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Location: New York City

Description: The world has ended. Mark and Death stand in the same city they first fought against each other.

Victory Conditions:


  • Mark Noxus defeats Death Noxus before Death gets to activate his Noxus Engine
  • Mark Noxus saves all hostages from Death within five minutes
  • Mark Noxus drags out the battle for ten minutes


  • Death Noxus kills all hostages and kills Mark Noxus
  • Death Noxus kills Mark Noxus with Noxus Engine activated
  • Death Noxus defeats Mark Noxus within ten minutes

Instant Defeat Conditions:


  • Mark Noxus has the limb connected to his Noxus Engine torn off
  • Mark Noxus loses sight of Death Noxus. Mark must have Death in his sight at all times or else he will instantly die.
  • Mark Noxus is disarmed completely.


  • Death Noxus gets all of his limbs blown off.
  • Death Noxus' Noxus Engine is activated more than three times.
  • Death Noxus is disarmed completely.


  • Ryuu
  • Lily
  • Carmen
  • Garden
  • Solomon
  • Zivon

"MARK F--KING NOXUS," Death roared as his eyes blipped erratically at the sight of his oldest enemy. Standing in a decimated cement road, the ruthless manhunter grinned psychotically, pure violence existing in his train of thoughts, and violence only.

"Hi," Mark bluntly responded, an eyebrow raised at the destruction caused by Death Noxus. The manhunter had simply destroyed the United States of America, and perhaps a few other countries by himself; all to catch Mark's attention. The bounty hunter had been spending his time outside of Earth, so by the time he received a distress signal from North America, half of the Earth's population had been wiped out.

"Jesus CHRIST, you're a slow a-s, did you know that?" Death asked as he dusted his hands, shaking his head with disappointment, yet relief. "Seriously; you might as well call these chumps the opposition of the 'Seven-Second War,' ya hear me?"

"This is insane," Mark pointed out. "There's a line I did not mind you breaking, honestly... But you jumped over the line by a long shot."

"And it's all for getting you here, Mark Noxus! Noxus, Noxus, Noxus; I'm tired of being called the second-man-in-hand! Why does there have to be copies of me out here? Why does there have to be INFERIOR copies? How on Earth did YOU come to exist first when I am supposed to be the original?"

Death Noxus activated a cursed sword, the Black Harbinger, as he grit his teeth.

"I wiped out the existence of 'armies' with this stupid sword alone, Mark. In seconds. Seconds. How do you suppose that your own stupid weapon can work well against stupid, stupid old me? Oh? Maybe it's because we're stupid at an equivalent level. BECAUSE WE'RE BASICALLY THE SAME THING, RIGHT?! L.O.L.-"

Mark took out his weapon, activating his anti-plasma blade.

"There were people who had dreams, Death."

Death Noxus' eyes rotated as his head tilted. His open smile extending, Death croaked out,

"And Death takes away those dreams."

The two stood, staring each other down. Mark knew there were survivors; there was no way Death fought a fair battle. Where the survivors were, he did not know, but he sensed the presence of life just by concentrating on his surroundings. Death, however, did not seem to know of this particular trait of Mark's.

Without taking any second chances, Death Noxus roared before charging towards Mark, his cursed blade howling with joy at the sign of life. Death leapt towards the roof of a twenty-three story high building before propelling himself towards Mark within milliseconds. Mark took out his revolver and fired at the berserker's direction, only to have his psychotic clone deflect the bullet.

Remaining airborne for one more second, Death swung down his blade, causing Mark to raise his own weapon to barely block the attack. He felt massive pressure push his entire body down, and the instant moment Death landed, a crater formed beneath them. Mark did eventually find the strength to swing Death's weapon away from him before horizontally slashing at the clone. With an unnatural speed, Death Noxus snapped his own spine, bending himself so that he could dodge Mark's blade... and a hidden revolver shot headed straight towards his head. Finding himself spinning in mid-air, Death Noxus took out his own pistol before launching twelve bullets at Mark's direction. The bounty hunter, however, casually activated a shield of plasma by stomping on the ground.

