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senic adbedture 1

sanic was like "REEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOREOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOREEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I'M A SIREN" but then eggmin ws liek "fue" so he blue up and gev shedew a kaos emurld dn shedew ws liek "hu"

sanic asked "who r u" n shedew sed "im u but stronger" n he blue up kaos emureld n drunk coffic n explod into super shedew n super shedew wuz liek "."

sanic "."

both "."

eggmin w "."

sanic dick jump moby liek a metroid n sed "/" n sperm shedew becum irregulre shedew agen n shedew ws ":O" n sanic w ":)" n pnch shedew in kaoz emurlzdx

n dn snc jp nt a gbrge drunk n sed "2EZPI$$AKEK"

the end

senic adbedture 2

o fk

senic thut es he saugh dr pikmin pck up a gr8 enemi

a gr@m3r book

"senic" pikmin sed wid smile dat reeched unto de sun "i lrnd unglush"

"do u meen" sanec sed wid rised i-bra "inglosh"


upenin de buk 2 git gud, dr pikmin upnd de buk liek a cenn'd fud und red,

"Chaos Emerald."

senac scriimed n pein n clitched hus faec es hus theem sung untinsefuid "omailoah" sinoc winned es hee cltched faec wid messuve pein "sweat lohd if moth mircee eh em en pen"

dr pikmin leff'd

"hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" he leff'd "cent beet m3 n@o bcuz uf me unglosh"

but senec gut srs

eeting kaoz umurld torn hm onto sober sanic

"ono" pikmin screemd "nut sober sanic"

sober sanic wint liek "fuq" n blue op pikmin machina

"guuuuuuuuuuudfukkendemmit" dr pikmin ztyrered es hi n pikmin machina flohtd liek shiet "ill git u bek sanic" bt b4 he shit ip sanic gt 2 4@$7 n blue up dr pikmin machina's pikmin machina mech n sunt pikmin flyng rip dr pikmin machina pikmin machina mech

"ur 2 sl

the end

sanic adbedchure 3: a chaineg in qlan

sinac esked knackuz "w8 so m8 r u ginna gib kaoz imelrad"


"fuqin ydoh"

knaquz sleppd hos nees es hee leff'd. "o u soh phUnNe3 senic y gib u kaoz wen ders chili tacoo bellz"


sinos through at is hend wid berry degermined luk "gimm" sanic sed "or i r8 ur b8 0/8"









" "

senica thugged to homself "huh d i btea dis foo

"o i no"

so sanic sanic'd de sanicable sanic sanictim n nakuz wez liek "brigh y u do dis"

sinocsanic 8 de kaoz



sanic becum supper sanic n shind wid sparseklez and liek ye so cool

-the enf-

senic adbedture 4 the wii u: kaoz in nigaragua


et al stated win senic n croo wr liek "y.e" but dn kaoz wes lkei "ehehheeeeegguh"

"u fuq ez kaoz wd da kaoz 0"

kaoz 0, wicch waz kaoz 0's little bruh's old bruh, fking throu e can opiner n ws liek "quelity shitpozt" n fking ate a kaoz emerld and fuq



so senic 2k kaoz umerlzzd frm frednis n sd "upn ur hrt its gnsa b leafgr"

super sanic

s.sanic flu real 4a$7 n punned perfucc kaoz un t faec n he wnt lek "o yeE"

bt den iggmen "o yeE"

"o yeE"




"fukken stahp"

-d end-

sanic adbedture crossover xX muhrio oddishey

sanic ws lk "taelz"



sanic ponted ta he comp scrin, nd dere ws fkboi murio in oddish. opin whirld vidya gem.

"o sht waddup"

taelz screeed es hi giddup n ws liek "sanic"


"sanic" "sanic" "sanic" "sanic""sanic""sanic""sanic" "."

n sanic ws "wut"

"wii niid niiu vidya gaem. opin whirlwind vidya gaem"


so sanic ws likee "lez pss da sht atta iggmon"

so sanic bunk on iggmon's robutts n ws lek "ha"

iggmon git so mud hi pissed a butt-on n onlished uh whirlwind desasstur cross de gl-oh-be n ws liek "fk u"


bt den iggmon crussd de leyne n ws liiek "bbq" n blu ^ de shitties ful ov ppl n lov n joy

sanic ws liek


n das howtheedge sanic purses ws maed

muhrio oddish fk

-the end-

Sanic AdVENture: The Thing

Captain Admiral Lieutenant Bob John Rossson was just your average soldier.





He was like

"i think there's a spy in this arctic base"

so he told the woman next to him "ayyy bby strip plz"

and the woman did but then what the fuck is that

"what the fuck is that"

under her skirt was a bunch of sanic legs hiding peacefully.

but when the sanic legs were seen, the woman was no longer a woman, but sanic



Captain Admiral Lieutenant Bob John Rossson ran for his life, pushing past his best friend Gary Larry Jerry Minson.


sanic blew Gary Larry Jerry Minson into a bunch of rubber ducks.

Captain Admiral Lieutenant Bob John Rossson picked up a forklift, and then a construction crane at sanic, but sanic just kinda walked through it and was like "lol do u have a degree in being SLO"



sanic reached Captain Admiral Lieutenant Bob John Rossson and Captain Admiral Lieutenant Bob John Rossson blew up into a bunch of rubber ducks as well so Captain Admiral Lieutenant Bob John Rossson got rekt



Ryuu raised an eyebrow as he looked up from the book.

"...You wrote this?"

Carmen nodded.

But she wasn't Carmen.

Carmen wasn't fast.

His disguise blowing up, sanic revealed himself as Ryuu screamed in terror.

"get fast nerd"

-fin 2-