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Cyrus Bane is an Athalia Academy student created and played by DaDrummer676, as that player's sole character. Cyrus appeared only in Athalia Academy: Season One.


  • Gender: male
  • Species/Race: oscillan
  • Age: 19
  • Height: 6'4" / 1.93 m
  • Weight: 165 lb. / 74.84 kg
  • Hair Color:
  • Eye Color: 
  • Skin Color: 
  • Figure: 


Vector Manipulation - Cyrus has the ability to create vector fields. They fields can change the motion of anything that touches it. It can also take any energy (kinetic, thermal, potential, etc) and redirect it back anywhere Cyrus pleases. This also allows him to shoot objects at high speeds. He can do this by making a vector field behind the object, take its potential energy, and shoot it in the opposite direction (which would be forwards). Cyrus can also completely stop objects that touch his vector field by changing the direction of the object into the ground, which would "bind" the object into one spot. There are a variety of way Cyrus can use his power, seeing as creativity is the limit.


  • Cyrus can only produce two vector fields at a time.
  • Cyrus' vector fields cannot affect anything that does not have any kind of motion or energy (teleportation, telekinesis partly, mental powers, and things that are not made of matter)
  • He can only create vector fields in a ten foot radius around himself.


Cyrus is a quiet young male. He is social, but rarely raises his voice. Bane is level-headed, relaxed, and confident. He acts like he doesn't have a care in the world. Because of his confident and calm attitude, Cyrus is a natural leader. The funny part is that Cyrus doesn't take orders very well, which is why he likes being a leader. Bane loves to have a good time, and is actually quite the flirt. He calls himself a "magician with words," and claims that he can woo a girl with ease if he can talk to her. Cyrus is persuasive and witty. The day Cyrus can't outsmart or outwit someone is the day hell freezes over.


Cyrus' after was Oscillan and his mother is human. His father left the day he was born, as he could no longer stay in his human form. His mother raised him, and did her best to make him seem human. Cyrus' abilities surfaced when he hit puberty, at age 14. He believes it was because his testosterone was relieved in large quantities. At first he couldn't control his abilities, and was making things fly away from his touch, binding things to the ground, walls, it was very chaotic. He enrolled in Athalia Academy at the age of 19, he desperately needs to learn to control his powers, and he needs a place where he can use them freely.


  • Advanced Physics
  • Math
  • American Football
  • Band (drums/guitar/piano)
  • Art (drawing)
  • Chess
  • Gym
  • Boxing

Further Information

Oscillans are a race of beings that are only heard about or spoken about in whispered voice. Not much is known about them, and they like to keep it that way. They are said to be the Fathers of motion. They are said to be the very makers of physics. Oscillians are rarely seen, well, anywhere. It is even rarer that one would mate with a human. Oscillians live on a different planet, maybe in a different galaxy, even Cyrus doesn't know. Also, Oscillians are not affected by age.

Athalia History

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