"You improved," Mark said. "And you improved so disgustingly, I feel like killing a thousand cockroaches for the heck of it. They remind me of you, you know."

"Blah, blah, blah, blah," Death muttered, rolling his eyes as he put away his pistol. "You done talking yet? Cause I think you ARE, MY INFERIOR MAN!"

Tearing out his skin across the left side of his face, Death fired a gigantic beam of heat, destroying fifty buildings like a colossal warrior causing an earthquake. Mark felt his cheek singe from the heat as he barely rolled out of the way. Grinning madly, the mad manhunter turned off the beam before throwing a bloody dagger straight towards Mark. Swinging his sword, the bounty hunter deflected the dagger, causing the piece of steel to fly upward before falling down. Jumping up to catch the dagger, Mark threw the weapon back at Death, landing as he fired three revolver shots at Death.

Death Noxus seemingly disappeared, but Mark saw him. He saw him approach with a terrifying speed; it was almost incomprehensible as to how fast Death could have run so quickly.

No; he did not run that fast. Mark realized there was something behind Death's speed. After all, if Death were to move so quickly, Mark would have died much sooner. There had to be some catch behind the strange movements Death used.

The bounty hunter turned around, only to find Death carrying a person. Tied up with tape placed over her mouth, a woman known as Lily Brightendale struggled, tear marks present on her cheeks. It was almost cruel to see such a porcelain-like woman to be held by her hair.

"Mark! MARK! You see this?" Death asked as he twirled his pistol. "Let me teach y- JINX!"


"?! WHAT THE-"

Mark and the entire world stopped moving.

The bounty hunter felt his eyes widen as he noticed how Death's blade was placed directly next to Lily's neck. He was wondering what Death Noxus could have thought of to use a tactic involving mindgames. One mistake, and another life may be lost.

Mark gulped. How could he stop the blade? How could he stop her without being unable to move his arms fast enough to reach for his revolver and shoot a bullet? No, what if the bullet could not even reach her by the time he sliced her head off?

The bounty hunter took a deep breath

and screamed.

And screamed, and screamed, screamed, screamed, screamed. He screamed, and screamed.

"Noxus Engine," he whispered after he screamed so many times, "deactivate."

Time resumed.

Suddenly, Death felt ear-piercing screams run through his entire body. His eyes widening to the point where his internal machinery were present to the naked eye, the manhunter dropped the girl.

Before looking down at Mark Noxus with the happiest smile he made in a lifetime.

"Just kidding."

With that, he immediately fired his pistol at Lily Brightendale. Laughing madly, Death Noxus pointed at Mark, who remained frozen in a somewhat strange position.

"HA HA HA HA HA!!! You actually... Wow, I had no idea you could scream like that though."




Death felt something approach him from behind.


Almost instinctively, the manhunter turned around and swung his blade at the presence behind him, only to have his blade clash against Mark's. But he used one hand to attack Death this time, for under his other arm...

"...I really, really despise you and your stupid illusions," Death growled as his eyes turned blood-red, the glow behind his mechanical eye brightening. "That kinda ticks me off, my boy!"

The bounty hunter raised an eyebrow as he held Lily Brightendale close to his arms. For Mark, after he screamed, cast an illusional device over where Lily had fallen. Death had merely shot at a still image of Lily Brightendale.

"Screw you too," Mark grumbled as he activated a teleportation gadget for Lily to leave with. The fearful angel slowly vanished from thin air, causing Death Noxus to clutch his fake hair in rage.


Death Noxus tore his arm off, revealing trends of muscles slowly turning into millions of tiny blades. The arm that had been torn off slowly transformed into what appeared to be a minigun.

"...Holy sh-t," Mark muttered, his eyes widened as he backed away from the manhunter. As soon as the psychotic man unleashed a flurry of armor-penetrating caliber rounds at Mark's direction, the bounty hunter proceeded to leap over to a nearby building, running and running from the swarm of bullets. He heard a line of death approach him from behind, and he soon ducked before turning the other way.

