Terra "Tierra" Jagger is a student at Athalia Academy who is a giant teen with a kid's heart who loves eating snack cakes. He is played by the fabulous Destinyfailhorror17.


  • Gender: Male
  • Species/Race: Cursed Human
  • Age: 16 (appears 19)
  • Height: 6'2
  • Weight: 124
  • Hair Color: Bright pink and Brown bangs
  • Eye Color: magenta
  • Skin Color: Fair
  • Skin Markings: Small scars and a vibrant tattoo around his body
  • Figure: Slightly built but still skinny


  • Fire infusion: Tierra can infuse wood based items with fire empowering and energizing them allowing him to manipulate their qualities efficiency anduse fire in various ways to attack. He can absorb and generate fire/heat, create firestorms, incineration, melting materials but only if it is wood. His main weapon is the big brother baseball bat changer Clemets. 
  • Soul finder: Since he was cursed with Clemets, their souls are together as one. When Clemets disappears and turns into a baseball bat Tierra can find Clemets as their souls are one he can track him down easily. It’s like a line of mist where he can see that connects the both of their souls together. He can detect wherever Clemets is even if he is baseball bat. 


  • Only wood: He can ONLY use wood based items as his weapon when using his power. Only wood, steel or stone he cannot use his power on.  
  • One soul: If he dies… Clemets dies as well… works both ways. 
  • Child at heart: Even though his strong looking composure Tierra is a child in a way. He may get distracted with things easily or even cry when he sees something sad. And also very dependable on Clemets and makes sure he does what his brother allows him to do.   

  • After the overdrive: there is this…weird side affect after the overdrive… he turns into a little kid. A five year old self who still has memory of what had happen. It last for 24 hours exactly...


  • Fire Heart: Using Clemets in his wooden form, Tierra stabs the ground, causing a small circle of fire to form around him. From the circle, the fire rises, forming a circular ring around Tierra, a barrier of fire. It is quite durable but only last for a couple of seconds.   
  • Fire Storm: Using a good deal of concentration, Tierra stands still for at least 5 seconds before once again stabbing the ground with BB Clemets with all of his strength to create a small fire storm, roughly the size of an average motorized scooter. It must be 92 inches away from him and he can only use it once every 30 minutes.  
  • Blazed: Jumping as high as he can, Tierra sets fire to BB Clemets and then throws him at a target with all of his strength. In mid-air, Clemets changes forms, returning to his human form. With his leg still ablaze, Clemets kicks the target with all of his strength. The fire does no damage to Clemets as it is simply a side affect of the change and it soon fizzles out once he reaches the ground. The target must be within 1 kilometer of Tierra for this attack to reach. The only down side to this attack is that once Clemets is out there, he is vulnerable to attacks and must run back to Tierra and if he misses the target, he will fall and hurt himself.


One Hit Wonder: He has an over drive where his body is in consume by flames and most of his attacks are full on hyper mode. They are twice much stronger as for his regular attack and quicker but highly unstable. This only happens when he is filled with much rage. The rage will fill up his body and like a match ignite him in flames but later his flame of red will turn light blue. His personality will change as well; he will become brutal and mean but then only shout things that are full of despair. Like “the existence of despair is full of despair!” or “there is no hope only despair!” or something like “How sad, the despair is too much despair…I feel hopelessly filled with despair…” 

Once the rage passes by him he will feel despair and go insane. The only thing that could actually stop him is time or just a really good slap the face. The overdrive is time based as well, the feeling of rage can be really short then despair comes in and who know how long with that last. There is one thing though that can stop him…death of course but his big brother, if Clemet is persuasive enough then he can snap him out of it but it all depends on Tierra’s mind.


Tierra is quite a different person with how the way he looks. He may look like this tall, strong guy who can beat people up but in his heart he is different. He is actually a big, warm, caring kid who loves hugs and snack cakes. People think he is 19 so they expect him to act like his age but he is 16 but acts more of a 10 years old. He is afraid of the dark and lighting, loves eating sweets and

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