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Kiwi is a character in the Athalia Academy universe created and played by Animal. Known for being extremely frightening to all characters (and their players), Kiwi functioned as the Academy nurse in Athalia Academy: Season One.


  • Gender: female
  • Species/Race: human
  • Age: 29
  • Height: 5'5" / 1.65 m
  • Weight: 125 lb. / 56.70 kg
  • Hair Color: blonde
  • Eye Color: blue
  • Skin Color: 
  • Figure: 


Insect Manipulation - Kiwi is able to control various types of insects to do her bidding, that is if they submit to her will. The inside of her body is a living hive and she is able to communicate with her insects. Because of the various insects that are already occupying inside her, her body is able to mass produce new types of species and summon them on will.

Kiwi has various types of bugs inside her body which each one has a different purpose. Every type of bug can have the ability to fly, swim or have certain environmental immunities.


She cannot bind the will of an insect outside her body without forming some type of bond or contract with them. She may be able to communicate with them, but she cannot force them to fight for her. It may not seem like it, but her body is rather frail. She can bruise and break her bones pretty easily when she is not supported by her defensive bugs. She has to be aware to avoid these kinds of damages in order for her bugs to take action. It takes a heavy toll on her body whenever she mass produce new bugs whenever she is on a low count. It tires her out and makes her body even weaker because the insects feed on the nutrients inside her.

Her bugs can be easy to deal with, if against the right person. Basically anything that can burn, squish or eat her insects. Strong winds can throw their flight off course and blow them away or even slice them. Water can deal with those that aren't water based get the idea.

She is a long ranged fighter, close range combat is not her specialty. Her syringe may buy her time, but most of it is made out of glass.


Offensive - The angry swarm, the only type of her bugs that can infest themselves into other people's bodies and eat them from the inside out. They usually give nasty bites or sharp stings which can inject poison into someone's bloodstream. The bigger the insect, the more dangerous it will be.

Defensive - Usually the ones who stay inside Kiwi's body and repairs some damage done to her. They are also the type of bugs who can support Kiwi's body and make her withstand certain types of damage that her body alone could not. They are the only type of bugs that can have any kind of healing properties, which can be broken down and mixed into some medicine to enhance it. They travel slower than their two counterparts, but they cannot be damaged or killed off so easily as it takes more effort than usual.

Scouting - The smallest and fastest type of bugs that Kiwi has in stock. They are also more intelligent than their two counterparts. Their only purpose is to spy and collect/process information. They are quite fragile and cannot fight back when attacked. They can be annoying to catch however as they can detect danger before it even happens.


Kiwi is sexy, well educated, and ridiculously sadistic. A woman who relieves others of their skeletons probably for fun. It takes a special type of insanity to go out on the battlefield with a three foot syringe gun while people are gunning her down, but she doesn't have to worry about that. Kiwi believes that big needles can solve any problem! It doesn't matter where she puts it, as long as it enters someone's body! She takes pleasure in her work and often creeps students out with the things she says to them...conducting experiments on their bodies, sewing on extra limbs, taking away limbs...all of that fun stuff.

She welcomes the injured with open arms and gets pretty excited whenever someone steps into her clinic, even when someone doesn't require any medical assistance...because they will get it regardless. Despite her playful sadistic nature, she really does deeply care about the students and her colleagues, enough to stitch a badly shaped heart into their skin. Let it be noted that she is a teaser and will try to playfully embarrass even the most sensitive of people when the situation calls for it.


Kiwi grew up with a rich family that was able to afford her education. It was her dream to become a doctor ever since she was a little Kiwi. She discovered her powers at an early age that she even told her parents about it, but they thought it was just her imagination. Back then her powers were only limited to a few bugs that wouldn't catch her parent's attention. When she got older, she realized that it was best to keep her powers under wraps, even though her parents haven't noticed it this whole time. During her attendance at a regular medical school, she was greeted by someone from Athalia Academy. They explained to her about how she can hone her special gift by enrolling into the academy, she was a bit skeptical at first, but she finally decided to give it a shot without sacrificing her medical studies. After a few years in Athalia Academy she finally graduated at age twenty-five, but not without learning a new medical technique which involved a few dissected insects, bodies, and her trusty syringe. She decided to stay and is now working as head of the medical department at Athalia Academy.

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  • In the "Comedic Summary of Events" of Season One (written by Theobromine), Kiwi is mentioned in the following memorable quote, which is occasionally referenced in out-of-character chat: "Also, fear the Kiwi. Kiwi is the last boss."