was this the wrong place?

Carmen decided to have a look around and see if she could find anyone. The house wasn't couldn't take that long. She desperately hoped someone would be there, and that Lily would be alright. "I'm going to go search, ok?" she told Lily, and began looking through rooms. She didn't hear a sound, but she eventually entered a room and found a lanky brown-haired woman sitting in a chair.

"Did you not hear us?" she asked, trying to restrain herself. "My wife needs help...come ON!" she exclaimed, and grabbed the woman and pulled her through the house to where Lily was. "See?!"

Of course, apart from being chilled to the bone, Lily looked fine other than having an icicle in her heart.

"You can help her, right? RIGHT?!"

At this point Carmen was barely still together, but she hoped her...interesting...greeting would save Lily.

The brown haired woman stared at Lily for a bit as slowly but surely, a rather creepy grin grew on her face. "Well, of course!" She shouted, spinning around to face Carmen. "I just need a few things to help me out, you know?" She explained, still grinning.

Wasn't... it supposed to be an old man? Lily thought, raising a brow.

"Now, let your dear wife stay here with me. I'll write down a list of the things I need you to fetch for me..." She spoke again, moving to grab something from another room. When she returned, she had a piece of paper in hand. On it was a list of 4 things she needed from Carmen. They were all relatively hard things to find and with the amount of time the woman had spent in the room, she couldn't have written this down. Had she written it down before had? Impossible...

"I can help." Lily spoke up, moving for the door. The woman's eyes glared as she lifted a finger and made a motioned which slowly, and gently, pushed Lily back towards a couch.

With that done, she smiled. "Call me Maria." She told Lily, grinning. Yep, she knew exactly what he was doing. She turned back to Carmen and smiled once more. "Go find me those things and come back post haste. I don't know how much longer she has. I'll keep an eye on her for you." She explained, motioning towards the door.

Carmen looked at Lily and mouthed "Maria?" with a very bewildered look on her face. She wasn't sure why she needed to get the things she did, or even what the woman's deal was - and frankly she was completely confused about everything that had just happened - but if it meant Lily could be saved, she would do it. So, with an "I'll be back, dear," she was out the door in an instant, back into the biting cold.

Maria swiveled on her heels, turning to look at Lily with lights in her eyes. "Now, then. You can sit back up, dear. I healed you the moment you entered the house. I just needed a few moments alone with you." She explained, smiling brightly.

Lily's eyes narrowed, mistrust seeping in. "Who are you?" She asked, cocking her head to the side.

"Well, obviously, I'm not Maria," she told Lily, chuckling. "I lost my real name long ago. So, just call me Maria for now. It will do."

"Somehow, that doesn't make me trust you. You just sent my wife out into a raging blizzard." Lily replied coldly.

"OH! That, right. She'll be fine. I'm secretly helping her a bit. No worries, nothing'll happen. If you need proof..." Maria spoke. She lifted an arm to reveal a smoky ring and inside one could see Carmen flying around, searching as the wind slowly died off a bit. "Good?"

Lily sighed, watching Carmen before nodding her head.

"Good, let's have a little chat. What gave you this condition?" Maria asked, smiling as she swatted a swath of brown hair from her face.

For the next few moments, Lily and the woman who called herself Maria chatted, talking to one another about what had happened so far and what was going on. They spent the next hour or so talking simple girl talk and for a moment, Lily forgot what was going on around her. Soon, she found herself painting her toe nails with this person when the door opened and a strong chill blew into the home.

Carmen stood in the doorway, not bothering to close it and get out of the cold. The cold, after all, matched her current mood perfectly.

The things she had brought had long since been dropped on the floor (fortunately they weren't fragile).

"Oh, ok. I can see when I'm not wanted," she hissed. "I could just walk right back into the blizzard if that would suit your fancy? It's not like I care at all how my wife is doing. Yep, don't care at all."

She had half a mind to actually walk back out into the blizzard, but her non-furious side had quite a hankering for being warmer. So she closed the door, but didn't move from the doormat, clearly waiting for an explanation.

Without a word, Lily stood and walked over to Carmen, putting her arms around her, not paying too much attention to her words. As she did, she reverted whatever pain Carmen was in from the cold and returned her heat to her, at the cost of gained that cold herself. She gave Carmen a weak smile before walking off to the couch to curl up and get warm. "D-Don't be too angry... S-She did help me." Lily spoke through clattering teeth.

"Ah? Oh! You're back!" Maria shouted as she walked into the room a pot in her arms. "Good, good. These are just what we need for the stew! But... ahh....Why'd you drop them on the ground?" Maria asked, blinking at Carmen. With a shrug, she bent down to grab the rare veggies, fruits, and spices Carmen had gathered for her.

"If you must know, I wanted to have a 1 on 1 chat with each of you privately, but I can't very well send her out into that blizzard on her own. You on the other hand, you've got a fire in your heart. I knew you'd find what we need. For... the stew." She explained, coughing at the end. She sent Carmen a grin before walking back towards the kitchen. "I'll talk with you when the ill missus goes to bed, which she should do soon." She finished as she walked into the kitchen.

"You couldn't have just...asked to be alone?" she offered defeatedly after the strange woman had already walked out of earshot. She was still not in the greatest mood, but Lily had helped of course and Carmen was now yet again more confused than angry. Deciding to let her brain rest for a bit, she sat down next to Lily on the couch, rubbing her hand across the blanket draped tightly over Lily, whose eyes were already indicating imminent sleep.

"It had better be a really good stew," Carmen chuckled softly.

"From what she said, it just might be." Lily whispered softly, a smile on her lips. "I have to apologize. I got so wrapped up in her pace that I completely forgot you were even still out there... I... I hate myself for it..." She continued, rolling over so Carmen couldn't see her face, or the tears that fell.

"Oh Lily...I hate to remind you, but you have an icicle in your heart. You're not responsible for anything," Carmen replied softly, giving Lily's hair a friendly rub. "You rest," she said, sitting back and waiting for the woman to eventually reappear.

Fanfiction Spinoffs

In addition to the main storyline which takes place about twenty years after the main Athalia Academy seasons, the Carlily fanfiction also has two spinoffs. The first is a five-chapter short story written primarily by Driving Park but with the help of HylianRose for Lily's lines. Called "The Last Skylark", it is set in 4994 A.D. and focuses on Carmen's death. The second takes place millions of years after "The Last Skylark". It focuses on Lily's exploits as Gabriel Foster after she comes down from heaven, and also features chukklehed, who plays an A.I. unit. It was collaboratively written by the three players but was never completed (in fact it did not get very far).

Theme Songs

Back when the relationship had barely become an idea, the players of the characters involved, HylianRose and Driving Park, each came up with a theme for the prospective couple.


These things I'll never say - Yuri amv

Carlily's Theme (HylianRose - serious)


Reel Big Fish - She Has a Girl Friend Now

Carlily's Theme (Driving Park - comedic)