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Dani is an absolutely ordinary boy in a place that's the opposite of average (See Athalia Academy). He is played by the infamous Ebil Bunny.


  • Height/Weight: 5' 6, 110 lbs.
  • Age: Unknown
  • Gender: Male
  • Species/Race: Spectre


  • Possession: Being a species a lot like a ghost, Dani has the ability to possess objects, animals, and even people. However, while controlling animals/inanimate objects allows him full control, when in a sentient being's mind, he can only read thoughts and talk to the person he's "riding".
  • Incorprealism: Maybe the name should be changed to "Corprealism", meaning "Is tangible". While ghosts are stuck in their half-world state, spectres can move between the half-world and full-world plane. Meaning he can walk through things like a ghost, but also have a corpreal body like a living being.
  • Privileges of the Dead: Being dead, Dani does not need to eat, drink, sleep, or breathe. He is immune to sicknessess, and even death itself! However, he can still feel things whil in his full-world form, so while he can't be killed by fire, he can certainly feel the pain.


  • Feelings: Since Dani still has a spirit, he still has feelings. The saying "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!" is not actually true, and especially so to Dani. He is easily hurt spiritually. He is also quite hurt about him being dead while others are alive. It makes him feel inferior.
  • Phobia: Though Dani has the awesome ability to go into the half-world plane, he is afraid of it. Well, what he is afraid of is actually heights, not the half-world plane, but since the incorpreal world doesn't have any tangible objects, (as well as everything being kind of see through) it doesn't feel like there's anything at all, therefor triggering his fear.
  • Visible Fear: While animals that can smell fear can't smell Dani's fear, everyone can definitly see it. When he's afraid or nervous, he starts becoming see-through. The more fear he feels, the less visible he gets. Sure, this means that if he's afraid enough, he can be completely invisible, but by then he'd probably be bawling his eyes out and screaming in terror.
  • Penalties of the Dead: While he is immune to sicknesses and death and such, he is also immune to things such as health magic, and pain killers. If he's hurt, he can't be healed the easy way, he has to go through the natural regeneration of an average human. Amnesia is another problem. Nobody who's dead can remember anything from their living self. They might get bits and peices back over a very long time, but Dani hasn't gotten there yet. Finally, he's pretty much made of magic. He can't hide whatsoever from something that can see magic, and anything that neutralizes magic completely destroys him.


Dani has no abilities. He is completely useless except for his amazing ability to beat demons senseless with chairs and a chalkboard eraser.

Actually, let me rephrase that. Dani has no known abilities, except for his amazing ability to beat demons senseless with chairs and a chalkboard eraser.


Dani is a very polite ghost and can sometimes come off as shy towards strangers, but in reality is highly approachable and friendly. He values his friends and tries to be very considerate of their feelings.


Dani's past is an unknown story. Nobody knows anything about his background, and his amnesia keeps him from knowing it himself.

He came back to "life" a year before he joined Athalia Academy. After panicking and running around town for a few hours, Dani calmed down and thought through what he should do. The answer was simple. Go to the police department, they'd know what to do.

Long story short, he found his way to the police's office by way of some helpful woman's directions, told the police his problem, and ended up in an orphanage. Not the greatest place to be, but it was better than nothing.

Strangely enough, the other children accepted him into their midst, and he became friends with almost everyone there. Or that might have happened if he hadn't ended up in the hospital first.

It all began at dinner time. He hadn't eaten lunch because he wasn't hungry. The orphanage staff were fine with that, sure that Dani would be very hungry at dinner, and they would just feed him then instead. Except he wasn't hungry at supper, either. The staff were confused and worried that he was sick, but he didn't have a fever. They told him to eat, thinking- No hoping that he would taste the food and realize how hungry he was. Dani took a bite, swallowed, but was then even more discouraged to eat then before.

He was sent to bed, as the staff thought he was sick. They gave him some medicine and told him to sleep. He lay there for a while, but minutes turned to hours and everyone in the orphanage went to bed, but he was still wide awake.

He tossed and turned, but no avail. Eventually he turned to the books that were on the bed-side table. He turned the lamp on, and dug in.They weren't the most interesting books in the world, more like the ones you would have to read for homework in middle school, but they were better than lying there worrying.

The next morning, he told the orphanage's owner, about the problem he had the previous night. He was immediately taken to the town hospital. All the nurses, doctors, oh-so-clean environment, and especially the seriousness of it all made Dani nervous.

A doctor studied him for a while, and asked him some questions. However, there seemed to be nothing wrong with him. The doctor was very confused, and wondered if what Dani had was maybe some new sickness that had never been gotten before.

Throughout this whole process, Dani was getting more and more scared. Everything was getting sort of blurry, but it also began losing some of its visibility. Meanwhile, the doctor had stopped what he was doing and just looked at Dani. It wasn't the world that was getting stranger and stranger, it was Dani.

The doctor reached out to touch Dani, but didn't feel a thing. The his hand went right through him.

Again, long story short, Dani was accused of being a ghost, superstitious hospital staff through him out, and he haunted the town until he got a strange letter inviting him to a very famous school, in which he went. The End. Yay.


Dani is taking math, English, science, sculpting, astrology, and Latin. The thing is, he doesn't know why he took Latin. He doesn't enjoy it, he has no need for it, and he has no parent making him do it. Here's the list of stuff he's actually going to do, maybe. Science, sculpting, and astrology. The rest he's probably going to skip.

