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The greek symbol of chaos. It is unknown why this is Nevix's avatar.


Nevix is the Roleplayer Guild username of the creator and player of Edric Karst. He is a total newbie to the Athalia Academy Universe. What he lacks in experience, he makes up for in enthusiasm. When on the Etherpads, he typically goes by "Nevix", "Nev", or "Evan".


  • Nevix is addicted to caffeine. He needs help, badly.
  • Despite the fact that Nevix's posts are often immaculate in terms of spelling, Nevix is actually awful at spelling. He just downloaded a spell-checking program. What a nerd.
  • Nevix is a self-diagnosed sufferer of "The Rogue Complex". This debilitating illness prevents him from playing anything other than rogue-like characters in video games.