"Nero" was the Roleplayer Guild username of a former (essentially only Season One) Athalia Academy roleplayer. He created four characters: Bael, Tori, Zaelyn and Logan Norwigh. He played the first three throughout Season One, with Tori being a later addition and Logan not appearing in character before Nero disappeared from the roleplay and the Guild at the very beginning of Season Two. Bael was a very prominent character in Season One and, along with Matthew Terrison, began the roleplay-wide out-of-character Baelily vs. Mattily competition.

Nero returned in the end of Season Two and began effectively partaking in the roleplay again in Season Three, creating the Hall of the Elements side-arc, bringing Bael back as an antagonist and creating new student characters.

As of 2019 Nero is still active on the Guild, but his username has changed to "Aeris".

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