"COME ON, MARK!" Death said as he flipped his arm over, a bazooka round prepared just for demolishing buildings. "Come on over; let's play."


The manhunter fired a bazooka round at the building. But not only did it demolish the building, but shrapnels of explosives spread behind it, unleashing a massive cone of explosions to erupt into the air. The shape of a skull lied within the cone of destruction; a signature Death Noxus enjoyed putting around.

Suddenly, Death raised his arm up, only to feel a blade cutting through his fingers.


The madman raised his face from his sliced fingers, a smile on his face.

"INTERESTING. HA HA. HE. Here, Mark, wherever you are!"

The hunter raised his fingers as he let small maggots crawl out of his fingers. One-by-one, they fell, falling on the ground like popcorn being spilled by an excited theater viewer. And as they fell, Death's body slowly vanished. When all of the maggots fell, he had completely disappeared.

Mark happened to find Ryuu Yamauchi behind a trash can in a dark alley. Sending the otaku into a different location, the bounty hunter also transported Zivon, who Ryuu had been watching over with the best of his abilities. His eyes were locked on the maggots that lied far away from him. For the time being, he could look somewhere else other than at Death.

He needed to find the hostages before using his Engine's full capabilities. It had the chance of erasing not only him, but many others around him. Of course, it was a chance, but Mark did not want to risk the lives of those who were still present.

Much to his surprise, the maggots abruptly crawled towards his direction with great speed.


Mark swung his blade down, clashing swords with a halfly-regrown Death Noxus that popped out of the maggots.

"HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! OHHHHHHHHHH, man, Mark, you really like to run away and do your own sh-t, huh? Quite the anti-social bastard here, right?"

"I find it ironic," Mark said with a grin, "that you're the one who's talking too much now."


Death fully regrew his body before flipping away from Mark, who activated a gauntlet hidden underneath his glove. Smashing where Death had been, Mark looked up, his eyes locking onto Death's.

"Come on, Mark! Fighting is like breathing!"

"And killing is what? Peeing?"

The manhunter threw three daggers at Mark's direction before shooting at Mark. Mark, on the other hand, raised an arm before swinging it, smashing away several daggers from himself before catching a bullet with his sword. As the bullet fell down, Mark twirled his metallic blade, preparing a more defensive stance.

Death Noxus needed more time before activating his Noxus Engine. Unlike Mark, if Death overcharges his Engine, he needed to wait for ten minutes. A few minutes had already gone by. Mark was losing time, and Death was winning it.

With that said, Mark took out a playing card. It was all or nothing.

Unfortunately, Death made Mark lose his chance of winning everything by shooting the card instinctively.

"OooooooooooooooooooOOOOOPS! My bad, Mr. Noxus," Death Noxus said with a smile.

Mark did not move.

"...Oh, come-FREAKING-ON-"

Death threw his blade towards where Mark had moved towards. Holding the same card in his hand, Mark suddenly turned into the same color of air.

As Death turned back into his puddle of maggots, Mark quickly ran through buildings. He jumped and looked and looked, until finally, he found a person huddled up in a bedroom. Mark touched Garden gently, sending her away from the destroyed land.

All he needed to do was find the two more lifeforms that remained on the battlefield.

Though, Mark knew he had to pay attention to Death, for he knew that he had to jump out of the building at that moment. Leaping out of a window, Mark flew from a building that blew up violently, landing on the ground with his eyes locked on Death once more.

"Two more," Mark said with a grin.

Death smiled even wider. "I won't let you let them leave alive."

This time, Mark took the offensive and took out his own dagger, slashing at Death Noxus like a vertical tornado. Blocking the attacks, Death deflected about five of the blade slashes before pulling back, going straight in to stab Mark. The bounty hunter, however, managed to push himself above Death's blade, for he flew behind Death as he shot the manhunter's head.

"OW! Okay, that seriously hurt. Can I brutally harass your family- no wait, you only have your sister. Can I harass your sister, Mark?"

