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Kalmaysia Academy was the name of a Roleplayer Guild roleplaying game that directly preceded Athalia Academy. It was the third "season" of a trio of roleplays run by one Game Master (GM) on both the old and new Guilds. The first season was called "Kamasyia Academy", the second "Parithon Academy", and the third "Kalmaysia Academy". This series of roleplays was Athalia's direct predecessor and inspiration.

Athalia's GM, "HylianRose", was an active player (but not GM) in Kalmaysia, as were several other Athalia players ("Ebil Bunny", "Scallop", and "Driving Park"). Only Driving Park was not present in the original Kamasyia Academy, joining relatively briefly in the third and final season, Kalmaysia. While Ebil Bunny and HylianRose retain characters from the pre-Athalia era in Athalia Academy (Matthew Terrison and Lily Brightendale, respectively), Driving Park and Scallop do not. When Kalmaysia ground to a halt, HylianRose created a new roleplaying game meant to be the spiritual successor/continuation of Kalmaysia, and Athalia Academy was born.

For those characters present in Athalia who also attended at least one of the three previous Academies, their time there is part of the Athalia canon.

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