Further Information

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Season 1

Day 1

It all started at the opening ceremony. Dani tripped, accidentally triggered his "Possession" power. He fell into a very nasty dragon person known as Allan Lynch, and Allan was none too happy. This started the Day 1 Major Plot.

There was some other stuff, running away, hiding in the cafeteria, and looking for his classrooms because he didn't know he was allowed to just skip them. But nobody really wants to hear about those things.

The real fun begins that night, at the welcoming party. Everything started awesomely, he entered with his new-found friend, Zivon, and the room looked marvelous. It was space themed, so there were stars and planets hung all over the place. A disco ball added that extra oomph that really made the whole experience pop! Music was being played by Carmen, a trumpet-wielding female student who had tried, and failed, to save Dani from Allan that morning.

They made their way over to the snack area, even though Dani didn't actually enjoy eating. That's when hell broke lo- No. Not yet. That's when Allan spotted his chance of revenge. As Dani scanned the goods that he wasn't actually going to eat, Allan walked through the crowd until-

hell bro- No, not yet! Be patient.

Allan grabbed the unsuspecting spectre's head and thrust it through the table. Allan literally broke a table in two with Dani's face! With his face!

Needless to say, the party wasn't the same after that. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked, in surprise, at Dani who was covered from head to toe in cake, frosting, and fruit punch. Blood poured from the boy's noes.

Kathy and Oona recovered from their shock first, and rushed over to help Dani. Zivon, the feeble coward, stood up for him against Allan.

Then hell broke loose! The ageless pun that lasts for never, a demon known as Bael decided to pop in and pitch a fight against Allan. Probably not for Dani as much as for his own entertainment.

Meanwhile, Lily, an angel, attempted to heal Dani with her magic. Since Dani is undead, it didn't work. Actually, it did. Because of a glitch in the Matrix, Dani's noes was healed, but he was thrown into a coma. Kathy, Zivon, and Oona carried took him out from the middle of the Demon vs Dragon fight, but not far enough. As they left him in the hallway right outside the party, they went off to the Nurse's office. At first that sounds terrible, but in the Nurse's office lurks the mysterious KIWI!

Long story short, the Demon vs Dragon duel caused a massive fire, and Dani was right in the middle of it. Somehow he awoke before he got burned to a crisp and escaped, without the help of his "friends" thank you very much!

Since he was perfectly fine, he spent the night watching a horror video with a girl name Liam.

Day 2

Let's just skip over the boring morning stuff and get to the point.

Zivon invited him to a dinner party, along with Crash, Kathy, Oona, and Leroy. The party hadn't even started before Crash was distracted by Lily, who for some reason was turned into her 16 year old self. She was trying to find somebody who would believe her that an evil presence was coming closer and closer to the school. Crash believed her, told the party guests/host to meet in the auditorium, and went off to tell all the other students to do the same.

Just as everyone arrived at the auditorium, all hell broke loose! Again!


With that, a loud BOOM could be heard just about everywhere, and every electric appliance suddenly stopped working. The attack had begun.

Dani, not realizing that Principle Maria was using this strange event to see how well her students could manage, thought that for some reason, she hadn't heard it and rushed towards her office to worn her.

However, it seems that Fate had different ideas, and he came face to face with one of the five members of the attack team. Cain, a demon runt with the powers of a fire wizard.

At first, they just stared at each other, but Cain broke the frozen state by attempting to burn a hole through Dani. Thankfully, he hadn't changed from his incorporeal form he was in to make traveling easier, so it harmlessly went through him and set the wall behind him on fire.

Dani frowned, turned, and ran as fast as he could to get away from a student-slaying maniac demon. Cain came after him.

The spectre jumped into a classroom, took one look at all the chairs, and went Possession Mode (dun duh duh dun duh duh DUH) just as Cain rounded the corner. As soon as Dani spotted him, he jumped at Cain and began kicking him with all his chair legs. Cain burned through it, Dani got hurt, Dani left the chair, (Dani was no longer hurt) Dani entered a new chair, rinse, and repeat.

That is, until Cain burned through every chair there. But there was one last thing Dani saw he could use. A harmless looking chalk board eraser. He entered it, pulled back, and shot himself towards Cain at high speeds, knocking him out the window, the window, the second story window (high low low high ect.) and he fell to the ground, unconscious. The end.

Season 2

Nothing of interest really happened to him in Season 2, but I'll see if I can tell of his unimportant adventures really, really fast. Here goes nothing...

Dani arrives at Destiny Island just to fall off the boat and get soaked by sea water. Deciding to ignore it, and let the sun dry off the salty water, he hangs out with Little Feather, Lion, and Seven. He even buys Little Feather a salad. How nice of him.

He then spends the important part of the day doing nothing, because Ebil decided to ditch the poor Athalian roleplayers and go to summer camp. What a jerk.

After doing nothing, he goes to the training dojos and hangs around Little Feather again, and maybe possibly shoots things with a bow and arrow.

Stuff gets 1% more interesting under this text

As night falls, a meeting is called, and everyone goes to the hang out lodge at the center of the island, to find that there was no emergency. Principle Maria just wanted everyone to join her in a game of King's Game, the game with the most imaginative title ever! Of course, he doesn't do anything of importance, he just sits and watches, because only three people play at a time, and others happened to be chosen instead of him.

Afterwards, he hangs out with Liam for the rest of the night.

The next morning, he messes with Zivon's mind, and makes him drunk happy.

The End. What an interesting story.

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