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Location: Osaka

Description: A classic 1v1 battle that takes place in an active city! The battle not only takes place on the roof of an old temple, but it also shifts through construction sites, buildings, and even blimps at occasional moments. There is also a catch at the end of the transitions!

Victory Conditions:

Ryuu Yamauchi and Jihan Bang

  • One of the two reaches a flag and runs back to the first location. A Capture-The-Flag-esque objective that involves only a single flag.

Ryuu Yamauchi

  • Defeats Jihan Bang
  • Activates Paradise Dreamworld and touches the flag within five seconds after its activation
  • Avoid five Overdrives delivered by Bang

Jihan Bang

  • Defeats Ryuu Yamauchi
  • Connect three Overdrives successfully
  • Attack Ryuu with 100-hit combos... three times.

Instant Defeat Conditions:

Ryuu Yamauchi

  • Gets hit by Soul-Calming Water Palm Fist
  • Gets knocked out of Osaka and into the Sewers
  • Gets attacked while activating Paradise Dreamworld

Jihan Bang

  • Gets Taekwondo Assault countered by Ryuu's Crazy Tokyo Spin Attack
  • Gets hit by Ryuu five times while Paradise Dreamworld is activated
  • Gets Taekwon Rushhour's Counter version countered by Ryuu's Toradora Roundhouse Smash

The Flag

The flag lies on the nearest building to the Osaka Temple! Capture the flag and return it to the temple, and instant victory will be handed towards the one still carrying the flag.

"Hm!" Bang said, glaring at Ryuu as he tied his black belt around his waist.

"...What's your problem, dude?" Ryuu asked, somewhat disturbed by how passionately the Taekwondo fighter stared at him.

"I don't know, young pupil," Bang answered. "You sort of look half-a-sed."

"HALF-A-SED?! WHAT'S WITH THAT TRASH TALK?! The match didn't even begin, a-stard."



"Noob Yamauchi. I find it a fitting replacement for your name. But do not worry; if you improve, I will call you Padawamauchi instead."

"...I actually think Noob Yamauchi is better than what the f-ck you just said."

Ryuu took out his lightsaber, activating it with a grin as he readjusted his sunglasses.

"I'm gonna make you take back your word, Bang."

Jihan Bang prepared his own stance, giving Ryuu a creeped-out look. "I didn't even tell you my name... Noob Creepichi. That sounds better."


The instant moment Ryuu began to scream, Bang ran towards Ryuu, placing a clenched fist by his waist. Taken aback by the Taekwondo fighter's speed, Ryuu immediately raised one of his legs, smashing aside a palm fist Bang attempted to use against him. Unfortunately for the otaku, his other hand was preoccupied by holding a lightsaber. Connecting the palm attack directly with a Fast Kick, Bang kicked Ryuu's knee, then his stomach, and then straight towards his head, knocking the student away.

Flipping over, the sunglasses-wearing student barely managed to land on his feet, his hand supporting him from falling on his face.

His lightsaber still in hand, the sunglasses-wearing otaku stepped towards Bang- and by step, Ryuu seemingly sped towards the Taekwondo fighter. Bang, however, felt his presence, and even Ryuu's intention to attack him. His eyes piercing through Ryuu's sunglasses, the man formed water by his foot before swinging it upward, sending Ryuu's lightsaber flying behind him.

"What the-...?!"

"...Hm! ORAAAAAA!"

Bang swung down his foot, sending his foot colliding against the top of Ryuu's head. The Crescent Kick sent Ryuu falling on his face, though the otaku somehow managed to deal with the pain and grab Bang's foot. Pulling harshly, the sunglasses-wearing man tripped the Taekwondo fighter before grabbing the man's waist. Ryuu pulled and lifted Bang up in the air before delivering a powerful Tiger Suplex, causing Bang to twitch and attempt to pull out of Ryuu's grip.

