Sarastrea Wiki


Sarastrea is an Earth-like planet where the Chronicles of Sarastrea and Athalia Academy roleplays take place. It was created (along with Efini, the universe it inhabits) as a replacement/evolution of the short-lived continent Lavanya and the Athalia Extended Universe.

Note that the existence of Sarastrea and its use as the primary roleplaying setting does not negate the existence of the Earth in Efini.


Sarastrea comprises mostly large nations with a few smaller ones. Two of the nations, Oasari and Elaniel, are carryovers from Lavanya.

  • Aberon - Aberon is an international collaboration, essentially a supersized United Nations so large and important it is technically its own nation.
  • Elaniel - Elaniel is a nation located in the north the middle western continent, and is largely irrelevant by the Chronicles of Sarastrea roleplay. However, historically it was an empire of conquest and was much larger until the Northern War with Oasari. The original nation of Elaniel (in Lavanya) was created by HylianRose, while the version in Sarastrea is maintained as a non-player nation by Driving Park.
  • Eoslai - Comprising a relatively small portion of northern Okarlai, Eoslai is relatively weak economically but is advanced in certain fields. (Created by Nevix)
  • High Roll Island - A small island off the coast of Kora, High Roll Island is a haven for gamblers, criminals, and bounty hunters. (Created by NarayanK)
  • Kandla - A smaller merchant nation in the west, roughly the equivalent of Greece. (Created by Animelover_princess)
  • Kora - Kora is a modern, advanced nation that occupies all of its continent except for High Roll Island. (Created by NarayanK)
  • Oasari - Spanning the entire northern continent in the Eastern Hemisphere, Oasari is a technologically advanced nation with an exceptional economy and culture. (Created by Driving Park)
  • The Sarolai - Occupying most of Okarlai's surface area, the Sarolai is a mostly empty wilderness of desert and nomadic peoples. (Created by Nevix)
  • Xodria - A nation of dwarves, Xodria is the only geopolitical entity in Sarastrea whose population is not almost entirely human. (Created by Animelover_princess)


  • Levia Ocean - The westernmost ocean, separating the three continents in the west and bordering Kora.
  • Sea of Denath - A smaller body of water flanked by two western continents, a large archipelago, and the arctic.
  • Grewyn Ocean - The largest ocean that separates the two hemispheres.
  • Kyosai Ocean - The most frequently traveled ocean, bordered by Oasari, Kora, and Okarlai.
  • Locera Ocean - The southeastern ocean that separates Okarlai from the southwestern continent.