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Flower everywhere!

Garvenialiam Inegeniumegi, commonly known as "Garden", is a student at Athalia Academy who loves to dance, sing and talk to flowers. She was created by and is played by Destinyfailhorror17.


  • Gender: Female
  • Species/Race: Rerrum Natura (Flower)
  • Age: 17
  • Height: 5'5" / 1.65 m
  • Weight: 127 lb. / 57.61 kg
  • Hair Color: Garden Green
  • Eye Color: Rainbow
  • Skin Color: White
  • Skin Markings: None
  • Figure: Slighly curvy


  • Flora Creation: Garden can create flowers and parts of flowers, including petals, stems and pollen from any surface. Can also revived withered or dead flowers. Also she can create flowers from her body. 
  • The Voice of Flowers: Garden can speak and listen to plants or any form of plant species.
  • The Eyes of Nature: Her eyesight she can see different things. She can see plants dancing or talking but others just plain plants. 
  • Trail of Flora: With Graden emtion she leaves a trail of flowers that explains her emotions. Lillies if she is sad, Sunflowers if she is happy and many more. 


  • Fire and Ice are terrible: Attacks from Fire and Ice manipulators can pose a defient issue. Weather also, if its too cold she will be frozen and if its to hot she will wilt away. 
  • Radiation: High Levels of radiation in a concentrated area may cause some mutant defects to her Flora Creation. Can be good which is rare or bad which happens alot.
  • Can't Fight: She doesn't know how to fight, she can protect herself and others but cannot attack or take force. 
  • Flowers: Flowers are just flowers, delicate, easily breakable and burnable. 


  • Pollen Scent: Garden sometimes emite a sweet scent in pollen form, the sweet scent will make her be attracted to many things, humans, animals, bug nearly anything that can move will be attracted to her scent and follwer her. 
  • Flower designer: Garden makes all of her clothing out of petals, making her clothing all natural. 
  • Loyalty: Flora have a more loyalty to her than other beings, thus calling her princess instead. 


Garden is very much a sweet, calm yet energetic, warm, kindhearted individual. She loves to dance and sing as to show her emotion, if music play she will dance and have fun immediately, just being that care free princess. Being care free she is oblivious to many things and get confused quite easily, she might even get lost with the meaning of doing good or bad...She is also doesn't like love, the romantic love, since losing her supposed fiancee and had to marry a terrible man to prevent war made have a hard time in love. When ever she sees a couple she will get mad and try to ignore them. Garden doesn't want to fall in love again and end up being forced to let the person go like what she did before. 

But she is really sweet and tries her best to make sure everyone is doing great eventhough she might end up causing confusion. She is extremly kind to the flora as somehow they think of her as their princess and talk and treat her like a princess. Sometimes if she has spare time she would tinker and try to invent things when she has the time and materials but that is only a secret hobby. Garden is very curious and loves to try things out so thus adds to her inventing passion. Of course that is a secret thing and doesn't feel like anyone else should know.

Garden is incredibly polite and has a great manner but her politeness might be a bit old. She is generally a princess with a kind souls and not fight but will try to if have to, who loves talking to flora and ends up being a bit clumsy. Eventhough that what it seems she is she a scared girl with alot on her heart to handle, she may look like she can hadle it yet all she wants is to break down or even let go of her own life. She may be that sweet happy girl but reality all she want is that love she had before. 


  • Fashion Designer: Garden loves to make dresses and clothes, from frilly flowery dresses to fantasy style fighting outfits. Its a fun thing she loves to do when she has the time.
  • Inventing: This is her secret hobby! When no one is looking at when she has the time to do so she will gather some strange materials and start creating odd mechanisms. Being an apprentice to aninventor at a younf age made take a serious point in inventing. 


The kingdom of Garvenloir, a rare land where had bloomed a new spirit. A small little beautiful girl, that was Garden; she was born out of a flower when it was the first day of spring. Out of royalty, Garden lived a magnificent life in a blooming palace. Sometimes when she leaves the palace she helps the other spirits and play with kids her age. 