The Taekwondo fighter did manage to pull himself out, and when he did so, he rolled away to safety. He turned back to Ryuu, who walked over to his lightsaber and picked it up calmly.

The otaku's spirit was far from calm, however. Impatient with waiting for the man to actually attack first, the otaku attempted to stab at his direction when suddenly, the temple they fought on shook violently.

"NANI?!" Ryuu screamed instinctively as Bang attempted to regain his balance.

Soon, the temple blew up into a massive explosion, and the two fighters were sent flying towards the skies. Spiraling helplessly in midair, the two landed straight on top of the rooftop of an unfinished building. Ryuu landed by the attic's entrance, while Bang landed right at the edge of the building.

The two stood up immediately, running straight at each other. This time, Bang swung a Side Thrusting Kick, but Ryuu ducked over it swiftly. Bang then swept his foot across the ground, still spinning with the momentum he used for the Side Thrusting Kick. The otaku jumped, and as he landed, Ryuu proceeded to duck once more, dodging yet another Side Thrusting Kick before slamming into Bang with a football tackle. The Taekwondo fighter tumbled across the building, skidding across the ground as he regained his footing.

Sighing, the sunglasses-wearing spun around his sword, gathering as much plasma as he could into it. The sword soon extended its length and, by the time it grew over seven meters, Ryuu proceeded to swing it straight at Bang. He finally connected a hit with the plasma, though Bang seemed to take it well.

When Ryuu slashed once more from a moderate distance, however, Bang formed water by his fist before punching through the plasma, shattering Ryuu's concentration. His eyes dead-set on the otaku, Bang leapt into the air before falling down with an Airborne Axe Kick.

The otaku suddenly smirked as he muttered "Gotcha."

Spinning around, Ryuu swung his blade at the airborne Bang, propelling the Taekwondo user off of the building. Plummeting towards a container filled with water, Bang saw Ryuu fall down towards him.

The two landed into the container, and the container's lid soon sealed the object shut. The container rumbled, shook, and violently moved around, twenty dents appearing on the object within five seconds. Soon, the object blew up, and the two fighters found themselves floating straight into two water slides made by make-shift building construction pieces.

As the two sped down the slides, Ryuu and Bang both jumped off the slides, landing on a building with a far lower height than the previous one they fought in. When the sunglasses-wearing student turned around to find Bang, however, he was met with a straight kick to the face. Tumbling off of the building, Ryuu landed on the streets of Osaka, Bang following suite.

"Hmph," Ryuu grumbled as he stopped rolling across the ground. "That hurt quite a bit, Femon Yang."

"It's Jihan Bang, Noob Creepichi."


As if attempting to say "No" in the kindest way possible, Jihan Bang suddenly Axe Kicked the ground, sending a tide of water over at Ryuu's direction. Growling out of frustration, the otaku picked himself up, his eyes crackling with plasma energy.

"Paradise DREAMWORLD!"

His eyes now crackling furiously with red plasma, Ryuu slashed through the tide of water and began to mindlessly swing his heavily empowered sword. With the length of the sword increased, Bang found himself getting hit rapidly, unable to punch through the plasma with his water manipulation.

That did not mean to say that he could not catch the blade, however.

With a serene mind, Jihan caught the furiously red blade of the extended plasma sword with the tips of his fingers before swinging it down on the floor. With the blade literally smashed into the ground, Bang jumped on the blade before running straight up to Ryuu Yamauchi.

"Oh, crap-"

A Spinning Jump Hook Kick knocked Ryuu's sunglasses cleanly off of his face. As Ryuu toppled over due to the blinding light that shined over them, Bang landed behind the otaku, stretching his shoulders before turning back to the otaku.

"...Hm," Bang grunted as he walked up to the sunglasses that fell off of Ryuu's face. Picking it up, the man tossed it over to Ryuu.

"Wear it. You cannot fight without it, can you?"

