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Melanie Slaughter is a teacher at Athalia Academy played by Scallop. She is an Anti-Vampire.


  • Melanie's name came about as a result of a thoroughly nonsensical chat conversation in the Athalia Academy Active Posting Etherpad. Scallop had decided to make a female teacher and needed name suggestions. Driving Park was suggesting all kinds of perfectly reasonable names including (but not limited to) Velociraptor Clintthrust, Double Ristretto Vortex Slicer 9000 (With Ice): Salvation Army Edition, Luke Skywalker, and Biff. HylianRose suggested Melanie as a first name, which stuck, and when Driving Park then suggested Sergeant Slaughter after a comment from Theobromine that "your suggestions are getting less feminine" [quote probably not exact], Melanie Slaughter was born.
  • To recount that chat conversation before I forgot it was the only reason I made this page.