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"Driving Park" is the Roleplayer Guild username of an Athalia Academy co-Game Master (GM) and former Kalmaysia Academy player. He is the creator and player of several characters, as well as several web resources for the Athalia community. He remains one of the four active players in Chronicles of Sarastrea, the current roleplay and successor to the Athalia seasons.


Further Information

When on an Athalia Etherpad, he usually appears as "Ninetales", which matches his Roleplayer Guild avatar. He is generally referred to as "DP". When the Etherpads had (completely meaningless) titles for every player, he held "The Deep End", "Community Sensei", "The Padministrator", "The Wiki Wizard of the West", "The Rev. Lt. Capturable IV", and "Director of Ridiculous Fashion" at one point or another.

Driving Park seems to have an unusual affinity for creating and playing characters who are beautiful, morally ambigious females.

His RPG username is a reference to the 2005 PlayStation 2 racing video game Gran Turismo 4, which includes four original racetracks part of a fantasy racing facility called the "Driving Park". Since then he has adopted "Finetales" as his universal username, yet among the Athalia crew he is still referred to as "DP".

Driving Park is highly "glompable". He often finds himself to be glomped from all sides by fellow roleplayers whenever possible. Escaping into the tall grass has been found to be ineffective against this basic Athalia greeting.