The otaku growled, his teeth grinding against each other. Paradise Dreamworld had clearly ended, but something... different seemed to emit out of the boy.

"Hm?" Bang raised an eyebrow as he saw a strange black substance cover the boy. "What on Earth is that?"

The substance covered Ryuu's body before materializing into a full set of red armor. Getting up quickly from the ground, Ryuu turned around, staring at the Taekwondo fighter.

"...I do not know what you just used, Noob Creepichi," Bang said, preparing his stance once more. "But if this is a sign of you taking me seriously, I will gladly take you on, Creepichi (lol)."

Ryuu(?) cracked his knuckles before raising a palm.

Almost instantaneously, Bang felt a powerful blast of plasma send him flying into a massive slab of concrete. Tumbling into a dark building, the Taekwondo fighter shook his head, wheezing due to the dust that formed around him. He was met by another blast of plasma, which also blasted him through the building yet again. Now outside again, Bang barely stood back up.

"That was impressive," he commented. "I will now call you Padawacreepichi."

"Keep your eyes peeled," the armored Ryuu growled before roaring. Gathering plasma once more, the armored being fired a blast of plasma, both of his hands used to extend its length.

But yet again, Bang found a way to counter the attack.

"...?! What the f-...?! How did he-"

For Bang caught the blast of plasma with the tips of his fingers. Now, Bang himself was aware that he could not catch anything other than the limbs of fighters. He, however, noticed something.

The plasma never completely left Ryuu, and he sensed the intentions behind the attack. To Bang, all the Taekwondo fighter saw was just a massive limb sticking out of Ryuu every time he fired the strange blasts of plasma.

Grabbing tightly onto the plasma, Bang pulled Ryuu towards him with great force. He calmed his mind down.

"Technique of Water," he uttered. "Soul-Calming Water Palm Fist."

The Taekwondo fighter punched Ryuu directly in the face with the particular attack, shattering the armor instantly. Ryuu's body tumbled over yet again, his stamina fairly depleted. Bang had (surpisingly) defeated the strange form of Ryuu with great speed, but he had not yet used the Soul-Calming Water Palm Fist directly against Ryuu himself. Apparently, there was some sort of life within the black substance that once covered the otaku's body...

Since this was a Noxonshaw episode, however, Bang did not give a single f-ck about the armor. Instead, he turned around and ran towards somewhere.

"...Huh?" Ryuu let out as he stood up, almost dead from his own depleted stamina. The early defeat of the parasite armor left Ryuu with some energy, though he was not sure if he could even fight back at this point. He watched Bang disappear into a building.

...And soon, the Korean man ran out with a flag in his hands.

"...Oh, CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!!! I TOTALLY FORGOT WE COULD USE THAT FLAG!" Ryuu screamed as he forced himself to run. But it was no use. Jihan Bang would now remember him as Padawacreepichi.

Running into the temple, Bang ran and ran up flights of stairs before finally stepping into the roof of the Osaka Temple. As much as Ryuu tried to follow him, Bang arrived first with the flag.

"I DID IT!" Bang yelled happily.

And since Bang brought the flag into the destroyed temple (that only had stairs and some parts of the roof left), the flag vanished into thin air.

"YES! I have won this battle," Bang said. "But there are many more battles to win for me. I remember as a child when I first picked up a stone and threw it at a Coca Cola can-"

"Oh God..." Ryuu muttered as he covered his ears, falling on his back as he let Bang proceed to go on about his stupid past.

The day in Osaka slowly passed on. Jihan Bang had defeated Ryuu Yamauchi, and with his victory came his invitation to Ryuu. He offered the otaku a way to improve upon himself and excel to the point where he could be something other than "Padawacreepichi," and soon, Ryuu found himself training in Bang's dojo; not because he wanted to, but because Bang sent four-thousand letters of the same invitation to Ryuu every day.

-The End-

Next episode: Episode Six (Season Finale): Multi-Man Melee