NarayanK and Driving Park (right) express their subdued elation for the official Krashy asking out (left), literally minutes before this article was posted.

"Krashy" is the informal non-canon out-of-character-only portmanteau nickname for the prospective, and official(?) as of a few days after the name's creation, romantic couple of Katherine Argall and Caleb "Crash" Waterfront, two students of Athalia Academy played by Theobromine and FaithsRose respectively.


Beginning in Season Two, Crash and Kathy garnered the attention of several other students, who noticed their apparent inseparability. Zonon "Zivon" Borshenk and Eric Penwright each made comments, and after a comment from Nikola Lovelock as he was tending the bar they were at at the time (as well as Krashy), Ara Glaisyer and Carmen Calandra particularly latched on to the concept. Carmen even invented phrases to describe the pair's (and in particular Kathy's) very noticeable blushes as a result of comments from her and even just them being near each other - "Code Red" and "redlining" being the most common. By the time several potential opportunities had passed and Crash asked Kathy out officially when the two had left the rest of the group in the training dojos (the original posting of which pictured above), the chemistry between the two was evident to...well, just the two, actually. I give up.

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