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Lavanya was the name of the continent that the Athalia Academy roleplay was retroactively chosen to take place in before Sarastrea was eventually settled on as the location. It was the focal point of the Athalia Extended Universe, the precursor to the current universe (Efini). Lavanya existed in an otherwise unchanged Earth in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and was sealed in a pocket dimension preventing outsiders from encountering it or even knowing that it exists.


Lavanya comprised several nations, which were Elaniel, Oasari, Xiuhcoatl, Gortana, and Mithos. The first two of those were carried over to Sarastrea, while the others were left out.

  • Elaniel - A large nation that takes up most of the Lavanyan central mainland. Created by HylianRose, it is a bicameral republic secretly run by the Cross Family.
  • Oasari - An archipelagic nation well to the east of the mainland. Created by Driving Park, it is a thriving, fashion-driven paradise with the happiest citizens of any nation in the continent.
  • Xiuhcoatl - A northern nation sharing the mainland with the much larger Elaniel. Created by HylianRose, its population is exclusively comprised of dragons.
  • Gortana - Lavanya's westernmost nation. Created by HeartlessNobody, it is the home of Lavanya's vampire population.
  • Mithos - A southern island jungle "nation". Created by Nero, it has no formal government or society as its population entirely comprised of dangerous bestial beings.

Three additional nations/kingdoms, Vox Domini, Kottstania, and Inthera, used to exist on the continent.

Notable Locations

  • Athalia Academy - obviously the most notable location in the continent, Athalia Academy is located in the western part of Elaniel.
  • Sharos Academy - Athalia's sister academy, Sharos was originally intended to also have its own spinoff roleplay. This never came to fruition, but Sharos still became part of the universe's canon.
  • Destiny Island - Destiny Island is where Athalia Academy Season Two took place, and lies off the coast of the Elian mainland.
  • Communication Towers - Sometimes referred to as "power towers", these colossal comm towers utilize a combination of conventional and magic power to generate a dimensional rift that allows contact and transport with the outside world. There are three of them; one in Oasari, one in Elaniel, and one in Gortana. A derelict fourth tower from centuries ago lies decaying in Mithos.