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Mercedes Jasmine Clueman, commonly known as "Mercy", is a teacher at Athalia Academy created and played by FaithsRose.


  • Gender: Female
  • Species/Race: Angel/Human
  • Age: 21
  • Height: 5'7" / 1.70 m
  • Weight:  lb. /  kg
  • Hair Color: Moonlit Silver/White
  • Eye Color: Cornflour Blue
  • Skin Color: Pale creamy
  • Figure: Typical hourglass
  • Tattoos: a tribal fox curling up her left side and the Japanese Kanji for love (; Ai) on the inside of her left wrist
  • Scars: center of right hand (3 cm vertical) and left side of head just above the eyebrow (small horizontal)


  • She can sprout angel wings from her shoulder blades, meaning she can fly.
  • She can create force fields with her mind and has the ability to manipulate them into concussive blasts.
  • She can heal people with her hands, creating a warm glowing light. She transfers her energy into the target healing them. In order to do this she basically transfers the injury from the person she is healing to herself, therefore her healing abilities are very limited. 
  • Mercy’s true power lies in the people she is connected to, so the people she has relationships with, people who think fondly of her or appreciate her. The more connected people she has around her the stronger she is, love is by far the strongest connection Mercy can have. 
  • She can summon a bow and arrow made out of light energy, the arrows although they glow and are made out of energy are the same as normal arrows in what they do, the only thing special about them is they are bathed in Holy light, demons can react badly to being pierced by one of these bad boys. 


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