The bounty hunter replied by shooting Death's foot, which barely managed to avoid the attack.

"...Good answer, I guess."

Death smiled.

And then, he disappeared once more.

Suddenly, Death appeared with two hostages. The two final hostages present on the battlefield.

"This is getting nowhere," Death said. "Actually, I noticed I'm starting to sort of... lose my touch. Sooooo I'll let these pretty ladies deal with it."

The man tapped Solomon's head before tapping Carmen's head. The two women suddenly fell unconscious, falling on the ground roughly.

As soon as they fell, however, their bodies slowly picked themselves up. It was as if there was some sort of... force pulling them up. Their feet slightly above the ground, the two women slowly approached Mark as Death fired between them, finally shooting Mark straight in the chest.

Mark felt two bullets fly through him, though one bullet gracefully flew past him instead of entering his body. He had just been shot in a vital area.

Venom, Mark thought, realizing how his mind felt weaker.

"Mark," Death Noxus said, his mechanical eye slowly gathering power. "See ya!


With a maniacal laughter, Death fired a beam of heat at Mark. Light enveloped where the bounty hunter once was, and the man apparently scattered across the ground.

"Woo hoo! That sounds like blood rolling around like usual," Death said.

"It does, doesn't it?"

"?!?!? WHAT-"

Death felt a knife slide through the back of his neck, through his spine, through his pelvis, and through his stomach. Bursting into an explosion of blood, Death Noxus felt like he would drown in his own blood. Red painted the world he destroyed. A red color that belonged to him that spread across a world he made.


His body partially sliced in half, Death Noxus backed away as he felt his world spiraling towards a state of madness. Something felt wrong, yet so familiar. It was the scent of death that approached him.

Mark had fooled him yet again.

"But Ma...rk," Death asked as his bisected mouth spoke awkwardly, "what can y...ou do now?"

The bounty hunter, who stood behind Death with Solomon fading away to a safe area, felt his eyes widen at the sight of Carmen crawling on the ground, with Death standing over her. His blood had sprayed all the way to her and drenched her legs in blood. Desperate in trying to stay alive, the Skylark crawled and crawled, hopeful in seeing the light of day, and hoping that what she experienced was just a bad dream that she just needed to talk with her friends about. They could help her.

If she lived, that was.



"GHKRGPUAWHABAHHAHAHAHABWAHAFHGVALWD..... UG..H...H......H...H...........H.............H..."

Mark frowned. The sight of someone who fell into the fate of being a mere copy of him... felt unbearable to watch.

For, in a sense, Mark was the true villain for even existing to allow such an abomination to be made.


"...Dreams are nice, Death."

The bounty hunter sped towards the bloody mess that was once known as Death Noxus. The bloody mess blindly flew over to Mark Noxus, leaving behind a trail of infinite blood, screaming in pain, agony, sadness, sorrow, and an eternal loneliness that finally burst out into a firework of gore.

Mark slashed through Death's bisected neck, arms, and legs.


And as he slashed through the man who simply wanted to have something he could talk to, Mark felt his eyes widen. The voice of someone that was not a mere clone of himself... escaped Death through his final words.


Death fell.

And Death died.

"Farewell," Mark muttered. There were no tears to be shed, but deep down, he knew that he had all the reason to cry. He had, after all, killed someone who was horrifyingly transformed to resemble him. Someone who went through the fate of being unable to be oneself, no matter how they tried.


The bounty hunter stood, turning to Carmen. The Skylark looked up at him with pleading eyes, her body nearly in a mangled state.

"...This was all a bad dream," Mark said, walking over to Carmen before kneeling to her. "You will forget everything about it, and you should never remember it."

A hand touched Carmen's face tenderly. Mark finally felt weak, and as he let Carmen fade away as well, spoke softly.

"It's a gift to have good dreams, after all. No room for bad dreams; just save it for the good ones."



The battle ended with Mark standing as the lone survivor in the United States of America.

-The End-

Next episode: Special Episode II: Red VS Blue

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