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"HylianRose" is the Roleplayer Guild username of Athalia Academy's original Game Master (GM) and former Kalmaysia Academy player. She created and played a large number of characters, while also performing GM duties including creating the game setting, moderating the game, appointing co-GMs, reviewing submitted Character Sheets, and more.

When Athalia Academy is written on an Etherpad, HylianRose appears variously as "Rose", "Velma", "Ralts", or "Magikarp". On and off the Etherpad, she is generally referred to as "Rose", "HRose", or "Hylian".

She has a very unique and effective balance between allowing roleplayers to roam free, while providing them with a creative and solid story to keep the roleplay interesting as it develops. In addition, she is known for her uncanny ability to find pictures for characters.