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Name Fain Kanine, commonly known as "Cyber", is a student at Athalia Academy created and played by Destinyfailhorror17.


  • Gender: Male
  • Species/Race: Human
  • Age: 16
  • Height: 5'4" / 1.63 m
  • Weight: 120 lb. / 54.43 kg
  • Hair Color: Light brown
  • Eye Color: Red and Blue
  • Skin Color: Pale
  • Figure: Thin


  • Cyber Click: The Cyber Click is a bility where Cyber can change reality into some sort of video game. Cyber can interact the world as is was a video game. Giving him a vast amount of abilities like... Absolute Strength from games such as Hulk. Gain Speed or Driving Skills from games like Racing or Sonic games. Enhanced Marksmanship from every shooting game. Summoning weapons from different games. Head-up Displays. Magic by using every single power from fantasy games. Martial Arts from fighting games and much more..
  • Creation Life: This is different form Cyber Click; this ability is more of a portable use if he runs out of Cyber click. The ability can bring to life and wield the weapons created by video games into reality. He can bring out swords or guns from different video games like key blades or rocket launchers but only weapons no potions or healing spells.


  • Cyber Last: The “Cyber click” is only available for at least 30 minutes a day, and once that timer goes out then he is easily attackable and completely defenseless. 
  • Memory is required: May be limited to existing games or games the he knows about. However, this power doesn't necessarily rely on specific games. It could mimic general styles, genres and teams common in video games. He relies on remembering the ability of the video game so any users of Memory Manipulation can easily make him forget about the abilities he remembers.
  • Gain weakness: May also gain weaknesses depending on the video game that is mimicked.
  • Only one: Can only cast one video game physics ability at one of a time. 
  • Lag: One major problem, sometimes he can have lag on his abilities causing him to redo, go slow or even do the exact opposite what he is doing when using any of his powers. 
  • Game Console: Requires a working game console to use this ability. If game console is required, battery life and

    condition of the console is important to maintaining this ability. 


Any Video game abilty he remembers he will use it if he can. 


Cyber... honestly he doesn't know who he is, he is torn between the lines. After being rejected countless of times from acceptance he doesn't know what his purpose or existance is anymore. He seems to be this tough teen who doesn't like to be told what to do or even prefers to do things his way but inside he wants a bit more acceptance of who he is. Ever since he was a child he has been though to be a girl and some kids though he was weird for looking like the gender he is not.  

He believe that if he was going to be like this he will never be accepetd he started to develop a more harsh personality and hoped that instead of being ignore people will notice him for his verbal language and violent composure. Its all a mask for him, he is really a shy and quiet kid who just wanted to be notice and cared for. Cyber just want to hide that kid from the past, the one left behind and neevr even though to be though about and become this persona... instead of Nami, the shy little kid who is forgotten to Cyber a proud and reckless teen who cares but only himself.  

Nami... he is the real sweet, extremely shy, clumsy, awkward yet high spirited kid who actually wants to be a model but do to lack of self esteem and acceptance Nami really believed that he would be forgotten after death in a matter of minutes. With the new persona Cyber he left the past behind hoping for someone at least would remember and accept him, He started to play and like video game and became the video game brat teen that he was sure anyone would remember. 



Nami came from an ordinary life, a big brother, a mom and dad and a meduim sized house yet Nami had one big problem. He was ignored and easily forgotten by his peers and some people who he ever much knows but it seems that he wsas just a background and was completely ignored. A few years went by and Nami was still being ignored, his teachers, his class mates and his relatives. 

As he grew and one faithful rejection Nami decided to become someone else, If no one wants to remeber Nami then why would he be Nami anymore? He had the looks of a female teen so with a couple of accesories, make up and a new wardrobe instead of shy, quiet, nerdy, clumsy Nami he became Cyber the loud, rude, indepandant, kickass fighter who does what ever he wants.

As Cyber now lots of people recognized and remember him, no more ignorance of being forgotten... no more being left behind or being rejected and no more being Nami. Cyber learned about his powers after some guys wanted to have his way with him and then after he was able to defeat them. He got a letter to Athalia  and decided to continue his persona Cyber their and make sure that Nami is completely forgotten.

The full background before Athalia

Nami is just a simple kid, a regular family, a regular lifestyle... just regular but really he felt like he was born just so he can be forgotten enough. He had a kind family who cared for him and a big brother who always protects and cares for him and two pet dogs who are maybe his only friends. But there was something that walways bother him, everytime we goes out to play he ends up being picked on by the neighborhood bullies for his girly looks but then after that he gets ignored.

No one his age even talked of notice him, everytime there was a game of tag any kid would play but when he wanted to play with them it was like he wasn't there. Nami was left behind all the time, at nursery for his first day he introduced himself but at recess no one even bother to remember his name or even he was there. He would spend his days at acorner of the playground or at school looking down and just talking to himself. With the loneliness affecting him Nami made an imaginary friend named Rin Rin. A rabbit mouse creature who always talked to him.

Kids though that a crazy kid everyday would show but it was Nami all along not being noticed, Nami ended up talking to something that never existed yet Nami was happy that he finally have a friend. But as he grew older things were still lonely, he grew out of his childhood imaginary friend and began to pick flowers and collect shiny objects. Anything that was pretty or can shine brightly, he wanted to be that person, someone that can be admired and notice but he just hid and no one again notice the little kid. By the age of seven his room was filled with clear and shiny things and flowers adorned everywhere. He started to read magazines and notice models and how they are very pretty and adorn for.

