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Credit to the original artist.

Credit to the original artist.

Mizuki is a character in the Athalia Academy universe created and played by Driving Park. She is neither an antagonist nor protagonist exclusively, frequently travelling back and forth across the moral compass.


  • Gender: female
  • Species/Race: kitsune
  • Age: 24
  • Height: 5'8" (1.73 m)
  • Weight: 125 lb. (56.70 kg)
  • Hair Color: silver
  • Eye Color: yellow
  • Skin Color: fair pale tan
  • Figure: slim, curvaceous


  • Fox-Fire Manipulation - As a kitsune, Mizuki utilizes fox-fire as her main offensive weapon in unconventional ways such as hypnosis and life-force draining.
  • Hair Manipulation - Mizuki can move her head hair and each of her tails as if it were another appendage, and use them for various purposes, including attacks, defense, and comakinetic flight.
  • Lunar Empowerment - "Mizuki" means "beautiful moon", and Mizuki is thus the lunar fox-spirit. When it is night, especially a full moon, her power is augmented.
  • Trickster - Enhanced Thievery, Regenerative Healing Factor (slow).
  • Kitsune Physiology - Enhanced Hearing and Smell, Night Vision.


- Where’s Waldo?: Using her fox-fire’s limited light manipulation properties, Mizuki can create holograms of herself and others and control them. These holograms are completely indistinguishable from the actual person due to manipulation of light particles. Using a hologram in combat will split her available energy between herself and the hologram, so there is no net gain in power or effectiveness. Use of more than one hologram simultaneously is only useful for causing confusion, as there isn’t much energy left to attack or defend with. In addition, although she can create holograms of others, she cannot duplicate their voice, as sound manipulation is not one of her abilities. Thus, duplication of others is only useful when speech is unnecessary. Finally, although the holograms look 100% real, they are incorporeal and touching them will dissipate them immediately.

- Beam Me Up, Scotty: Using her fox-fire’s limited light manipulation properties, Mizuki can faux teleport in a blaze of fiery blue light. However, it drains a significant amount of energy and must be used very sparingly. In addition, she can only teleport to places she is looking at, as she is moving there at the speed of light rather than actually teleporting.

- She’s Dead, Jim: as a trickster fox-spirit inhabiting a once-almost-dead human body, Mizuki can convincingly feign death at will.

- Hypnotize Me, Cap’n!: Mizuki’s fox-fire is used as a hypnotic device with a lulling beautiful display of the mystical blue flames. As mind control is not in her portfolio, Mizuki can only lull and make targets go to sleep, and not control them. - Burn Notice: While Mizuki’s fox-fire possesses many mythical qualities that she prefers to utilize it with, it can still be used as traditional burning fire should the need arise, including blasts from the hands, mouth and tails. Compared to normal fire, it is hotter and burns longer, but is more easily extinguished when separated from its user (i.e. if she set a building on fire, it would be very easy to put out).

- Two-Way Street: Arguably Mizuki’s darkest and most benevolent ability simultaneously. She envelops a target in fox-fire, robbing them of their life-force until she is replenished, or even overdriven. Has the potential to kill if active for long enough. This is her most direct way of obtaining life-force energy, one of the three things she needs to survive (the other two being normal food and water). However, she can also use it the other way, transferring her own life-force to the target, potentially killing herself if active for long enough.

- Death Blossom/Supercombine: Mizuki grows additional hair at the end of each tail and head hair, which is then infused with fox-fire and separates into countless tiny hair spike bullets, which disperse in every direction. They can either function as bullets, creating intense pain and burning (due to the fox-fire) upon contact with a target (Supercombine), or as concussion grenades, creating small explosions upon impact (Death Blossom).

- Heads or Tails?: Mizuki’s only defense apart from offensive countermeasures is using her voluptuous hair as a shield. Part of her hair manipulation ability, her hair-shield has an extremely large area because of how much hair her head and tails have, and is movable at will. The strengthened hair is able to stop many forms of physical attacks, but is weak to others such as fire and does little to protect from magic.

- Burnout: Mizuki's last-resort is quite literally a burnout, using all of her energy in one go to completely overwhelm an opponent or area with a storm of her most potent fox-fire that both incinerates and drains life-force. Although the move is extremely powerful and essentially unavoidable, she is unable to use any abilities at all after its conclusion for a period of twelve hours, and is unable to even move (remaining limp) for an hour. A true last-ditch attack.


