Lily Brightendale



Lily Brightendale is a long-running character in the Athalia universe created by HylianRose, who attended both Kalmaysia Academy and Athalia Academy. All photos used for her to not belong to HR and if she ever started to make a profit from her character, she would change the appearance and pay an artist.


  • Gender: female
  • Species/Race: fallen angel
  • Age: 21
  • Height: 5'5" / 1.65 m
  • Weight: 125 lb. / 56.70 kg
  • Hair Color: Red/Pink
  • Eye Color: Ocean Blue
  • Skin Color:
  • Figure: 


Angels are mysterious creatures. No one knows for sure quite what to think of them. Some of the are old and others died nearly minutes ago. There are common angels that stay in Heaven most of their life and then there are Arch-Angels that are souls so pure, they have been given a title and a job. They travel between Heaven and earth to do God's bidding. There are evil angels too. When an angel goes 'rogue' so to speak, they are cast from heaven and become Fallen Angels. If an Angel dies, they are sent to limbo where they must become Dark Angels in order to escape. Each different type has their own powers, some stronger than others. For example, a regular angel has the ability to heal certain wounds. A dark angel has the reverse of that, the ability to make wounds worse. Lily, herself, is an Arch-Angel though she doesn't know it.











Theo's Food Preference Test

  • Love: Pancakes - "Mom used to make them all the time..."
  • Hate: Nuts - "They're so... gross."
  • Mixed: Fish - "I just... I dunno."

  1. What are you? Angel.
  2. How do you see yourself? Pitiful.
  3. What is your personality? Naive.
  4. Where would you like to be most right now? Nowhere.
  5. Why? Unloved.
  6. What is your purpose? Unknown.
  7. Who are your friends? Everyone.
  8. Why? Desperation.
  9. What do you consider most important to you? Memories.
  10. Do you have any regrets right now? Mistakes.
  11. What would you like to do in the future? Love.
  12. Why? Lonely.
  13. What makes you angry? Disrespect.
  14. Why? Uncool.
  15. What makes you happy? Needed.
  16. Why? Unneeded.
  17. What was the most important memory for you? Xanthus.
  18. How has that memory shaped you as a person? Depression.
  19. What are you lacking right now? Hope.
  20. Do you intend to do anything about it? Wait.

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