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Seven Minoette is a student at Athalia Academy who is mysterious about everything he does and whose intentions are unknown. He is created and played by Destinyfailhorror17.

Seven with more colour!


  • Gender: Male
  • Species/Race: Bakeneko
  • Age: 16 
  • Height: 5'9" / 1.75 m
  • Weight: 127 / 57.61 kg
  • Haicolor: Light blonde with light brown highlights
  • Eyecolor: Maroonish purple
  • Skin color: Lightly pale
  • Skin Markings: Back has a tattoo saying "Sold to the Last Chance, Property of the Last Chance" and multiple scratched, scars and burns all over his body.
  • Figure: Leanish and Fit


  • Feline Physiology: With this ability he can have feline like abilities, like claw retraction, climbing, 

    Seven's cat and original form

    enhanced agility, balance flexibility, jump, strength, sense, speed, stealth and predatory senses.
  • Human disguise: He had a humanish form (his cat ears and spilt tail are showing) and hisoriginal bakeneko form.
  • Air walking: He can walk on the air, treating it like a solid matter. He can run and move across the air as if walking on the ground, giving them greater maneuverability in his environment. He can use it all the time but he can go as high as a half of a mile.

  • Invisibility: He can render himself unseen by the naked eye and become invisible in visible spectrum.

  • Acrobatics: Eventhough being a bakeneko he has been trained in the circus to bend and move his body like no human being can do. 

(His powers are very related with the Chesire cat, Cheshire Cat Physiology wiki )


  • Circus life: Most of his powers is mostly used for his circus acts so he is limited when it comes to fighting. Seven loves the audience; he likes it when people watch and cheer so he focuses more on entertaining the audience then fighting.
  • Unwilling fight: Seven is very... loose and doesn't care to fight he just wants to have fun. His body may be strong enough top perform but he can still be easily knocked out. He is easily beatable with one punch or a kick or even magic. 
  • Cat's life: Being sort of a cat has some bad things to mind. Seven can easily get high with catnip, his weak spot is when he gets scratched behind the ears causing him to completely become relaxed and loose, he can get lazy and not even bother to fight all of a sudden and he hates water. (stereotypical)
  • Human failure: He may only be able to hold the form for limited periods of time; the longest he had was eight hours. May only shroud most of the user's non-human aspects instead of entirely. Users of Shape shifting Awareness can see through the disguise. Odd thing though when he turns to his original cat form his clothes left behind and when he goes back to his human form he doesn’t wear any clothes.

  • Uninvisibility: He can be detected by senses that don't depend on vision, smell, hearing, etc. Users of Invisibility Cancellation can make him visible. Rain may show his shape while invisible. His shadow is present when he is invisible. He is detectable at touch but his invisibility won't go away.


  • Uso-tsuki Tsume: Translating to the "Liar Claw" His arms turns into half human half feline arms. Nails are sharper that can cut rock easily and can lift objects heavier than him by exactly 20lbs, more than his actually weight. Seven can use this ability anytime but due to his lack of fighting nature he...barely uses all. 
  • Yakkaina Egao: Translating to the "Troubling Smile" oddly is quite different from what it means. Seven starts doing this move by doing a backflip and then a handstand, then he starts to spin his legs at a 360 motion causing a full on 360 spinning kick. He calls that ability due to the fact when he does it people usually will give him a troubling smile. 
  • Chudoku Warai: Translating to the "Addict Laugh" Seven turns invisible, goes behind the unexpected fool and grabbed the person from behind and strangle him as he stand on air using his legs. He will not let go of the person until they something that amusses him. He does this while laughing like an addict.
  • Anata no Kurosu: Translating to the "Kill You" Seven 
  • Neko Me: Translating to the "Cat's eye" Seven can most of the time sense the true nature of a being much better than other beings, he can't really see the essense but can defiently detect it. He never bothers to even mention he has that ability or can see sometimes the nature of person. Most of the time he forgets he has this ability. 
  • Neko no Hanashi: Translating to the "Cat talk" Seven can talk to cats or any feline creature. He becomes inaudible for being who speak the human language when he use Neko no Hanashi only letting them hear meows purrs, growls and any other cat language. 


Seven is defiently a... mysterious character, he really doesn't have a fixed personality as he keeps changing it most of the time. He can be this very happy go lucky guy who loves to do tricks but he can suddenly turn into a lazy rude uncaring individual  and then trurn into a mad psycopathic mad man. Seven can really be a... headache for lots of people but that what he say he lives for. He hates doing work at all but seems to love to perform and do tricks for everyone. In a way his personality is two sided from being happy and loving to lazy for caring to not even looking at the person.

Seven may be a wee bit... twisted, he can go dark and say evil and cruel things but return to goofing off. There something really off putting of about him that most people can't find but with people with keen sense can sense something from him. He may be that careless kid you seems to be doing something he loves yet he has an intention that no one knows. His mind is dark, he thinks of things that wish it could happen to other, like hunting humans for sprt or an earthquake killing everyone. he loves to think these thought... it relaxs him. 

Seven may be that mysterious but he is affectionate sometimes acting like a cat and rubbing body agaisn't someone leg or wanting someone to scratch his ears. He may even consider himself to be a cat than a human. Seven is just a mystery and something that may not be revealed at all. With his intentions not going to leave his mind he may forever be mysterious. 


Seven will never mention his back story... never, he will hint that ofcourse he lived in the circus most of his life when he was eight but behind those eight years crafted him to be what he is. He will mention his circus mates and stuff but thats it. When he recived the invitation to go to Athalia academy he was glad to go as the circus insisted him, it will helphim with his goals in the future. With his Cheshire cat smile he left with one gooal in his head... thats all what he wanted to do.

Further Information

Athalia History


  • Seven was originally created from playing Papa's pastaria due to random fun but later on developing in the bakeneko now. 
  • He loves to hunt defenseless creature as for fun and nothing else. 
  • He has a big brother well big brother lion at the circus named Asla who they both have a very strong relationship. 



BuriruP ft. 初音ミク - Deus Ex Machina デウス・エクス・マキナ (English Subtitles)

Seven's Theme song