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The "Noxonshaw" is a non-canon entertainment program in the Athalia universe created by NarayanK, and is the sequel to the "Ganonshaw". It is set in a similar twisted alternate universe as in the Ganonshaw and features similar episodic content such as interviews with various Athalia Academy students, played by their creators. The principal difference is the presence of six hosts instead of just the one: Ganondorf (as before), Mark Noxus, Agent Smith (from the Matrix universe), Megatron (from the Transformers universe), Apophis, and sanic hegehog (click link at your own risk; I am not responsible for any hearing damage). Beginning in the season finale (and some of the lost episodes before it), Dr. House (from his own television show) and Shulk (from the Xenoblade Chronicles universe) joined the show as the seventh and eighth hosts, respectively.

The show was begun during Athalia Academy Season Three, and the first season concluded on the night of January 29th, 2016, during the Legends of Lavanya alternate timeline season.

After most of Noxonshaw Season One had been written, NarayanK introduced a spinoff show called "Noxonshaw: Off-The-Stage."

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Season One

Season Two

Later Episodes

Lost Episodes

A number of in-progress and completed Season One Noxonshaw episodes were lost in during the lengthy interim period between the second Special Episode and the Season Finale, during which time the Legends of Lavanya Etherpad went down. These include:

  • An Episode Four that was begun before what eventually became Episode Four was released. This massive episode involved all three of the Three Musketeers as the main characters. In a romp through an American metropolis (Chicago or New York?), Crash turned into a dragon (who was affectionately dubbed "Crashizard") and flew Kathy, Carmen, and Mark Noxus around as they fought Megatron and other villains. Eventually, Kathy and Carmen ended up on the ground, and Carmen procured a Rocket Hog from the Halo video game series, making her entrance with the Red Team Warthog music from Red vs. Blue.
  • Two Episodes featuring Vikki Miller as the guest. One was a Special Episode 1v1 duel with Jihan Bang, similar to the released Special Episode II. This one took place in an abandoned multi-story mansion. The other episode took place in a labyrinth, wherein Vikki had to traverse a series of challenges to eventually face one or more of the Noxonshaw hosts in a duel. She had reached the final duel before the episode was lost.
  • At least two Noxonshaw: Off-The-Stage episodes, which took place in Ganondorf's Castle and featured extreme parodies of Athalia/Lavanya characters.


  • Episode Two, "Fox-Fire Zone!", was released before its guest, Mizuki, was introduced into the in-character canon.
  • Although the show had six hosts from the beginning, it wasn't until Episode Four ("Ackbar Approves") that all six were present in an episode.
  • The Season One Finale, "Multi-Man Melee", bears the distinction of being the first Ganonshaw, Noxonshaw, or Athalian Idol episode to include an original character from a roleplay that isn't Athalia Academy/Legends of Lavanya. The character is Xander Zahir, who comes from an RWBY-inspired roleplay called "The Archon Resonance", which is a roleplay on the Roleplayer Guild created by the same person who created Athalia Academy (HylianRose) and featuring several other Athalia players.