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  • Gender: Female
  • 1091911-bigthumbnail.jpg
    Species/Race: Computer program
  • Age: 15
  • Height: 4'8ft " / 1,45 m
  • Weight:  94 lb. / 43 kg
  • Hair Color: Silver
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Skin Color: slightly tanned
  • Figure: Small and curved


Hologram form: Save has two sizes her, scaled down to whatever resolution the screen is size and her normal size when she is in the real world where she is displayed as an hologram. Her hologram form cant touch anything in the real world and would distort if anyone or anything goes into her body. The only things she can in her hologram form do is listen, talk, feel, smell, see. Save wont be able to walk away from the device in a 5 meter radius or she wil be changed back in her Cyber form.

Cyber form: She can go to wherever she likes as long as the device is connected to the device she is in. She doesnt need to eat nor sleep and can continue of forever without feeling anything. She wont age in her Cyber form nor her Hologram form and lives on forever.

Real life form: Her body is physical and can do anything the real body can do. Her body is solid and even feels like she is real. She only can use this form 30 minutes a day by the power Cyber door.

Hack: When she is connected to any kind of network she can get acces to anything she wants as long as it isnt locked away with a password it would take some more time. It is also possible to backdoor people their networks so that she can always get in as long as the person doesnt notice the whole backdoor.

Cyber door: It is possible for her to enter the real world when Cyber his Cyber click is activated. Her mind is split in two, functioning twice as hard so that she can both buff and upgrade her real life form and fight at the same time.

Cyber mix: Save can mix up with any game charachter that is saved in the device she is in.

Game physics: When Cyber door is activated she can buff her real life form via her Cyber form with any game physic that is saved in the device she is in.


She can only come to life 30 minutes a day when cyber is using his ability and needs internet if she has been deleted from the console she is in to reappear again. 


She has always been very lazy and really kind to people. You can't make her mad she would always have someway to evade anything that would be mean to her. She is always very calm at any moment She however can be very upset about sad stories and do anything to make somebody happy again.


Saorise was born in spain with a normal house, normal school and of course a normal family. Her life was just like the average middle-school student, she would go to school attend class and go home again making homework for the next day. The only thing that bothered her really was the amount of homework given to her each day. She didnt have time for herself, none at all. Being a A student on a school, sitting in a class that was way to high for any average middle-school student was a hard life to live. She was put in a special class for students with higher iq then all the other students. She didnt have any problems with interacting with them at all, but on the other end. They all seemed pretty shy and didnt know what to say to her most of the times. She gave up on those so called friends and tried to make friends with other students throughout the school. All the others didnt seem to be intrested in doing things with her in the breaks she had from her work. It didnt take long before she didnt know what to do anymore all the other people didnt even bother to get to know her even tough she is smart and all. She wanted to do something fun for once. While walking out of the school someday she walked through the shopping street to do some groceries. She spotted a little store with all these games and consoles lined up. There where so many of them, she saw some people sitting with each other playing on these consoles in the breaks they had on school. They did seem to have fun so maybe she should try it. She bought the newest console and some games and tried them out in the afternoon after her homework. It was enjoyable to see all these stories pass by as she kept playing more games. She quickly became addicted to more and more games. The breaks and all her free time after ruffling up her homework went to playing games. She wanted to be like those characters in those games. She went looking for these costumes of charachters on internet and bought a lot of them to wear. She thinked it looked adorable in the mirror on her body she didnt mind wearing those clothes all the time. People stared at her weirdly when she wore them in public but sometimes some girls of her school just started talking to her about how cool and cute she looked in some of those outfits. But she still felt lonely inside, those people who talked to her didnt feel like friends at all. These people just went onto appearance and not for how she was. It didnt get better for her, her parents seemed to be mad about her grades from the last time. Her grades only went a bit lower she still payed attention in classes but she wanted to just be normal. Not some sort of puppet student who always gets an A for everything. She talked to her parent and was lucky to hear that they didnt disagree with her, but there where still surcumstances for her. Half a year latter her parents decided that she could move over to an academy where there would be a lot more people of her niveau. So she grabbed her bags and went to this giant school with a lot of students in it. She was placed in one of the highest classes on school and could easily follow everything they said. She could speak english almost fluently with only a small accent. The people of her class didnt seem to hate or dislike her, she even made two friends who she spoke too from time to time. The cosplay however didnt go away she was still doing that full time. It felt like it was part of her and most of the students seemed to accept it only some of them bullied her for it. Another thing that was a problem was that she was the youngest student of her class, she was atleast 2 years younger then the others that where in her class but most of them didnt even notice it. School life went well for the most part but she still missed her family and felt homesick a lot. She did have company from some other girl since she lived in the dorms. The girl took care for her, she was a mother like typ to Save. She would do groceries for both of them and cook and all the other stuff with a but of Save her help of course. She also felt like she had her first crush on this one boy that was always quite and dindt talk much but quickly realized that she could better leave this person alone. He was wearing woman clothes and acted like one around the boys. She did talk to him a few times but he changed all of the sudden to this whole other kind of Nami. Everything in her life changed forever when she needed to clean everything after the lesson since she had cleaning duty this week. She found this 3ds lying on one of the desks, she felt the urge to play on it but she knew the desk was from Cyber. She couldnt resist to take a quick look at his games. She sat down at his desk and turned on the 3ds. She felt weird all of the sudden like her arms just dissappeared in fact they just did. She started panicking and trew the 3ds on the ground while still disintegrating into nothing. Particals from her body floated formed a line flowing right into the 3ds. She felt drowsy and fell back onto her back into a deep sleep. The panic kicked the nacrolepsia in and made her sleep while she was slowly fading from the world. Her body completely disapeared into thin air and the 3ds turned off.

Further Information

Has nacrolepsy in real life but doesnt seem to be affected in the cyber world

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