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The Legends of Lavanya Christmas Special is a flashback/side roleplay to the main Athalia Academy roleplay that was written by five original Athalia players towards the end of the Legends of Lavanya alternate-timeline season. It was begun by HylianRose on December 22nd, 2015 as a way to keep the roleplay alive during a dead period with a lighthearted Christmas episode of sorts. Despite having the same name as the Legends of Lavanya season that was relegated to an alternate timeline after a new canon Season Four was later begun, the Christmas Special, while very short, remains canon.

Participating Characters


In 2021, three years after the Academy was destroyed by Marcus Cross after Season Three and about 1.5 years before the Academy was completed and Season Four began (and about two years before Legends of Lavanya), the handful of former Athalia students left were living in the Oasarian mountain town of Pavella where the new Academy was being built, taking refuge against Marcus. On Christmas Day, it was snowing and a few of the Athalians met in the town square to celebrate the holiday. Carmen had put together a jazz quartet that was playing on the bandstand at the side of the square. A small snowball fight ensued between Crash, some youngsters, and a hiding Bael.

That is as far as the special got, but it is assumed the students celebrated Christmas together and exchanged gifts. In her first post for Season Four, HylianRose included a (canon) flashback to an event that occurred just after the Christmas Special's festivities had ended, so it is recorded as part of the Special:

After Carmen had paid her band and everyone had dispersed from the square, Carmen was the only one left as she finished wrapping up...or so she thought. Soon Lily made her presence known and the pair talked for a bit before Lily very nervously handed Carmen one last gift she had been saving. It was a small box with a ring in it, and when Carmen opened it Lily stammered out its meaning: she hoped the ring could symbolize the pair being together in a relationship, as more than just roommates and friends. Carmen confessed that she had found love in Lily, and she agreed to the angel's request before saying "forever and for always", the trademark quote of their relationship going forward, for the first time.