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Oliver's human form

Oliver is a teacher at Athalia Academy, created by player Animelover_Princess. he is a spirit warrior, he is able to separate his soul from his body, which puts his body into a comatose state while his soul is able to fight on the spiritual plane. due to an accident when he was a child Oliver is in a wheelchair, he has barely functioning cybernetic legs that were a failed attempt to give him back the ability to walk. (he first appears in Athalia academy: Season Three.) he and Scillia Leblanc have a relationship.


  • Gender: male
  • Species: Spirit Warrior
  • Age: 22
  • Height: sitting - roughly 4' | standing - 5'8"
  • Weight: 150 lbs.
  • Hair Color: blonde
  • Eye Color: green
  • Skin Color: light tan
  • job: Computer teacher


Spiritual release: he can send his spirit out of his body to do his bidding, it can fight with anything that has a soul (but not without, however if he uses it to throw objects or use other things to hurt it, it can still do that),  his spirit is bound by all of the rules of normal ghosts, has to concentrate to affect inanimate objects, will go through walls, ext, except that to a being with a soul he is effectively a solid object, albeit a little harder to hit. he can still be harmed in spirit form, though it's harder and in general requires some kind of magical assistance (but considering literally everything at Athalia has some magic that doesn't change much XD)   

Spiritual conversion: if someone's spirit is weak enough he can pull it from their body, this doesn't kill the person but renders their physical body immobile while their spirit is outside of it, at which point the spirit can fight him or try and flee back into it's own body. but for strong-willed people trying to do this might hurt but it won't be able to pull their spirit out (whether or not someone is strong or weak willed is up to gms)


Oliver's spirit form credit to whoever made it

when his spirit is outside of his body, he's immobile and can in no way defend himself, if he and his spirit are separated then he;ll start getting sick and the longer their apart the worse it gets until he dies. and he's claustrophobic, even as a spirit so if you can get him in a small enough area he'll get scared and won't know how to react. he legs are heavier then the rest of him and make him severally bottom heavy whenever he tries to move on his own or if people try to carry him. and even when they work they are very barely the same strength as a normal human's legs and can keep him up and allow him to walk but their only addition in strength comes from how heavy they are.


he has  Intermittent explosive disorder, so he'll get angry over the smallest thing and over-react. but otherwise he's a total sweet heart, a quiet and kind boy, who tries not to get in anyone's way or be a bother, but he's fiercly loyal and when he finds somneone that he is loyal to he'll put them above himself every time. He is angered mainly by injustice, meaness, bullying, or disbelief due to his own experiences.


he was in an accident as a kid, and in the crash his legs were crushed. it was also during this crash that he discovered his abilities, when he was thrown from the car his spirit pulled itself from his body. when people didn't believe him afterwards he got angry and developed Intermittent explosive disorder and because he was uncontrollable his parents had him put in an asylum in hopes of him getting better. his legs had to be amputated and a scientist decided to try an idea for cybernetic legs on him. the idea was faulty at best and the legs rarely work, though in occassional bursts he can infact use them. he learned to better control it to a degree and a representative from Athalia came and offered to take him to the school, claiming it was a new-age psychiatric facility. his parents agreed and when they were alone the representative explained what Athalia really was and brought him here to begin his education.


electronics, magical history


working on it