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The Federal Republic of Oasari is a nation in continent of Lavanya created by Driving Park.

Basic Information

  • Common Name: Oasari
  • National Anthem (official): to be written
  • National Anthem (unofficial/popular): Paradise City - Guns 'N' Roses
  • Motto: to be written
  • Capital City: Silver City
  • Official Language: Oasarian Standard English (OSE). Commonly referred to as "Standard" by Oasarians, OSE is a variation of English that removes many spelling, pronunciation and grammatical discrepancies and inconsistencies with British English and American English. Unlike these forms of English, OSE has a bureau (the Oasarian Language Bureau (OLB)) that determines every aspect of the language and its rules - and not just assimilating everything that the language is mutated into.
  • Demonym: Oasarian
  • Units of Measurement: Metric
  • Type of Government: Quadruple Oligarchic Non-Paritsan Direct Democracy
  • Population: 74,279,038 (as of 2013 census)
  • Currency: Oasarian Dollar (OSD). OSD$1.00 ≈ USD$1.50
  • Drives on the: Right
  • Internet TLD: .osr


Oasari's citizens feel strongly about who runs their prized nation, so a direct democracy is possible. Each citizen gets a vote in every election that occurs, and usually 100% of the voting population does actually vote. That's the "direct democracy" part of the title. The "quadruple oligarchic" part has to do with the fact that Oasari has four leaders instead of the usual one. Called Emperors in a nod to the country's past, each one is associated with the season they are elected in, so there's a summer, winter, autumn and spring Emperor. The four Emperors rule together and (for most things) must have a unanimous vote amongst them to do something. In addition, while the leaders engage in typical democratic leader activities most of the time, they are also celebrities, wearing elaborate outfits that are at the pinnacle of fashion to public events. The requirements for becoming a candidate for leadership are more than normal; you must be a righteous leader, master of fashion, menace on the dance floor and slayer of teleprompters.

The Oasarian democratic system is non-partisan, with elections being voted upon by the public without concern for alignment to party ideals or any such dilutants. Elected leaders tend to align in the middle/moderate part of the typical United States political spectrum.

The current four leaders are Vernal Emperor/Empress [x], Summer Emperor/Empress [x], Autumn Emperor/Empress [x], and Winter Emperor/Empress [x].


Oasari is a mountainous nation, with elevation changes a regular part of an Oasarian's lifestyle. Its most prominent mountain range is the Chesapeake Mountains, located in the north. There are gently rolling hills, smaller mountains and a few flatter spots, usually where cities are located.


Tropical Monsoon (Koppen classification Am); average temperature year round is 68 degrees Fahrenheit

Oasarian Monsoons are known to be some of the fiercest storms in the continent, but Oasarians are similarly known to apparently not know that they exist. The art of going places in a monsoon is regularly practiced in the country, and "rain fashion" is an entire fashion subculture specific to Oasari, with designer parasols, raincoats and so on everpresent in the Oasarian fashion scene.




50/50, with immigrants coming from all over the world. Natural-born Oasarians take pride in their indigenousness (did I really just use that word?) but accept immigrants with open arms. Much of the immigrant population is from the continent, but immigrants from the rest of the world are common as well. One case of immigration from outer space has been recorded as well, by one Carmen Calandra (who retains her Oasarian citizenship).


The Oasarian Defense Force (ODF) is the collective name for Oasari's military, and as hinted by the name only exists for the purpose of self-defense. Like the United States, it is comprised of five branches: the Oasarian Ground Force (OGF), Oasarian Air Force (OAF), Oasarian Naval Fleet (ONF), Oasarian Special Forces (OSF), and Oasarian Coast Guard (OCG).


Oasari's economy is strong. While Oasari was in extreme debt for a time as they began construction on their massive infrastructure, they have since swung far in the black, thanks to their huge export market. Chief exports are [x], [x], [etc.], and even electricity ever since a massive undersea pipeline project was completed to route surplus Oasari power to other continents.


Transportation: Oasari's transportation infrastructure is state of the art. High speed trains scythe across the land and through mountains, North American-style freight trains transport goods, advanced subway, tram and bus systems serve the nation's urban areas, a well-maintained road network (including several Autobahn-like no speed limit sections) serves motorists, and the nation's two international and three continental airports serve air traffic. In some coastal cities there are even Venetian canal systems. Gas stations throughout the country have facilities for petroleum, diesel, electric, E85 ethanol, compressed natural gas, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Power: The country relies on a wide variety of power sources, including:

  • Hydroelectric (massive coastal plants that turn seawater into filtered, drinkable water while generating large amounts of electricity)
  • Nuclear (several nuclear reactor plants are located around the country, and are among the safest nuclear facilities in the world. With quintuple failsafes and rigorous qualifications to meet before a position there is possible, a meltdown is practically impossible.)
  • Solar (most houses and buildings in the country have at least one solar panel on the roof, and most are equipped with solar windows and shingles)
  • Wind (dedicated wind farms in the mountains and other areas, as well as innovate wind turbines integrated into skyscrapers and traffic lights)
  • Wave (wave machines off the coast generate power via the kinetic energy given by the waves)
  • Geothermal (some houses even have their own geothermal wells)
  • Pressure (sidewalks and even some roads generate power through the pressure of feet stepping/cars rolling)
  • Gymnasiums (not only do exercise machines like treadmills, ellipticals and bikes not use more electricity to operate than their gym generates in the first place, but using them generates electricty that is pumped back into the grid.)

The country invested heavily in the time-consuming, laborious and expensive process of burying ALL power cables in the country when setting up the first version of Oasari's power grid. As a result, power outages are exceptionally rare, even during monsoon season.




Before Oasari (and modern civilization) existed, within its future borders were a group of tribes. Originally over twenty, they gradually consolidated through a series of pacts, deals and of course wars to four large tribes, which were large enough to be small nations. The four tribes functioned unchanged for years, until one final war occurred that was bloody enough for the tribes' leaders to realize that they needed to put aside their differences and merge into one nation for the sake of the people. And thus, the original "Tribal Conglomeration of Oasari" was born, along with its four-leader system (one leader for each former tribe). It was not without hardships, but the rudimentary government worked for the time being. Eventually the leaders disagreed on so many things that the country basically ground to a halt, and in the failed government's place rose a monarchial dynasty much like the ones in Japan and China. The country was ruled by a single Emporer/Empress, whose word was doctrine, and the dynasty went on for generations.

Some of the rulers were benevolent, others tyrants. But it wasn't until democratic revolutions had begun elsewhere in the world that a ruler was so tyrannical that the country overthrew the regime.

Her name was Anastasia, and she ruled the country with an iron fist. She had absolute power, and oppressed every subject from her personal advisors to the lowliest serf. The people coped because they had no choice, but when she had her 100-year anniversary on the throne and had no signs of aging, the fuse was gone. Fueled by the democratic revolutions occurring around them, the public initiated the only democratic revolution in history that had zero resistance. Every soul in the nation except for the Empress herself wanted her hanged, and they didn't get their wish as she seemingly vanished from the face of the Earth. What they did get, though, is the original four-leader government back, reincarnated as a direct democracy. This government continues to this day.