Mizuki is an on and off switch. When in a fight, it's all or nothing, which causes her to be far more aggressive than what is necessary for maximum effectiveness and survivability. She will rain down her own attacks without so much as checking for a counterattack. If she sees it, she will counter it, but the likelihood of her not seeing it at all is high. This also applies to collateral damage, which she both doesn't watch out for and views as an acceptable price to pay in battle, so it's generally a good idea to stay far away from her in a fight.

Mizuki and her fox-fire are very weak to water users, especially as fox-fire can contain electrical properties.

As a kitsune, Mizuki is weak to and afraid of dogs.


Mizuki is a fiery kitsune with a similarly fiery personality. Thanks to her "hood" upbringing, her social filter often goes unchecked. She is sarcastic, snarky and cynical and enjoys playing tricks on people. At the same time she is protective and outgoing with those she likes. She rarely spends a night in, instead preferring to go out and experience the night life. She feels as if she is at her best during this time (and with her being the lunar fox-spirit, this deduction is well placed) and is extraordinarily confident once the sun goes down. She is fairly well known among certain Xiento circles for her club antics and exotic beauty, and she absolutely hates it. She'd much rather just live a normal life under the radar, but everyone else would rather watch a reality TV show about her.


Mizuki was born under the full moon in a small town in the Freelands. From a young age it became obvious that she was not a normal human girl. The apparent abscence of biological parents, the unusual things that she was capable of, and of course the tails that everyone around her lacked presented enough evidence that she was not the same. This, of course, was confirmed by the fact that she was ridiculed for it by her peers almost immediately. The less than civil nature of the culture surrounding her meant that she (along with everyone else) had to learn to fend for herself. As she grew up so did the intensity of the peer-to-peer cruelty, but she was learning the ways of both the world and herself at a rapid pace and she began using her fox-spirit abilities to deal with aggressors. It was when she was forced to kill an attacker in public view that she was told to leave town immediately if she wished to continue living. And so, at age 16, she left under the watchful eye of a full moon to head north and find a more civil place to continue her life.

That "more civil place" was a small town on the northern coast of Kora. It seemed quiet enough, and the populace integrated Mizuki into their society without much of an issue. However, there was a large problem that took a few years to surface: the town was (and is) an active High Roll Mafia area, due to its proximity to the port leading to High Roll Island, and after several run-ins and close calls with the mafia the fox-spirit decided it was in her best interests to leave for fear of a repeat of her experience in the Freelands. Being on the mafia's black list had far worse implications for Mizuki's life than getting kicked out of a podunk town in Okarlai, and so she packed her things and set off north once more.

When she first laid eyes on the seaside cliffs of southern Eqia, Mizuki had a feeling that Oasari would be the right place for her, without any felons or mafia to worry about. After a short period of time in Athalia Academy honing her combat abilities while getting educated a bit more formally than she had in the past, she found her way to Oasari's capital city of Xiento, and armed with her luxurious tails, her quick wit, and boundless amounts of snark and cynicism, the kitsune began to settle down, finally arriving at a sense of peace and security. She remains based in Xiento to this day, spending most of her time running away from people with cameras.

Further Information

Mizuki was first introduced in the second episode of the non-canon Noxonshaw, long before she was introduced in-character. It was written by NarayanK and Driving Park as part of a many-hour collaborative episode marathon, which included the first two episodes of the Noxonshaw followed by the first episode of Carmen Calandra's show, Athalian Idol. The pair of players stayed up extraordinarily late completing this trio of episodes, concluding at approximately 7 a.m. EST.

The name Mizuki means "beautiful moon" in Japanese.

The original inspiration for the character came from a multitude of sources. The idea to link the character to the moon came from HylianRose when Driving Park first considered making a second character. A long time passed between that conversation and when development of a second character (that became Mizuki) actually begun, but Driving Park remembered the lunar suggestion and incorporated it into Mizuki's design. The idea to make Mizuki morally ambiguous came from three reasons: the fact that it was the creator's apparent knack, the fact that the creator couldn't decide between making a nogitsune or zenko kitsune, and the fact that the two pictures the creator found (and really wanted to use) each portrayed a different morality.

The name "Kelly" was chosen as the character's name long before Mizuki, and was entirely chosen so that a certain Eurobeat song by the same name could be used as the character's theme. However, during character development it was realized that the character did not match the extremely uplifting mood of the song, and the theme idea was scrapped. The name "Kelly Miyabi" remained as Mizuki's public name until the Chronicles of Sarastrea revamp, when it was quietly dropped after never being important in-character.

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