She met multiple sons of other kingdoms, as she knew she was going to find a suitor. Some of the sons even fought over her just to get her favor. She never wanted to be married well at that age and she didn’t like any of the princes there. It was decision time for her but said no to every son she had met. To stop the fighting and prevent a war she decided to marry one of the princes, a very violent one in fact just to stop everything to go down hill.

She was only to get married when she was going to be coroneted as queen at her twentieth birthday. She never felt trapped in a long time or ever; it was a time bomb for her. Now to protect her to from being kidnapped they sent her to Athalia Academy until her corination.

The full background before Athalia

Garden before evem blooming into the kingdom the king and quenn wanted a little boy instead. In traditions the first born has to be a male to lead the kingdom when they are older yet if the first born is a girl, the girl had to be a chamber maiden. Traditions go and it had never changed, as she grew up she was treated differently, only at four she was though how to clean and cook, breaking taditions was a cruel fate and she always felt like her opinoin was never even asked.

When the king and queen realized that they couldn't bear another child they had to teach Garden the ropes of ruling a kingdom. They were breaking traditions that lasted for thousands of years yet it was the only way to ensure their nature line to royalty. She took many lessons at just a young age she had to learn chemistry, politics, language, economics, math and much more from many tutors only at 6 years old. She was of course was clueless of every lesson she had to learn and sometimes she would sneak off to go and play at the garden.

She had a childhood friend named Sunflower, the gardener son who would take care of the flora when his dad wasn't around. They would slack off and hide from their parents when they didn't want to go to work or study. They had a secret hide out at the courtyard garden, it was an abandon wine cellar, they made it their secret hide out, put plants and toys for them to play. Of course the king and queen knew about Garden when she could sneak away from her classes just to hang out with Sunflower, they decided to make sure that Garden was attending her lessons for the sake of the kingdom and their next heir to the throne they had to bring Sunflower in when she had her lessons so she won't run off with him to their secret base. 

Garden was still not wanting to attend her lessons, at even at seven she ran off, she and Sunflower sneaked into a vendors cart that visit the palace everyday, they hid underneath the sheet and they were able to escape, she was able to play with some of the villagers living at the outskirt of the kingdom, Garden was happy when she wan't at the palace, that went on for months. Of course her parents went crazy worried, they searched the entire kingdom to find their daughter just playing with kids her age because she didn't want to study, when they found her they decided that they had to lock down the entire kingdom and even forced their daughetr to learn. 

It was a total lock down, only at 8 Garden was not allowed to leave her room. They even build her room into different sectors, a bathroom, a small kitchen, dressing room, and even guards all day waited outside her door incase she tried to leave. For her it was like prison yet she couldn't complain Garden knew that she had to be locked up as she is the only heir to the throne. That was a big burden on her.... she didn't want to rule the kingdom, she wanted to go on adventures with Sunflower yet her opinion was never heard. Sometimes at midnight Sunflower would sneak in by the window and would come and talk to her. 

They were best friends, eventhough that her parents didn't want her to talk to him she couldn't let go of that friendship. Outside the castle people think the princess was doing okay yet in the inside all she wanted is her voice to be heard and Sunflower was able to do that for her. He listened to her when she was mad, sad, lonely or any emotion that she needed to let out. He would comfort her and sometimes bring some honey as Garden was not allowed to eat sweets. 

The elders were furious that the king and queen were breaking traditions with Garden, they protested about keeping traditions and even begged for them to not let Garden be the heir to the throne. They would even called her a menace or a weed to thier traditions, Garden would hear that when the servants talked outide her room. When she finally had it, her voice won't be heard and being forced to do something that she never wanted... she planned to leave the palace. She couldn't take it anymore, Garden packed her valuables and told Sunflower her plan. Sunflower was happy enough to help her escape, they made a promise at the end they would be together.

Sunflower... it took him a while until realizing he had a crush on the princess. He had that feeling heart racing feeling when he first met her when Garden was running off into the rose bush and getting herslef trap into it when she was six and when he was eight. Garden plan was very simple, at midnight she would have help from Sunflower to leave the castle from the window. Her room was the highest tower and it was a quick drop down to death yet there was a blind spot as Sunflower said, where the guards won't see him when he sneaks into her room. At the bottom of the blind spot was a carriage filled with soft grass and thus when they both sneak out together they would sneak into the garss which gets transported without even getting checked.

