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Edric M. Karst


Edric M. Karst is a character who will be played by Nevix in the upcoming Athalia Academy Season 4: Back On Track. More information forthcoming. He owns a pendant that houses the lesser demon, Azamor, to whom he is linked via a life-link spell.

Physical Overview

Height: 5' 11" (1.8034 Meters)

Weight: 136 lbs

Age: 19

Hair Color: Light Brown

Eye Color: Lilac

Build: Slim

Race: Nephilim (Angelic Mother) Believes himself to be Human.


Edric Mitchel Karst was born in a small village in Eastern Elaniel to an angelic mother, Lily Brightendale and a human father, Jason Karst in 2004. When Edric was four years old, a lesser demon named Azamor started attacking his village. When conventional tactics failed to kill the demon, Edric's mother proposed a plan. She theorized that the demon could be sealed in a small, innocuous object, like a pendant. An ambush was set up, and a traveler who conviently happened to have a sealing ability managed to trap Azamor within the pendant. The spell was poorly done, however, and the pendant needed a constant stream of angelic energy to keep Azamor in it. Edric was chosen as the candidate, and he was life-linked to the pendant, and by extension, to Azamor. Shortly after the life-link, Lily disappeared. Due to the life-link, should Edric die, Azamor will also die. This has forced the two into an uneasy alliance, and Edric occasionally lets Azamor share control of his body in order to have access to more power.

A few months before the events of Athalia Academy: Season Four-Back On Track, Edric heard a rumor that Athalia Academy was being rebuilt in Oasari. He spent those few months training his abilities, as well as picking up a bit of skill with a sword and a gun. He left for Oasari, hoping the academy would help him become skilled enough to travel the land and search for his mother.


Edric owns an angelically enchanted sword, capable of harming demons who don't have a resistance to such things. He also has a demonically enchanted pistol, capable of harming angels who don't have a resistance to demonic energies. Edric also has a pendant which houses the lesser demon, Azamor. Edric also is the current owner of the legendary elemental sword of darkness, Nox. Unfortunately for him, Nox only augments the wielder's existing dark abilities, making its magic worthless to Edric.

One of the six Elemental Swords, Nox.

One of the six elemental swords, Nox, the blade of darkness.

Edric's sword

Edric's pistol


  • Mend: Edric has the ability to heal any physical wound through contact. The process takes differing amounts of time and energy depending on the size, severity, and age of the wound. The process also comes at the price of pain. Either Edric or the patient must feel pain equivalent to twice that of receiving the wound during the process.
  • Partial Possession: Edric allows Azamor to partially take control of him, in return, Azamor grants Edric greater power. Should Edric use the ability too often or for too long, he stands the chance of being sealed in the pendant while Azamor takes full control of his body. While using the ability, he has increased physical strength, speed, and stamina. His left arm becomes demonic and significantly more powerful than normal.

    Edric's demonic left arm when possessed.


  • Naive: Edric is an optimist of the highest order. He tends to think that things can never go wrong, and is completley devastated when they do.
  • Trusting to a Fault: Edric is overly trusting, to the point where he is often willing to place his life in the hands of someone he just met.
  • Vessel: Edric is constantly fighting with Azamor for control of his body. Should he experience significant pain or be knocked unconscious, Azamor may take control of his body. It is possible, albeit difficult, for him to regain control after such an event.
  • Life-link: Should Edric's pendant be destroyed, it is likely that he would die due to his life-link with Azamor.

Theo's Food Preference Test

    • Love: Soda "It just, tastes good. Plus it keeps me awake!"
    • Hate: Carrots "God, the just suck. They taste like shit and the texture is all wrong."
    • Mixed: Oranges "They taste awful, but orange flavored stuff is pretty damn tasty."

Theo's One Word Test

    • What are you? Happy
    • How do you see yourself? Fine
    • What is your personality? Funny
    • Where would you like to be most right now? Friends
    • Why? Needed
    • What is your purpose? Protecting
    • Who are your friends? All
    • Why? Kind
    • What do you consider most important to you? Friends
    • Do you have any regrets right now? None
    • What would you like to do in the future? Heal
    • Why? Wanted
    • What makes you angry? Pain
    • Why? Pointless
    • What makes you happy? Friends
    • Why? Laughter
    • What was the most important memory for youLifelink
    • How has that memory shaped you as a personAzamor
    • What are you lacking right now? Skill
    • Do you intend to do anything about it? Athalia


Edric is, as stated previously, an optimist. He sees the best in people, and can overlook the glaring flaws in anything. He tends to trust easily, and as a result grows frustrated when people don't trust him in return. These traits, in addition to his great sense of humor, have made him great at making friends. He's also fiercely loyal to said friends, even if he's only just met them.


  • Edric shares his creator's love of caffeine.
  • Edric also shares his creator's fear of insects
  • Edric is, in part, inspired by Nero, the deuteragonist of Devil May Cry 4.