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This is a list of rivalries in the Athalia universe, including protagonist-antagonist, antagonist-antagonist and protagonist-protagonist.


The most obvious kind of rivalry, protagonist-antagonist rivalries are those relationships between individuals on different sides that are more personal than the usual adversarial relationships.

  • Maria Ann Cross and Apophis - the two share a particularly personal rivalry compared to the rest of their subjects, with Maria being the principal of Athalia Academy and its primary protector, and Apophis usually leading offensives against it.


Sometimes a rivalry within the Academy's ranks is as simple as a grudge match or a mutual disliking, but it can turn violent.

  • Allan Lynch vs. Dani Hart - less of a rivalry and more of a bully-victim relationship. After Dani accidentally falls into Allan (incorporeally) shortly after the welcome ceremony in Season One, Allan vows to take revenge, eventually smashing Dani through a table at the Student Center party that evening, initiating chaos and the Allan/Bael brawl (see below).
  • Allan Lynch vs. Bael - As a result of Allan's targeting of Dani, Bael steps in and transforms into his full demon form, and the two trade blows for a long time, destroying much of the student center and the dorm room below in the process. It takes an Inception Button from Carmen's trumpet stops the brawl.
  • Matthew Terrison vs. BaelMain article: Baelily and Mattily. This Season One cold war originates from a mutual love interest in Lily Brightendale.
  • Matthew Terrison vs. Oona Fredrick - for whatever reason, the Phoenix and the Selkie share a chronic dislike for one another, starting the moment they meet in Season One.


Even amongst the ranks of Hell, personal rivalries can form.

  • Apophis vs. The Madministrator
  • Apophis vs. Thane
  • The Footsoldiers vs. Themselves