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Criston Carter Cross is a student at Athalia Academy created and played by HylianRose, and is the son of Maria Ann Cross.


  • Gender: male
  • Species/Race: human warlock
  • Age: 21
  • Height: 6'0" / 1.83 m
  • Weight: 150 lb. / 63.04 kg
  • Hair Color: white
  • Eye Color: yellow
  • Skin Color: darker tan
  • Figure: 


Electricity Manipulation - Criston has the ability to manipulation electricity at his will. He can store it in his body and release it into other things. Using this ability, he can gain control over most electronic items and power them. He can also summon a powerful electric storm, though it drains a lot of his powers.


  • Water
  • Pretty ladies
  • His own arrogance


Criston is kind yet arrogant. He believes in his own strength and experience and will often boast about it. If confronted with an enemy, he will be the first to jump in without a plan and get hurt because of it. He is spoiled and has everything he could ever want and this can make him seem a bit condescending to other students.


Criston is the Principal's son, which you can guess as to what sort of things he can get away with. He inherited his powers from his mother and everyone on campus knows about it. He's always been on campus, even as a child. He knows all of the professors and he knows all of the students.


  • Meteorology
  • Art
  • Cooking

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