Nami began to collect more things, he started to work out and save money so he can be like those models, someone to be known for. All of his efforts were still a miss as no one even looked at him, as slowly it consumes him, the ignorance and being forgotten was much a natural habit now. The loneliness didn't affect him yet he stil felt alon, he spend his lunch at school at the empty music room, Nami had good grades and was able to be in t

he top ten yet if anyone would see his name there they would wonder who was that kid. 

At his room, the room where he wished to be known his big brother Andie was there for him, eventhough Andie was at the sixth grade as Nami was at fourth grade he tried to help his little brother. Nami admitted his dream of becoming a model, he wished for people to notice and accept who he is so Andie helped him. It didn't help really but it did boost Nami's morals and believed he could do it. It was quiet fine how he lived since he felt much more confident than before yet when he had entered the sixth grade things went rocky, with bullies, teachers and also crushes came by his life.

He...had develop a crush on a student who he took music classes with at ten, he would watched him with the class play the piano and it made his heart flutter just watching him. Each day he would quietly watched the boy as the older kid lived his school life while not noticing the shy, clumsy kid watching and crushing over him. Nami was sure enough couldn't get enough of the boy, he would write stories and poems, draw little doodles and day dream. There was even one time that he was finally noticed as a bully who saw a frail little kid looking like a girl walking towards class and "accidentaly" tripped him, he though he would hit the floor but the boy was able to catch him. It made his heart flutter even more as the boy told him they should hang out sometime.

The first time he was noticed, he couldn't help to cry as he was finally noticed for many of years... instead of being this unknown forgotten kid he felt like he was Nami. It made him smile, laugh, cry... he never felt this happy before but as he went towards the boy to see if wanted to hang out at his home... the boy looked at him and even said. "Who are you?" Nami just... he accepeted it and just ran away, he finally though he had a chance yet it was fate... to never be remembered and to be the unknown student. It was sad yet he couldn't cry anymore, all he could do is accept it and live life. 

Nami had a bunch of troubles, bullies were the only ones to notice him yet they would wonder who he was each time, they would stuff him at the lockers or give him swirlies. He hated it, to be notice by these type of guys yet it just rolled with it. A few years pass by as he was 12 and he finally applied to a drama school so he can be at the big screen as well. he was still at the background but then came in much worse then the bullies...the flirts, it had seemed with his pretty features and girly body guys were drawn like a magnet to him yet he did like the attetion he didn't like where the crowd came from. Only 12 he was flirted by older men about 17 or so and they would always comment how he was so shy and quiet it was perfect.

He tried his best to avoid it, they would even try to grab and corner him but somehow he was able to snake away. Cyber had a crush on someone again but it was a different guy, it was a kid older and was a higher level than him. It was a silent crush but it still made his heart flutter. By the time of Valentines day Nami made homemade chocolate for the teen and gave it to him, as his hopes were filling up the teen rejected him harshly... dumping the homemade chocolates on his head and pushing down the stairs. Nami couldn't cry, he felt like he should expect that and suck it up...but the tears couldn't stop. As he went home in a mess and a broken leg, a letter about his application form was submitted the drama school he dreamed of going... he was denied.

It was weeks before Nami could ever leave his room, his family worried about him but everytime they enter his room he would shout and cry at the end. After being rejected and getting a broken leg, denying his application form... he believed... he truly believed that he was never need at the first place. He though of the easy way out, grabbing sleeping pills but as he looked at himself at the mirror before taking them Nami though of something else. What if he wasn't Nami?... what if he was a different person? It was just an experiment but he put on a bit more girlier clothing with camisoles and frilly skirts...something he wouldn't wear and put on some make up. One look... he felt like he was someone else... a more confident...proud...stronger self.

He took on the persona... Cyber... a rude, strong... noticeable person. Even the guy he had a crush on and dumped chocolates on him knew Cyber than Nami... He was never Nami again, no more of that shy, quiet, lonely kid but Cyber. He grew much more into the persona, it was all an act, a show so he can be remembered, at just 15  he became a flirt, kissed and let men tangle in his arms and did lots of troubling things like cheat but that was Cyber... not Nami. He never wanted to be Nami again, to become Cyber was fun yet... no one evern botehred to care for Nami at the beginging. 

As he found out his power as a vengeful teen wanted him back and tried to get with him Cyber was able to kick his ass hard with a move from a pokemon game brave bird. He didn't know what to do at first but he decided to learn more... he played lots of video games and tried to remeber all the moves he saw and tried them. Life went on as Cyber, he got a big reputation at his town and he was notcied, he finnaly left like he was known and famous. That was Cyber who was famous, the one being talked about and noticed yet at the back... he was forever Nami, he wanted Nami gone, he didn't want to remember the loneliness and rejection he had but he was Nami... a distant memory of the past. A letter came by from Athalia... he was able to smile and continue as Cyber but at the back of his head Nami was still there... crying. 

Theo's Food Preference Test

  • Love: Ramen - "The traditional meal!! The broth and noodles complement so well its perfect for my gaming snack."
  • Hate: Pizza - "It's just… bleh.. I hate it! it's so messy and greasy.. why call it gamer food again?"
  • Mixed: Beer - "I know I am underage but deal with it!! I love beer yet it makes me drunk really easily!"

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