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"NarayanK" is the Roleplayer Guild username of Athalia Academy's co-Game Master (GM), creator and player of a great many characters, and story arc creator.

When roleplaying on Athalia Etherpads, he appears variously as "Captain Falcon", "Ganondorf", "NK", "Super NK", and various other handles. He is generally referred to as "NK".

He seems to enjoy making various villains appear from the subways, essentially crippling the ability of any sane student to use these as a method of transportation. Eat Fresh

List of NarayanK's Characters

  • Ryuu Yamauchi
  • Tora Yamauchi
  • Apophis
  • Thane
  • Macbeth
  • "Lord Dyaus"
  • The Madministrator
  • Nikola T. Lovelock
  • Margaret Clementine
  • Hell's footsoldiers
  • The as yet unnamed Girl in the Subway
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