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The Roleplayer Guild (in common usage "The Guild" or "RPG") is a text-based roleplaying game forum where Athalia Academy originated and was based from for the first two seasons. Featuring a large and diverse member base, RPG hosts numerous roleplays of many different genres, styles and writing skill levels.

It is in its second iteration, after the original site (known as "the Old Guild") was lost in a server crash (known as "the Guild crash" or "the Guildfall") and all of its content lost. Months later, the site was restarted by its administrator (known by his username, "Mahz"), and returning and new members alike started afresh.

On the old Guild and briefly on the new Guild, Athalia Academy was preceded by a series of three roleplays run by a different Game Master (GM) that had largely the same concept as Athalia. They were called Kamasyia Academy, Parithon Academy, and Kalmaysia Academy. A handful of Athalia players also played in these previous roleplays, and it was one of those players, "HylianRose", who began a successor RP when Kalmaysia ground to a halt.

The Athalia Academy roleplay threads are listed as "Casual"-level roleplays by the website, denoting the middle tier of writing proficiency and length, and usually defined as "at least three lines of text per post" and with moderate writing skill standards.

At the end of Season Two after a lot of prep work, the Athalia Academy roleplay moved from the Guild to a custom-built Athalia Academy Yuku forum, which is where it resided for the duration of Season Three. The roleplay was moved back to the Guild for the spring 2015 reboot, Legends of Lavanya.