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  • Gender: Female
  • Species/Race: Zombie
  • Age: 18
  • Height: 5'4ft " / 1,62 m
  • Weight:  120 lb. / 54 kg
  • Hair Color: Blackish
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Skin Color: Extremely pale
  • Figure: Skinny and rough


Necromancer: A necromancer could heal her and make her look like her old self again and repair fallen of limbs and such. (could be filled in by another person if he/she wants to)

Super Strength: As a zombie, she is not limited to the amount of muscle power she uses as a human, as humans cannot use 100% of their muscle power. She is able to use 100% this however does damage to her limbs and bones.

Immortality: She just lives on and can't die for a second time by ageing, She can however be killed by destroying the brains.

Infect: When someone died she can bite him or her and they will become zombies.

Night vision: her eyes will shine bright green at night and she wouldnt even notice it had become night.

Heat sense: She can sense any kind of human or animal near her by their heat

Heat regen: She doesnt have any kind of natural regen, She can use somebody else their body heat to heal herself this however takes a long time.


Fire: She is very flameable. Rotting: She rots sometimes because her body isn't working that well. rotting also causes her muscles to break down so she would need to get her necromancer again. Sun: Her body dries up by the sun after a while making it even more skinny.


Liam is lazy and sleeps a lot during the day because she likes the night more and can't really walk outside when the sun is shining. She likes to go out with friends at night or do something fun anything that is not boring.Liam is most of the time cheerfull but doesn't really think when she says something stupid to someone. Her zombie instincts may come up when she is around dead people. Playing pranks on people is one of her favorite things to do when she is bored.


A late saturday night all street lamps where shining brightly over the bus station as only some cars past it. A boy was siting on the bench of the bus station waiting for the latest bus to arrive to bring him home to his own town. He saw something standing on the other side of the street, A girl with long black wavy hair was standing on the other side of the street with her school bag and uniform still on 'Why is she wearing that it's weekend' She vanished all of the sudden and stood next to the bus station in a few seconds. She seemed scared why was she so scared she was looking around her like crazy and tapped her feet to the ground on and on. The boy looked over to the other side of the street again and saw some punks standing in the light again. They walked over to her and stood around her lik the boy wasnt even there to begin with "Hey are you okay" Her green eyes looked over to him "Y-yes" her voice was trembeling and she seemed nervous. One of the punks ripped her school jacket open and wasnt finished yet. The girl struggeled but she was held by the other guys so she couldnt run "Hey" the boy shouted "Leave her alone" He grabbed one of the guys and made him trip over his feet. The girl was able to run and tried to but she was still held by the other guy, She bit his arm and ran towards onto the street. The boy lost sight of her but could quickly see her again. Two big headlights showed where she was the boy looked at his watch "Twelve" The bus driver didn't see her standing there and only used it breakes when it was a meter in front of her. The boy ran towards the girl her body he could see a lot of blood lying on the streets by the headlights of the bus. He felt his entire body shaking when he coud see that she want moving anymore. The punks started to run but the on that tripped was shocked to see all this happening and couldnt move anymore. The boy dropped next to her in her blood her white shirt was all red now and she didnt have any pulse anymore "It will be alright don't worrry" the boy didnt seem so scared anymore and buttoned the left over buttons on her jacket. He pulled out a white chalk and started drawing on the ground. A circkel with weird drawings in them from acient times and also words from acient times. He searched in her pockets for an id or a school pass and was glad he found something a library pass with a picture and name on it "Liam ross" he looked at the name for a second and placed it onto the top of her body. The boy lighted a sigarett and placed some of her blood on his hand. He got to the end of the circkel and wrote her name nine times around the circkel with the blood of her. He just noticed that the buss driver was watching the whole time but he just continued with the ceremony. He wiped the sweat of his forehead leaving a small trail of blood on his face and checked if everything was ready "Liam ross, Do you agree to these terms and continue to live past my and my many future grand children" A moment of total silence sounded. "Good" He left a small smirk on his face and trew the almost burned sigarett in the middle of the circkel onto her body. The whole circkel lit on fire and burned all the marks on the ground. Her blood on the outside of the cirkle slowly moved towards the outer chalk line of the cirkcle and entered it. The circkle gave a bright light and everybody around it was unable to see what was happening. The light was gone in only a mere moment and the girl was standing there again in the light of the headlight of the buss. He moved over to her and placed his jacket around her to give her some warmth "You must be feeling cold come on lets go" He raised his hand to the punk still lying around at the bus station "Tell this to your friends" He got up and started to walk like somthing was possesing him he didnt even move his back when he got up. The boy and Liam got on the buss and headed back to their own town. The buss driver seemed all calm now like nothing happend like he forgot what happend after being touched by the boy his hand. Liam stayed close to the boy all the time and placed her body next to him in a hug when they sat down "You're so warm"  as they arrived at the buss stop at the boy his town they got out of the buss and headed home Liam couldnt controll herself anymore she couldnt let loose of him. She only holded his hand at first but already hugged him while walking soon after "Ill piggyback you" He raised her up to his back and continued walking towards his home "Why do I feel so cold" The boy turned his head around a kept walking with the same speed "You aren't human anymore you died an hour ago" Liam didn't seem to act all scared about being dead and enjoyed the warmth of his body as they headed home. When they got home she was assigned to a bed that was left in a dusty room. The boy didnt seem to have any parents or anyone living her. Liam was told to get some sleep but after 10 minutes of lying in the bed she couldnt sleep at all. She was shaking from her cold body and wanted to have some more warmth. She got up to his room and headed into his bed immediatly hugging him. The boy didn't seem to mind at all and let her sleep next to him. three months had passed and she still did nothing all day the boy grew tired of her and sended her towards a special school for people with weird powers where he got invite for but still didnt accept it. With some struggle she was headed towards athalia to try to live a normall school life.

Theo's Food Preference Test

  • Love: Human Flesh - "I can't say that it tastes bad."
  • Hate: Onions - "All onions should be burned by hell fire."
  • Mixed: Popcorn - "It's so sweet at some times and its really convenient to take it with you when its still in those little seed thingies. But it's so dry when you eat so much."

Further Information

She only takes math because of her sleeping times. And she likes to watch scary movies with people.

Has a big scar on her back from the ceiling collapsing.

Athalia History



Gumi, Kagamine Rin - Reincarnation (リンカーネイション)