This plan was a go but when one of her tutors, a water spirit named Rain, her philosopher teacher decided to do something else for her lessons, he though her how to invent. It was because he could notcie the girl looking at the window or doozing off. He was a renowed inventor who retired and went on to tutor kids. He decided to teach her as his apprentice, he would bring random objects and build weird machines like a plate shooting crossbow. Garden was amazed, she watched how he build things and asked her if she wanted to try. Garden would try to invent thigns eventhough it usually fails her teacher was okay and though her more. 

Garden was forgetting about the plan, even Sunflower who would attend the inventing lessons, the teacher even said that inventing is just using what has been made and make a new path for it... like life in a way. Years went by, Garden finally understand what her parents wanted, she was the next heir to the throne, she was needed to lead the people, help them get a path and let their lives start. Garden finally understood what it meant to be royalty. At 15 Sunflower was finally ready to admit his feelings for Garden and when he did Garden was shock but admitted as well... they both had a secret relationship, if anyone else knew then they had to be seperated, a princess can't marry a commoner as traditions go...

It was like a romantic movie, a secret love to must never be found yet it was... A prince from another kingdom decided to marry the princess. He was a ruthless prince who used violence in everything he wanted, when his spy recieved information about the secret relationship that the princess and the gardener had he decided to play with it. While he planned the two love flowers were very much happy together, they even had their first kiss at the festivals of glowing stars. In one traditon they aactually follwed was the princess had to be married at 15, when Garden was just 14 she and Sunflower planned a secret wedding where they would be married underneath the flowers of jupiter and the forest. He proposed to her when she was finally 15 and she was happy and free as ever.

Garden felt like she had to tell her parents, they were breaking traditions so... she though it would be fine and when she did she was suprised to find out that they were okay with it. Garden was glad and happy, her parents accepted their love and will allow it. They whole wedding was planned, at the forest as they wanted yet as a love story goes... it was reality and something always happens. The awful prince form the other kingdom decided to act on his plan, he asked a meeting with the two love flowers as for saying congrats on your enganment. When they visit his kingdom they found out it was a trick, they beat Sunflower up and... burned him infront of Garden. 

She couldn't feel anymore... someone she had loved... was burning... slowly dissapearing away from her. Her screams and tears wouldn't stop the blaze from burning her love. When nothing was left the prince made an offer, he will not engage in war to her kingdom when she has to marry him. Garden couldn't stop crying, all  she could think about was the person she cared and loved so deeply... gone. The prince took her to his room and planned out the arraignments. She was now going to have to marry the prince just so war won't start. In her heart all was flet was the burden and pain... yet again her voice couldn't be heard and there was no one... to hear it. 

Her parents recieved the news about Sunflower's death and though it was an accident, Garden was now engage toward the prince quickly, her parents asked why but she never spoke all she can do was to stay in her room all day not even wanting leave. She would spend her day inventing things that remnided her about Sunflower. As time went on she tried to hide feeling of loss, she had to be strong and stop being selfish, her parents told her that she was moving to Athalia academy as they didn't want the prince to kidnap her, all she can do was accpet it yet she can never accept the lost of her love. She has to be that happy sweet girl again and make sure she will not bring anyone towards her sadness. 

Theo's Food Preference Test

  • Love: Honey - "It such a sweet and pure thing, natures fresh dessert! Especially with mint leaves with it."
  • Hate: Edible Flowers - "…Just…no…. If I even think about it… -shivers-"
  • Mixed: Chocolate - "It's so weird…bitter and sweet….! Yet so good! I just don’t understand why I love it. Must be magic or something."

Further Information

Athalia History


  • The name just purely made up and tried to sound scientific as possible like a plant's latin name.
  • Supposed to be a prince at start but later on decided to be a princess as Destinyfailhorror17 seemed to find out she was only been using males.



Deco*27 ft. GUMI - Love Doll ラブドール (English Subtitles)

Garden's Theme song