Etherpad is the name of an online collaborative text editor that the Athalia Academy roleplay and its spinoffs are frequently hosted on. Specifically, it refers to Etherpad Lite, which is a certain type of pad unrelated to TitanPad and any of the other "-pad" options available.

Throughout the usage of Etherpads, there have been three different hosts used:


Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Typo3 was the first host that was used, and although consistently stable, it had a lag problem, especially when the pads had over 1000 lines of material, but even when they were empty. This became more of an issue when the software was updated to automatically replace URLs of pictures with the actual picture in the pad. Because of these lag issues, and the fact that most of the pad network was well over usable capacity (meaning that there was so much content that the pad was essentially unusable because of how slow the framerate was), Typo3 was replaced by Wikimedia.

Wikimedia then became the standard for a long time, because it was fast (much faster than Typo3) and never lagged, even when filled past 2000 lines. However, it was eventually and suddenly discovered that the Wikimedia pads could crash unlike Typo3, rendering none of the text in the pad accessible. The search began for a reliable replacement after lots of data was lost. Many were tried until OpenStack was discovered. On the face of it, it was a really nice host because it had a lot of formatting features that Wikimedia did not, and so it became the new standard. Eventually (in 2016) it was discovered that OpenStack, too, could crash, and after it became normal to save pads to a Word document periodically and then retrieve the information to create a new pad when the existing pad inevitably crashed, the Athalians eventually grew tired of this and began a search once more for a stable pad. When nothing was found, they moved to Discord, a chat-only separate application, using OpenStack pads only for supplemental materials.

List of Etherpads Created and Used

Athalia Pads

Fanfiction/Spinoff Roleplay Pads

Pads for Other Roleplays Created by Athalians

Miscellaneous Work Pads

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