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Drow Winterfield is a student at Athalia Academy created and played by liferusher.


  • Gender: female
  • Property of the original artist.

    Species/Race: human
  • Age: 17
  • Height: 5'3" / 1,57 m
  • Weight: 120 lb. / 54 kg
  • Hair Color: blondish
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Skin Color: a bit pale
  • Figure: small


her body is electrical loaded she could use it to her advantage but she doesnt really know how to work with it. She can't feel anything because everything is tingeling. everything within a 2 ft radius that has anything to do with electricity is being absorbed by her. You can't touch her bare handed or you will get an electrical shock.


Having much people standing close to her. absorbing to much electricity. When touching the water she could hurt herself.


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She doesnt make much social contact but when she does it mostly turns out awkward, she prefers much more less crowded places so that she doesnt hurt so much people. straight forward sometimes.


Drow originally comes from the cross family her mother was one of the sisters of Maria called Crysta Cross. She ran away from home and married to a man called James Winterfield she raised Drow till she was 4 years old and then left and never came back because a secret organization was searching for her due to her powers. A year after that her father changed her name to Drow Winterfield and they lived in a small house in the center of the city. She always wore thick clothes since that she knew that she could hurt people so much with her powers. When she entered the academy she heard a name that sounded familair Cross, Criston Cross her mothers last name. She had some contact with him and with the principal to hear what her mother was like.

Further Information

likes to play the acoustic guitar and hangs announcements posters and stuff up in the hallways at night

Athalia History

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